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25 Ideas Using Apricot, The Hottest Hue This Fall

Apricot, pale terracota and salmon are the most common names for the hottest hue of orange this fall. The on-trend color is a lighter, earthier version of the standard orange. It’s blended with white or brown to create a color that’s not quite the vibrant pumpkin shade you normally see in the fall, but still very fresh and autumnal.

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Here are fresh decorating with orange ideas using the new apricot color trend:


Fall And Thanksgiving Table Decorating With Orange

Maya23K / Getty Images

Adding Salmon Accessories To Your Room

ArchiViz / Getty Images

Layering Salmon Or Apricot With Other Colors

Andrea Rugg / Getty Images

Dreamy Pale Terracotta And Apricot Bedrooms

Andrea Rugg / Getty Images

Would you try decorating with orange like these softer, earthier hues for fall? Or do you like a brighter orange tone? Check out some ideas of ways to decorate with primary orange.

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