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Finished Basement Designs | Hadley Court

Imagine an underground bowling alley in your home!

My friend had a bowling alley in her basement when I was a kid and I loved going over there to play!

The most famous finished basement design turned bowling alley is the one in the basement of the White House.  It was a gift for President Truman in 1947.


Finished Basement Designs - Bowling Alley


If they can put bowling alleys in basements then I’d say just about anything goes!

Like to dance?  Install a dance floor.

What about a swimming pool – it’s been done!

These may be too elaborate, but I think you’ll find some inspiring finished basement designs that will get you motivated to finish yours!


To Finish or Not to Finish


Finished Basement Designs


That’s the question!

Finishing your basement will add livable space and value to your home.

Essential Space

Too cramped for comfort?  Growing families rely on their basements for extra living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.


Finished Basement Designs - Essential Space


Painting the walls in light, bright colors will help to combat the lack of natural light in basements.  Recessed lighting, wall sconces, and lamps are good ways to shed light throughout the rooms in your basements.

Find some tips on lighting here: “Our 3 tips for choosing statement lighting“.


Finished Basement Designs - Essential Space


Use your unfinished basement for an urban look.  The concrete walls are left unpainted and the ceiling is covered in tin.


Finished Basement Designs - Essential Space


I’ll admit that having company for an extended stay can be well…a little stressful?


Finished Basement Designs


Using your basement as a separate area for guests will provide more privacy for everyone – it’s nothing personal!


Finished Basement Designs - Essential Space


The more the merrier!

Design a room with built-in bunk beds for all those extra kiddos’!  They’ll feel special and you’ll get some sleep!


Finished Basement Designs


Endless Fun

When our kids are home, we call them playrooms.  A room where children only need their imaginations to fill their day.  Bright colors make this room cheery and the built-in bookcases and cabinets provide plenty of storage for all the toys.


Finished Basement Designs - Essential Space


Then they become teenagers!

Creating a finished basement design for your teen and their friends to hangout includes funky furniture and big toys!  Your teens get what they want and you get some peace of mind knowing they’re right downstairs!


Finished Basement Designs - Essential Space


Designer Justin Seitz designed this 2 room combo game room/home theater for my friend’s basement.  The rooms have a lot of character because of the cool coffered ceilings.  Large, soft sofas make this an ideal place to curl up for a good movie.


Finished Basement Designs


Not in the mood for a movie step into the next room for a game of pool!


Finished Basement Designs


Entertain friends in a basement designed for adults only!  Grab your favorite wine from your wine cellar and celebrate special occasions.


Finished Basement Designs


Wine cellars designed for finished basements make perfect sense, right?!


Finished Basement Designs

All In One

Basements that aren’t large enough for separate rooms, can be designed as multi-purpose spaces.


Finished Basement Designs


Use furniture and rugs to define the different areas.  It’s nice to have a small kitchen or bar to reduce to avoid hiking up and down the stairs for drinks and snacks!


Finished Basement Designs


Work Spaces

Always wanted a corner office with windows?  That dream can come true by converting your basement into a home office.


Finished Basement Designs - Work Space


Or just add a workspace into your living area.


Finished Basement Designs - Work Space


Getting to the gym can be challenging for many reasons, but if its right downstairs, how can you say no?


Finished Basement Designs - Gym


Indulge Yourself

Pursue your heart’s desire with a basement dedicated to your hobby.  Return to projects where you left them in rooms made for creating.


Finished Basement Designs - Hobby Space


Soundproof insulation will work for a music studio.


Finished Basement Designs - Music Studio


Bookworms can find solitude and tranquility in a basement turned into a library.


Finished Basement Designs - Library


As I’ve mentioned before, I love to wrap presents.  If I had a basement, I’d definitely include a wrapping room in the design plans.


Finished Basement Designs - Wrapping Room


This finished basement sewing room looks so inviting that it makes me want to take up sewing!


Finished Basement Designs - Sewing Room


Full of It

Basements can easily turn into a catch-all for household storage.  Basements are so much easier to access than climbing up attic ladders to find things.


Finished Basement Designs - Storage


My In-Laws’ basement is large enough to have “His & Her” storage rooms!  One is a gigantic pantry with a freezer and the other is a workroom for all his handyman projects.


Finished Basement Designs - Storage


There are so many places to build storage into your basements.


Finished Basement Designs - Storage


You might be surprised to find what is lurking under the stairs!


Finished Basement Designs - Storage


Construction Matters


Finished Basement Designs


Where you live will most likely determine whether or not a basement is practical or feasible.  Building foundations have to be constructed below frost lines to avoid freezing.  In Northern climates that is several feet below the surface so it makes sense to dig a little further for a basement.


Finished Basement Designs


In drier climates, the clay soil makes building basements impractical because the soil swells and shrinks.  Other areas, feature soil that is hard and rocky which makes it expensive – it’s more cost effective to build up not down.


Finished Basement Designs


I remember a family in Midland lost their basement due to a rising water table.  That’s the biggest obstacle to basements is keeping water out!  It’s more likely to be a problem in swampy and coastal areas.

Finished Basement Designs

The cost to build an unfinished basement ranges from $10-$25 per square foot.  For a finished basement that increases to anywhere between $30 – $100 per square foot.


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