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20 Decorating With Chalkboard Paint Ideas

What if we told you that decorating with chalkboard paint can be totally grown up and chic? We’re not talking about the old-school green chalkboards of the past.

You can buy black chalkboard paint at most home improvement stores for less than $10 and paint a wall all by yourself in just a few hours. And the look is very cool, even if you refrain from scribbling all over the wall.

Why is decorating with chalkboard paint a thing?

  1. The color black is hot in the world of design. Black and white particularly have become the contemporary go-to color combo in the last few years.
  2. The black chalkboard paint you find today is matte in finish. The flat matte finish, paired with the rich black tone, adds a modern contrast to most neutrals and whites.
  3. And after some time, the chalk starts giving the black chalkboard paint a dusty patina and texture you can’t get from ordinary paint. It starts to look more like a limestone or slate wall than an ordinary chalkboard paint finish.


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Check out these chalkboard paint ideas for inspiration. You might find that decorating with chalkboard paint is an easy way to add new life to a spot in your home.

Decorating with chalkboard paint ideas for the kitchen

Ian Nolan / Getty Images

Create your own coffee or wine bar using chalkboard paint

moodboard / Getty Images

Decorating with chalkboard paint ideas for the living room

asbe / Getty Images

Chalkboard paint walls in the bedroom

Pofuduk Images / Getty Images

Chalkboard paint ideas for a functional and fashionable workspace

Boris SV / Getty Images

Chalkboard paint ideas for the artist

Peathegee Inc / Getty Images

Now that you know how simple it is to add some chalkboard paint towall or section of your home, which idea do you want to try?

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