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From Full Theme to Chic Touch of Drama

Everyone has favorite decor styles and some of these styles are more mainstream than others. When you’re talking about gothic styles, only a handful of people dare to decorate that way. Since you’re looking for ideas on decorating gothic bedrooms, it’s safe to welcome you to the special club. A lot of people associate gothic style with dark and gloomy, which can sometimes be true in a general sense, but more often than not, it represents an elegant decor style. It is done with much attention to detail such as lighting, colors, patterns, and textures. Its elegant look does come at a price because some pieces can’t be done away with. We’ve tried our best to put together ideas that you can implement with whatever size of budget you have. Let’s get to it.

Introduce Deep Colors Like Red or Purple

Colors are one of the vital features of a gothic-styled space; you can’t afford to get it wrong. The first color that comes to mind is black, which to be fair, is not wrong but you can experiment with other colors. Purple is a popular favorite and is a great choice for its elegant look. Picture purple velvet fabric draped over the windows. Dark red is another color that goes well with this theme. You can also try dark shades of blue and green.


Dark Purple Gothic Bedroom

Create Low Lighting with Candlesticks

What’s a gothic-styled bedroom without candlesticks? Yes, you answered correctly. It’s incomplete! You need candlesticks for low lighting to set the mood. Asides from that, they also look decorative depending on the kind of candle holder used. Candle holders are usually made of wrought iron and come in different shapes and sizes. Your personal preference and also the size of your room should guide you in choosing the best fit for you. One thing to note is that you have to make sure the candlesticks are placed far away from overhead fabric or anything else that can easily catch fire. They may not be appropriate for a very small room.

Low Lighting Gothic Bedroom with Candles
Gothic Bedroom Candlestick
Pinterest/Gothic Candle Creations

Set up a Large and Dramatic Chandelier 

It’s a big yes to having a chandelier in your gothic-themed bedroom. The bigger and more dramatic it is, the better it complements the style. Even though the chandelier should be large, the lighting should still be of low intensity. Some chandeliers give you control over this. It helps to create the perfect ambiance by keeping the atmosphere mysterious.

Gothic Bedroom with Large Chandelier
Gothic Bedroom with a Large Chandelier

Brick Walls on All Four Sides

Brick walls are known to add character to space. It’s even better when they are whitewashed and looks old and worn out. Once you create that effect, half of the work is done. It is an important part of gothic architecture so bringing that into your design is going back to the roots.

Gothic Bedroom with Brick Walls
Gothic Bedroom with a Brick Wall

Black And White Decor

There you have it, the color you’ve been waiting for. Using black in your gothic bedroom is a given but you need to know how much black is too black. For the sake of balance, it is important to not overwhelm your room with only one color. A touch of white can help soften the look a bit. You can implement the mix in the color of your tiles or even have your room covered in patterned black and white wallpaper.

Black and White Gothic Bedroom
Black and White Gothic Bedroom.
Pinterest/Twisted Allure

Gothic Themed Accessories

The kind of furniture you use in such a bedroom cannot be randomly picked from a yard sale. The wooden furniture has to be made from heavy wood and also has intricate designs. A black corner chair will become a piece of well-used furniture. A mirror is also an important feature in gothic bedrooms. It is quite the standard to have a beautifully designed mirror. Depending on how many large pieces you already have in your bedroom, you can add a large mirror. If you have a dresser, make sure they match the color scheme. It is preferably black or even gold for a bit of vibrancy. Accessorize with a skull or spider piece. Some bedrooms will require you to use a rug so don’t sweat it. Make sure it matches your curtains. Artworks and paintings are welcome but they have to be close to the theme to give the desired effect.

Gothic-themed Bedroom Accessories

Innovative use of wall art and black accent wall in the bedroom

Velvet and Silk for Fabric

Gothic-styled design requires attention to the littlest of things which includes fabric choice. In this situation, it’s not a free world and two fabrics, in particular, create the look well. The first one is velvet while the second is silk. They must be in the right colors like black, purple, and deep red. It is also essential that the fabrics are bulky when used as curtains. This is only suitable when the walls are high. You cannot use light materials for any reason.

Gothic Bedroom with Velvet and Silk Fabric
Gothic Bedroom with Velvet and Silk Fabric.

Detailed Carved Bed Frame

Ever walked into a room and everything looked perfectly thought out and crafted to perfection? That’s exactly what you’re going for, a classy and sophisticated vibe. A meticulously carved bed frame would be a focal piece in a gothic bedroom. It can be wooden or metal depending on what you’re comfortable with. Whatever material it is made from, it has to be heavy. The more details it has, the more elegant it will look. You can also add bed sheets and pillowcases that have skull designs. That will fit in perfectly.

Gothic Carved Bed Frame
Gothic Carved Bed Frame.


To put it plain and simple, gothic bedrooms are unique and showstoppers. You simply need to know what style you’re going for before implementing the ideas listed. You can go for a modern gothic style which will include tiled floors, a black and white theme, and a lot of accessories. A classic style would have you using iron-wrought candle holders, rugs, and themed wallpapers. A number of the accessories can be made from things you have in your bedroom already. In this case, spray paint to the rescue. For some others, you’ll simply have to get creative and put together a piece from several other pieces. It’s worth the shot.

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