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14 Warm and Inviting Ways to Use Burnt Orange in Your Home This Fall

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Fall is almost here. With it comes a number of gorgeous shades that you can incorporate into your interiors. Chief among them is burnt orange. This eye-catching shade is the perfect thing to make your home feel warm and inviting for the season or all year long.

Don’t believe us? We have some design inspiration below that will turn you into this shade’s biggest fan. Scroll down to see why.

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How to use burnt orange in your home

It’s true that burnt orange is a strong shade, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a place of honor in your home. Below are some easy ways to incorporate this shade into your home without it feeling too overwhelming.


  • Paint: Using a burnt orange paint color is the boldest choice of them all. Whether you’re doing all four walls or just one accent wall, be sure to include plenty of contrast — especially with neutral shades — throughout the room.


  • Furniture: When incorporating the shade into the room through furniture, one piece is usually enough. Allow it to become the focal point of the space. In this case, you’ll want to balance out the look by also including the color in the room’s accessories.


  • Accessories: If you only want the shade to stick around for the fall, consider using it in small doses throughout the space via your accessories. Think about using the shade in your throw pillows, blankets, rugs, wall art and decor. Here, you’ll want to repeat the shade in multiple applications throughout the room in order to tie the look together.

Take a look at this burnt orange design inspiration

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Will you be joining the burnt orange trend? How will you incorporate thisld color into your space? Tell us about it below.

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