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Autaphagene Reviews – Golden After 50 Autaphagene For Boosting Metabolism

Autaphagene is a dietary supplement that supports our body’s natural weight loss regime. It aims to reduce the fat via a natural process of the body called “autophagy”. To put it simply, ‘Auto’ means self and ‘Phagy’ means to eat and it is a process where cells remove dysfunctional cellular components and make room for the newer components.

Billions of people around us are suffering from Obesity or Overweight. Obesity is a preventable disease; the only cure to this dire disease is weight loss. There are a number of “quick fixes” in the market that claim unimaginable results. These “quick fixes” may not only result in physical harm to the body due to their chemical structure but may also fail to deliver on their intended results. Many other supplements deliver on their results, but the results are only for a short period. Since these do not tackle the root cause of weight gain. Autaphagene, on the other hand, claims to tackle the root cause of weight gain which is the metabolism rate.

Let’s find out whether the new supplement actually works or is just another addition to the long list of ‘revolutionary products’ in the market.

Autaphagene Reviews

Autaphagene is a natural metabolic support supplement made by Golden After 50. Each bottle contains 60 Gelatin capsules that can be taken with the diet. It tries to optimize the natural metabolism rate in the body and works to keep the blood sugar level in check. It is made with 100% natural ingredients which means the body can easily absorb it without any apparent side effects. Golden After 50 also claims that the supplement is stimulant-free and does not promote habit-forming.

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How does it work?

As mentioned earlier Autaphagene works by employing the body’s natural waste management program called Autophagy. It happens every second in the body and is responsible for keeping the cells clean by extracting all waste materials. It helps the body to tackle the root cause of fat formation in the body which is decreased metabolism rate. The body’s natural metabolism process is responsible for breaking down the food we eat into energy in the form of ADP and other bodily molecules. The metabolism rate slows down with age. Similarly, some external factors such as poor diet and non-active lifestyle lower the metabolism rate of the body.

Decreased rate of metabolism also results in hormonal imbalance in the body. The increase in hormonal imbalance leads to abnormal levels of Glucagon which stimulates an increase in blood sugar levels. Unregulated blood sugar levels result in different ailments like diabetes and fatty liver etc.

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Autaphagene optimizes the Glucagon level inside the body by employing the natural excess removal mechanism of the body while helping with improving the natural fat-burning metabolism. The supplement helps kickstart the process by which unnecessary fat is removed from the body.   

How to use it?

Many Medicines and Supplements require one to follow a certain regimen of both meals and supplement intake which takes a lot of effort and time. Not adhering to the schedule often ends up harming the body instead of improving upon the current situation. Fortunately, it is not the case with Autaphagene. Experts have designed it in an easy-to-follow manner while ensuring safety and quality. Its natural ingredients help with digestion and absorption in the body.

The recommended dosage is 2 Capsules per day. For the optimum results, it is recommended that one take these twenty or thirty minutes before going to bed. It can also be taken after waking up with or without food. It is also worth noting that the supplement is not known to interfere with any other medication. Most importantly, one must consult with their physician before buying any supplement. Even though interference with any other medication has not been reported, it does not mean interference is not possible. 


The supplement is made up of nine ingredients. These include Coffee Bean, Pomegranate Extract, Elderberry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric Powder, Ginger, Chaga Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms.

You may be wondering why we listed only eight ingredients instead of nine. The company did not disclose the last ingredient. It may raise a red flag for prospective consumers, the last ingredient would not be much different than the ones mentioned above. The company that claims its products to be 100% natural should disclose all of its ingredients.

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Let’s take a look at the attributes of some of the main ingredients and see how these help Autaphagene with optimizing metabolism and Glucagon level.

Coffee Bean 

Coffee in itself works as a weight-loss stimulant. It works by stimulating the metabolism in the body which is essential for fat loss. Coffee has also been shown to stimulate the cell replacement process inside the body which is the whole premise of the supplement. Autaphagene only makes use of high-quality coffee beans imported from certain regions throughout Greece and South-Eastern Europe.  

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties which help mitigating several cardiovascular and neurological conditions. It can also help with clearing up built-up fat deposits inside the arteries which would eventually decrease the concentration of fats inside the body.


The benefits of Ginger both as a natural supplement and a herb are well documented. It helps with nausea and dizziness. Autaphagene makes use of a rare kind of Ginger that can help to curtail the free radicals and inflammation that can occur due to an increase in fat concentration inside the body. It also helps with regulating blood sugar levels.

Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms

The extract made of both of these mushrooms is an excellent source of antioxidants. Chaga can fight cancer, help improve immunity, and relieve inflammation while Reishi improves sleep, lessen stress, and boost energy. So, the combination of these mushrooms helps with the overall function of Autaphagene.

Green Tea Extracts

Green Tea on its own is capable of improving the metabolism rate in the body. It has been shown that it helps with recovering from exercise and stress by inducing a calming and soothing effect. It complements the Pomegranate Extract in taking out the fat deposits inside the arteries.    


The major benefits of Autaphagene are as follows:

  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Optimizes Blood Sugar levels
  • Elevates Energy levels
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Provides essential nutrients to the body


Like every other product you should be cautious about the shortcomings of the Autaphagene as well. Some of these are as follows:

  • Only available via the manufacturer’s website
  • Not recommended for children under 18
  • Desired results can only be obtained after regular usage

Pricing and Return Policy

It is expected to show visible results in the third month of regular usage. The company even offers a 90-day money-back guarantee to those who do not see visible results during the three months.

In terms of spending, Autaphagene is on the cheaper side of the spectrum. It gets progressively cheap as you buy more from the site. It is currently offered in three packages the details of which are given below:

Conclusion – Does Autaphagene Really Work?

In conclusion, it can be safely said that Autaphagene can help in losing unnecessary fat accumulated in the body. Its natural composition not only alleviates the root cause of the problem but also makes sure that the body does not suffer from any side effects. Its powerful ingredients help optimize the metabolism rate and blood sugar level which are essential to lose weight. Lastly, the 90-day money-back guarantee makes it a compelling purchase. 

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