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5 Ways to Get a Calm Home for 2020

If you’re looking for a worthy new year’s resolution, then try this idea: designing a calm home for 2019. It’s a great resolution because it has an easy end goal in sight. You make some adjustments to your home, and then you can enjoy the benefits of the resolution for the rest of the year.

With how hectic our lives are outside the home, it’s never been more important to create a relaxing oasis for yourself. When you feel more relaxed at home, you have more energy to go out and tackle the rest of your life. So below are some ways to get a calm feeling in the home.

Calm Home Spa Bathroom

Spa elements in the home can create an instant feeling of relaxation. Image: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Spa Layout

One way to get a more calm home for 2019 is to go for a spa layout in your home. An example is the bathroom in the photo above. Spas sometimes have free-standing luxury soaker tubs, so if you’ve been eyeing a new tub, this might be a worthwhile addition.

Even if you’re not looking for any major overhauls, you can make small aesthetic choices to get a spa look in your home. For instance, small natural accents like the large fern-like leaf in the photo above give a natural spa look. You might incorporate natural stone artwork, like you sometimes see in a spa. Or you might place incense around the bathroom. Think back to your favorite spa trip and try to recreate those styles in your home. You can also view more home spa bathroom ideas here.

Try a relaxing and soothing color scheme for the new year. Image: / Shutterstock

Light Shades and Blue Tones

If you want a more relaxing vibe in your home, you might also want to play around with the color scheme. The new year is a wonderful excuse to repaint the walls for a fresh look.

For instance, light colors and blue always create an instant relaxing tone that would be great in a calm home for 2019. An example is the photo above, where the light walls and blue artwork make for an open, relaxed space.

You might also want to look into colors that say relaxation to you on a personal level. All manners of earthy tones tend to be relaxing. Or you might feel particularly soothed by lavender tones. It’s your calm home space, so make sure it speaks to you individually.

Calm Home Plant Life

Nature can be a soothing element in the home. Image: PlusONE / Shutterstock

Plant Life

Don’t forget the plant life, if you equate relaxation with nature. For nature lovers, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as having nature around you in the home. A great example is the photo above. This space shows how a few floor plants can even fit into the most contemporary of styles.

You can also put plant life on dining tables, end tables, mantels or shelves. The more you surround yourself with natural elements, the more relaxing of a vibe the room tends to have. If you have a black thumb, you can also place highly realistic-looking faux plants around your home.

Calm Home Buddha Statue

Go Zen for instant calm and tranquility. Image: Eva Hawker / Shutterstock

Zen Elements for a Calm Home

A quick way to get a relaxing tone in your home is to go for some Zen elements. Zen style is all about creating a feeling of tranquility in the home. And it’s surprisingly easy to get. An example is the small Buddha statue that accents the garden in the photo above.

Inside the home, you might place Japanese artwork, indoor Zen gardens or koi aquariums. Asian architecture elements like tatami floors or paper wall room dividers are also common. This style can incorporate anything that gives a meditative feel. It was made for designing a more calm home. You can find some additional ideas for a Zen home here.

Calm Home Water Feature

Get the relaxing sound of a bubbling brook with water features in the home. Image: RodClementPhotography / Shutterstock

Water Features

Water features are also a great way to get a more calm home. The trickling sound of the water is instantly soothing. A wonderful way to get this element in your home is a water wall, like the feature in the photo above. They’re a bit of an investment, but they give a ritzy feel and soothing vibe in the home. You can see some more indoor water feature ideas here.

If you can’t spring for a water wall, you might also want to try more affordable tabletop water fountains. These usually have water running over rocks or through bamboo reeds. They create the same relaxing sound of ruing water in your home as larger features.

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