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Create Some HER Time With Woman Caves and She-Sheds

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When they want a timeout, men have been able to retreat to the man cave, the garage, the shed or other areas usually uninhabited by their family members. Women also deserve a place to escape and have some quiet time alone (or with other women). Whether it’s a place to relax, work, read, craft, sleep or just sit and do nothing, women are creating their own spaces. Below are some of the trends in woman caves, she-sheds and other relaxing spaces that women can design and decorate solely for their pleasure.

Basement retreat

basement finished

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The woman cave in the basement of this Calgary home has everything a woman needs to relax and spend time alone – or entertain friends. A mix of leather and crushed velvet furniture provides a relaxing place to kick back. The purple hues in the room range from the deep tones in the curtains, chair and wall-papered accent wall to the mauve carpet and crushed velvet loveseat. The neutral wall color and white tables help to balance the color scheme. The adjacent bar has Carrera marble countertops and a small stainless steel refrigerator.

Craft room retreat

floor atelier with plan table and office chair upholstered in Kenyan printed cloth

Andreas von Einsiedel/ Getty Images

This Washington, DC craft room is stylish and functional. Large, sturdy tables with plenty of work space are the central focus in this room.  The comfortable task chair provides mobility without having to stand up. Plenty of storage allows the homeowner to hide fabric and other sewing supplies out of sight and avoid clutter. However, some of the sewing materials are also displayed on the wall as art.

Reading nook retreat

reading nook

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Consider carving out some room in your home to create a small library. The white faux fur pillow and rug add feminine touches, while the transparency of the glass coffee table doesn’t take up any visual space in the room. The unadorned window lets in plenty of natural light. And the mounted cabinet provides additional storage for your most valuable book collections, while the glass front allows you to display them.

Here’s another idea for a reading nook. Just carve out a space on your front porch. You can use plywood to create a bench seat – and ply-bead panels painted white create architectural detail. Cover the bench with foam and your favorite fabric. Add a few pillows and a comfortable throw to create a cozy area. The plants and natural light help to create a serene retreat.

Powder room retreat

Luxurious bathroom with a skylight and natural, polished, gold onyx wall tiles, large and narrow white matte ceramic tiles and black details. long vanity unit with natural, polished, gold, onyx finish, wooden black drawers and round black ceramic washbasin, stainless steel waterfall vanity sink faucet  and a decorating round mirror with black frame above. under a skylight is a walk-in shower with white matte large and long narrow, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, black shower panel,decorating wall black shelf floor with decorative golden pebbles and white matte ceramic tiles. branches in a white floor vase as a decoration.ceiling with strip cove lighting and embedded spotlights.

tulcarion/ Getty Images

This spectacular powder room has it all. The custom cabinetry (seen through the mirror) provides space for showing off shoes and handbags. The wallpapered ceiling mimics the design in the bejeweled chandelier and the custom-made wool and silk rug. The multifunctional vanity has plenty of space for makeup essentials and can also be used as a desk, and the chaise lounge is perfect for relaxing.


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She-sheds allow women to create a space separate from the main house. You can purchase a standard storage shed and add your own style to it, or it can be a DIY project.

This wooden shed with French doors can be installed by the builder or delivered completely flat on two pallets with easy-to-assemble instructions. When painted white, it looks like the perfect cottage. The shed is ideal for a daybed and the white patio furniture helps to complete the clean, airy look.

If you want a little more detail in your she-shed, consider this space, which incorporates a coastal vibe. This shed has French windows and flower boxes against a cool gray background. Inside, the beachy blue wall color combines with grays and whites in the bed, curtains, chair, pictures and other decorations. The she-shed serves a dual purpose, since it also functions as a guest bedroom.

This she-shed studio in Scotland was built with structurally insulated panels so the shed can be used in every season of the year. It also features triple glazed aluminum clad doors. There are two roof lights to take advantage of natural light and the floors are engineered oiled oak flooring. The deck, which includes outdoor furniture, provides a space for the artist to relax and entertain guests.

Do these woman caves inspire you? Which would you like to build in yr home for some time away?

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