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Best Fat Burner Supplements On The Market [2021 Update]

Statistics tell us more than 33% of Americans are obese. Many of them are actively trying to lose weight by doing things such as going to the gym and packing healthy lunches full of nutrients.

However, many of them are struggling to see results, and those who are losing weight are seeing their results at an extremely slow pace. This fight against their own bodies’ chemistry eventually frustrates them endlessly, and this frustration leads to feeling discouraged and giving up.

Thermogenic fat burners get you over the hump. It may break that infernal hopelessness you experience when you’re trudging your way across a weight-loss plateau.

And, above all, these fat burners may help you lose weight naturally.

Finding the right supplement among the abundant products in this segment of the market can be a daunting task due to the many options available.

We were able to gather a list of for you after much research on multiple thermogenic fat burners and evaluated them from a clipboard full of criteria to ensure they meet our expectations. We did this in the hopes that you are able to make a more informed decision on what supplement you wish to take.

Dosage, price, pros, cons, reviews, effects, side effects, and much more – it’s all in the analysis that follows. We’ve reduced the several pages of products we began with down to the five super shedders that we approve.

So, if you’re ready to exit the desolate plateau and start shedding pounds again, here are the best five fat-burning supplements available in 2021.

The 5 Best Fat Burners This Year

  1. PhenQ – Best Overall Fat Burner
  2. LeanBean – Best Fat Burner for Women
  3. Instant Knockout – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner
  4. Trimtone – Best For Appetite Suppressing
  5. PrimeShred – Best Fat Burning Pills for Men

1. PhenQ – Best Overall Fat Burner

For this year, PhenQ is our winner in all categories. Wolfson Berg Limited is a well-respected manufacturer of a variety of health supplements, and they make PhenQ.

It was only released in 2020. Already, it has played a MAJOR role in helping to shed the pounds for more than 190 000 people.

PhenQ makes it clear – if you’re keen to shed 30 pounds or more of your body weight, they’ll help you do it. Period.

PhenQ may help you shed the stubborn pounds in these five ways:

  1. Fat production and storage is suppressed
  2. Existing fat cells are burned away
  3. Your appetite is reduced
  4. Your energy levels are given a proper boost
  5. May enhance mood to keep you motivated

PhenQ’s trademark formula for burning fat so effectively is called alpha-Lacys Reset. It activates an enzyme called AMP-kinase, and this kicks proper thermogenesis into action.

Then PhenQ launches a relentless attack on belly fat. It does this by including all kinds of natural ingredients in its formulation. It includes Capsimax, which is well established as a weight loss facilitator.

Capsicum, caffeine, Piperine (black pepper), and Vitamin B3 are also blended into the formula to aid in the reduction of belly fat.

Fitness professionals, health practitioners, and nutritionists all had a hand in Wolfson Berg Limited’s design and formulation of PhenQ.

This is what they recommended Wolfson Berg add to the PhenQ formula:

  • Chromium picolinate
  • Caffeine
  • Nopal
  • Capsimax powder
  • α-Lacys Reset®

Shedding the excess pounds with the help of PhenQ is as simple as taking the pill in the morning, with breakfast, and again after lunch.

Even folks who were looking for dramatic body transformation have found the answer in this supplement. PhenQ may very well be the end of your search too.

PhenQ may supercharge your body’s ability to burn fat like a furnace. And it probably does that better than anything else on the market.

  • More than 190,000 people sing its praises
  • You save tons when you buy enough supply for more than a month
  • You’re covered by a 60-day guaranteed money back plan if you’re not satisfied
  • It’s the ultimate five-in-one weight loss solution

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2. LeanBean – Best Fat Burner for Women

If you’re an active woman, this is the one we chose specifically for you.

So many supplements on the market are aimed directly for males who go to the gym often. There is so much competition in that segment of the market, on the shelves, as well as on the gym floor, that renowned Ultimate Life Ltd (a UK-based researcher and manufacturer) decided to take the raging testosterone out of the game and develop a top-shelf fat burner for women who like to be active and keep fit.

That’s how LeanBean saw the light.

Women on four continents rave about LeanBean’s ability to banish cravings in the gaps between meals, boost energy levels for workouts, and just generally up their metabolism a notch or two.

This supplement has truly been engineered for the female body.

The LeanBean formula doesn’t use caffeine or similar stimulants. A woman’s hormonal composition and smaller body mass, in general, bring about all kinds of side effects from these kinds of stimulants – nausea and jitters being the most pronounced.

To replace those, LeanBean uses choline and turmeric which may supercharge the female body’s internal fat furnace.

Controlling appetite is a biggie. Glucomannan, a type of fiber, and a complex B-vit cocktail provide the energy you need to train and stay active.

The LeanBean formula burns fat with these ingredients:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Turmeric
  • Piperine
  • Acai berry
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Green coffee
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Chloride
  • Choline
  • Glucomannan

With Leanbean, you take two pills with a glass of water three times a day. If possible, take it 20 minutes before a meal.

This is something specifically formulated for women. We highly recommend it. Stepping onto a beach in a brand-new swimsuit may just feel divine after a couple of weeks with LeanBean.

  • You are guaranteed to get your money back for 90-days if you’re not satisfied.
  • It’s 100% made for women.
  • May supercharge your metabolism so you can up your game and achieve your goals
  • It may naturally boost your energy without using shady stimulants

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3. Instant Knockout – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

This one’s from across the pond again. Originally, it was developed for British MMA fighters. Even the packaging resembles a fist.

Roar Ambition Ltd, the company behind the product, emphasizes that it is not only a fat burner for professional fighters battling to reach their optimum weight for their class.

It jolts your gym-oomph with a shot of caffeine, may keep your appetite under proper control with glucomannan, and may maximize the metabolism of fats with the thermogenic qualities of, amongst others, green tea.

It’s for all the guys who need a leg-up in the fat-burning department. Instant Knockout works a charm just for that.

To achieve the astounding results Instant Knockout provides, it uses the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Piperine
  • Cayenne powder
  • Glucomannan
  • GTF chromium
  • Green tea extract
  • Green coffee extract
  • Zinc
  • Caffeine anhydrous

Take this supplement four times a day. Have it with a glass of water whenever you have a meal or a snack, and because of the caffeine, ensure you don’t take the last one too close to bedtime. It may get screwy with your sleeping pattern.

The formula doesn’t discriminate – it’s for both men and women, but men may benefit most from Instant Knockout’s fat-burning and muscle-building possibilities.

There’s gelatin in this supplement, so if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, it’s possibly not for you.

  • All-natural and top-quality ingredients
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Stubborn fat finds its nemesis in the thermogenesis
  • Undoubtedly one of the best fat burners on the market – for men

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4. Trimtone – Best Fat Burner For Suppressing Appetite

Dieting and leading a healthier lifestyle aren’t always easy. Trimtone realizes that.

The road to a healthy and fit lifestyle is set with the best intentions. These intentions are formed with a diet and workout plan to help you shed pounds and burn belly fat.

You may prepare all your meals, invest in new gym clothes, have inspiration pictures set around you. However, you end up seeing yourself stuck in bad habits once again.

Keeping a consistent health and exercise plan is touch while juggling so many things in life – friends, family, work, etc. It’s overwhelming for the best of us.

Taking care of your health and body is also an important factor to consider in your life on top of all your other responsibilities.

This is exactly where Trimtone comes in to help individuals manage their health goals. The scientists at the company did a study of just about every female fat shredder on the market and discovered something interesting.

They found that most women are not interested in taking handfuls of pills everyday or intensely working out to fit in a small bikini.

Most women want to look and feel their best with the least amount of hassle.

Trimtone ensures they listen to women properly in making a product that suits their needs. It’s a 100% natural fat burner. The best, naturally occurring ingredients are combined in ways that may burn fat, boost metabolism, lift mood, and supercharge energy levels.

Above all, Trimtone has been formulated and designed to fit into a woman’s lifestyle.

Take one pill a day with a glass of water. This may help you burn more calories with the help of some activity and healthy eating on your end.

Trimtone is trustworthy and has been a part of good nutrition since early ‘99. Their team consists of nutritionists and healthcare professionals, and their manufacturers are all FDA-approved.

In short, they create incredible supplements that do fantastic work.

Here’s what’s in them:

  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Grains of Paradise (an herb from the ginger family of plants)
  • Glucomannan

Women have many responsibilities to manage and maintain. From constant running around for errands, work, school, children, etc. Trimtone provides a hassle-free method of helping women stay on track with their health goals while managing their personal responsibility.

  • Made for women and women’s lifestyles
  • 100% natural
  • Burns fat hassle-free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • They listen to women

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5. PrimeShred – Best Fat Burning Pills for Men

PrimeShred offers a fat loss formula for supercharged fat burning. No compromises. It may fire up your body’s metabolic engine to turn it into a fat furnace.

The great thing about PrimeShred is its ability to target even the deepest, densest fat stores and the most stubborn nooks and crannies where you just don’t seem to be able to get cut properly. It takes that fat and turns it into an energy store.

PrimeShred’s methodology works on three pillars – it enhances and uses your body’s own natural processes to start with. It may sharpen your focus and mental resilience, and it may jolt your mental and physical energy.

By using thermogenesis, PrimeShred may accelerate your own natural fat-burning biology to maximize the burn of calories. That means more calories are stored in your body as actual fuel, and these are burned when your body needs them, even when you’re not active.

PrimeShred’s formula also activates natural hormones that specifically deal with the breakdown of stubborn fat cells. These hormones act as messengers that tell your cells to release the stored fats into your bloodstream where they are burned.

Energy and mental focus work together if you want to get cut. Diets and routines that go beyond the extra mile can leave you burned out and mentally weak.

The PrimeShred formula deals with this. It has brain-boosting nootropics that clear the mental cobwebs and may hone your focus.

Low moods are often the result of intense cutting routines. PrimeShred is full of mood-boosting elements that may counter those wildcard emotions. It’ll make it easier to become and remain in a positive mindset.

The experts at PrimeShred have researched and developed a cutting-edge formula for rapid, effective fat burning.

In PrimeShred, you’ll find:

  • Green Tea Extract – 500mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 300mg
  • L-Theanine – 250mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root – 250mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 225mg
  • Cayenne Pepper – 200mg
  • DMAE – 150mg
  • Green Coffee – 100mg
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Bioperine – 5mg
  • Vegetable Capsule

Fat burners all claim to be superior. Closer inspection reveals a whole bunch of stuff, though. They often use inferior ingredients, or their formulas rely on ineffective amounts.

This approach saves the manufacturer a ton of money, but it does you no good in the long run. You either end up not getting results, or you get inferior results. And face it, if you do the sum, it leaves you out of pocket.

PrimeShred discloses everything in their formula including the exact amounts.

It’s GMP-certified, and the quality control ensures it’s safe and the best quality out there.

  • May burn fat in the entire body – even stubborn pounds
  • May supercharge energy and focus – physically and mentally
  • Maintains training intensity during a hard cut
  • May minimizes mood fluctuations
  • Ironclad guarantee

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What We Considered When We Chose These Fat Burners

What’s in Them

We cast an expert eye on all the fat burners’ nutritional labels before we even considered recommending them to you. Many of the cheap and nasty fat burners on the market contain empty filler ingredients – things like gum and magnesium stearate. These are useless.

The thermogenic fat burners on our list contain only the good components and none of the bad and unhealthy ones.

Many companies use ingredients that are banned such as fenfluramine, sibutramine, and ephedra.

Now, the US Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate supplements nearly as stringent as it does the pharmaceutical industry, so supplement manufacturers get away with using these unhealthy components. It’s not only bad business practice, but it may affect your health.

The more effective weight loss supplements use fewer synthetic ingredients. Synthetics cause all kinds of side effects while natural ingredients do not.

The good companies use natural ingredients because they are simply more effective and better for your health.

Every fat burner that made it onto our top five list uses mostly, if not entirely, natural ingredients.

To sum it up – the fat shredders on this list have natural ingredients that have been proven to help your body’s biological makeup to burn excess fat.

Is the Dosage Right?

There’s a reason specific ingredients should be used only in a specific amount. As bad as too much can be bad for you, too little can be useless.

If a key ingredient is listed in a supplement’s ingredient list and is a good ingredient, that’s great. But if it’s listed at only a fraction of the effective dose, that’s useless. There’s simply no point.

We chose supplements with formulas that have the right amount of the right things in them. If you are seeking weight loss, these supplements should be able to help you achieve that.

We didn’t want to place supplements with proprietary formulas on our list. The word “proprietary” is a hiding place for many things. For instance, it will only list the ingredients without disclosing the amounts of every ingredient in detail.

It allows manufacturers to be less than honest in many regards, and we just didn’t want to deal with that.

If we don’t know exactly what and exactly how much of that goes into a product, it makes it impossible to recommend a product to you with any kind of confidence. We need to know exactly what you’ll be getting, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting.

What It Costs

Several factors impact the price of a product in this segment of the market. The number of pills or capsules in a container, the dosage, the research that went into the formula, the brand’s reputation and more, all play a role.

The most effective fat shredders are not cheap.

However, you shouldn’t expect the best fat burners to always be the most expensive.

Weight loss supplements, if used egularly, would probably end up costing you somewhere between $10 and $70 per month. In compiling this list, we made sure we included a thermogenic fat burner that suits every budget and every pocket.

Your monthly spending on thermogenic fat burners is a decision that is ultimately up to you. Here is something you should consider.

Most of the brands, certainly the ones on this list, have amazing specials going on at any given time. Maximizing your savings with bulk buying is an option. But it’s not the only one. There are many other savings available. So do a bit of research.

We can’t cover the savings and discounts comprehensively on this list, simply because they change all the time.

How These Products Are Advertised?

To make a claim is one thing. To stand by that claim is another. But to deliver on that claim is completely something different.

We made sure the fat burners on this list deliver what they promise. If they claim a health benefit, we made sure the ingredients that will deliver such a benefit are there.

It’s all very well to put something on the market that promises appetite suppression, a metabolic boost, a mood enhancement, belly fat loss, and increased energy levels. But each of these effects has a ton of science behind it.

If a company makes the claim but is too lazy to back it up with scientific research, they simply did not make it on our list.

We also avoided the fat burners who made extravagant promises. In other words, we stuck to the rule: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There’s no such thing in the world as “instant weight loss.” This would imply evaporation, and even that isn’t instantaneous. So, we simply did not pay attention to those types of brands.

If something sounded realistic, we took a look at it. If the ingredients made us believe they could back up what they claim, we took a closer look.

What Existing Customers Say

We took a look into the good and the bad customer reviews on each of the products we decided to give a place on this list. Brands tend to only display the positive side of their products. However, a customer whether they are satisfied or not will give an honest review.

Customer reviews always weigh heavily on our decision making when supporting and recommending a brand. It reflects true opinions on factors such as the brand’s products, their customer service, and more.

How Do These Fat Burners Actually Work?

Let’s Look at Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis refers to the body’s biological ability to produce heat. It’s not more complicated than that. Your body burns calories through thermogenesis, and that, in turn, burns fat.

You need calories in order for your body to function. Without the necessary amount of calories, your body will stop functioning.

Everything you do burns calories. It is constantly burning whether you are active or not. Calories are burned as you are breathing and as your organs are functioning. Your organs need to use calories for it to properly work. 

When you are active, and especially when you exercise, this process accelerates.

When you use a fat burner, thermogenesis may increase your body temperature through certain ingredients. This higher body temperature increases the rate at which calories are burned. It may speed up your metabolism, and when your body needs more fuel to burn, it burns stubborn fat.

Fat Oxidation

The fat in your body serves an evolutionary purpose. Our bodies have evolved a process for storing a portion of protein and calorie intake of every meal for use in lean times. This is what we know as, body fat.

Also, not all fat is bad fat.

Certain ingredients in fat burners, such as green tea extracts, for instance, stimulate your body to use that stored fat through a process called oxidation which is beneficial for trying to lose weight.

Appetite Suppression

Thermogenic fat burners may also help you eat less. The less you eat, the fewer calories stored.

Typically, weight loss supplements contain high concentrations of a fiber called glucomannan.

Why is fiber good for weight loss? Simple. Fiber takes a long time to pass through all the nooks and crannies of your digestive system. So, when you eat fiber, you end up feeling sufficiently full and experience fewer cravings and hunger for longer.

This allows you to avoid any excess snacking and calories.

Another thing these supplements do really well with appetite suppression is they confuse and dull the signals the hunger hormones send to your brain. Caffeine is a great example, for instance. It impedes the production of ghrelin. This is the hormone that signals your brain when your stomach is empty.

The Best Fat-Burning Pills Should Contain These Ingredients


Caffeine is known to be the world’s most popular and commonly consumed psychoactive substance.

We consume caffeine any time we drink soda, a cup of coffee, green tea, or eat dark chocolate.

Caffeine is the world’s number one energy booster. People’s automatic instinct when it comes to a quick energy boost is caffeine.

Why is this so? Well, caffeine activates the release of neurotransmitters that specifically creates the impression of a reduction of fatigue. It enhances alertness and helps you to push through strenuous workouts.

It also boosts energy. Many weight loss supplements include high levels of caffeine because it blocks adenosine. This is a nervous system depressant. Blocking it increases the release of fat-burning hormones like norepinephrine which is excellent for burning fat.

When this happens, your metabolism increases. It happens even when you’re at rest. A recent study showed how 100mg of caffeine boosts a resting metabolism by up to four percent. This is a four percent calory burn you wouldn’t have had without the caffeine boost.

Extract of Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. Especially ones called catechins.

Principally, green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG increases the body’s rate of converting fat into fatty acids by up to 15%. That’s huge in this microscopic environment.

The body’s levels of triglycerides are decreased drastically. And if you didn’t know, triglycerides are one of the body’s main fat culprits.

An extract of green tea also ups your metabolism. It does this by increasing the production of fat-burning hormones like norepinephrine in the body. And, of course, there’s also a healthy dose of caffeine in every sip.

So, green tea extracts will dull your appetite, and at the same time, they will boost your energy for those monster workout sessions.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is one of the most common omega-6 fatty acids. We commonly get it from animal products – cheese and butter are the most common sources.

Research has shown CLA to have properties that increase muscle mass, reduce fat storage in the body, and even suppress appetite.

A 13-week study of 54 people showed promising results across the board for all the above benefits. The 54 were split into two groups. One group took 3.6 grams of CLA every day, and the other group took a placebo.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This one’s also known as Malabar Tamarind. It’s a green fruit, about the shape of a pumpkin, and it grows in Indonesia.

The skin of this fruit contains hydroxycitric acids. It has excellent appetite suppressant qualities. Over and above that, it also boosts your serotonin levels, which results in eating less and feeling better all around.

Thermogenesis is helped along with Hydroxycitric acid because it triggers the fat to energy conversion on the body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee beans are green before they’re roasted. Also, it’s the roasting process that sets the caffeine in coffee beans free.

Before they’re roasted, the green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid. This is a powerful antioxidant that improves general health and well-being and also lowers both blood pressure and cholesterol.


It’s from East Asia and is extracted from the konjac root. It’s the major player in appetite suppression in most fat-burning supplements. When you add water, it’s absorbed by the glucomannan, which swells and forms a type of gel that fills empty space in your stomach. This process ends up making you feel full.

As a keynote – it’s been found that at least 3 grams of glucomannan are needed to feel this effect or have an impact on your appetite.

Raspberry Ketones

This is what gives raspberries their smell, the ketones.

Mice and rats were used in a study that showed comprehensively how these raspberry ketones boost the metabolism of fat and also lead to increased levels of adiponectin – a hormone that regulates the levels of sugar in your blood.

You’d need around 100 pounds of raspberries for a single dose of ketones. That would make it about the price equivalent of a pound of that mystical substance called myrrh.

So, scientists synthesized it and now it’s being used in weight loss supplements.

Do Fat Burners Really Make A Difference?

Fat burners are effective and do make a difference. Provided your expectations are reasonable.

However, the fat burner will not do all the work to achieve everything for you. A fat burner will be able to help and assist you. It is easy to believe that it will melt an enormous amount of fat without being active. That is not the case with fat burners.

You can help a fat burner do the work it was designed and formulated to do, and the combination of your efforts and the fat burner can result in a spectacular outcome.

Here’s an important number to remember: 1 to 3. For average individuals with no underlying health conditions, one to three pounds of weight loss per week is safe and healthy.

Eventually, your weight loss will plateau, and your fat reduction will slow down.

When you drop weight too fast, whether you use a fat burner or not, lean muscle mass often goes with the fat.

Now, you want to lose weight, but you want to sustain your energy levels and health at the same time. So, set reasonable expectations.

Here are two golden rules to apply:

  • Use weekly weight loss goals, not daily
  • Use different fat burners – vary them as your body gets used to them. Even the best ones won’t give results all the time.

Thermogenic supplements aren’t a way to reach goals in a shorter time period. They will help you in the gym, for sure. But after around 8 weeks, your body will get used to them, and you will stop seeing the kinds of fat oxidation or metabolic rate increases you did in the beginning.

Even if you stop using a fat burner altogether every now and then, you may still be able to see a reduction in belly fat.

Also, be aware that almost all fat burners contain high levels of caffeine. If you stop consuming them right away, you may experience some withdrawal effects even if they are subtle.

Many experts recommend that you stay off a fat burner for a few weeks then beginning again at a lower dose.

Also, when you start, do so at a lower dose. Higher doses don’t necessarily mean better results. Follow the recommended dose, but bear in mind this is not like prescription medicine. It’s a guide. Your body and reaction will help you optimize what works for you.

Without exception, make sure to make muscle your number one priority. Don’t feel that you must be strictly on a cardio machine to pursue your health and fitness goals. It takes patience and consistency to stay on the right track.

A decent, balanced, and comprehensive training program is essential. Such a program will help you to lose fat while you build healthy muscle.

Besides, muscle is your friend. It shapes your body, energizes you, and helps you to stay healthy and feel good while you’re doing it.


Anyone who has ever struggled to shed pounds with exercise and diet alone can put these on their shopping list.

A fat burner may just make all the difference to help you to step off the plateau onto the journey of healthy, effective weight loss. But don’t quit what you’re doing. A fat burner is aimed at assisting what you already have in place, not replacing it.

As long as you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure you get a reputable, well-researched product, you’ll be just fine. You will begin to start a new journey with your health and exercise goals one day at a time.

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.

Best Fat Burner Supplements On The Market [2021 Update]

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