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Get Rid of Your Double Chin – Fast!

“I love my double chin,” said no one ever.

Let us begin by saying that spot reduction is not a thing. Meaning? Your double chin is not going away if you do a few neck stretches every day. Going crazy with these spot reduction exercises will leave you with cervical pain at best.

Some people take the spot reduction fiasco a step further by going for skin treatments and other face fat-reducing therapies. These people are anguished when they see fat pilling under their faces just after a few months of their procedures.

We don’t want to sound pessimistic, but if you think you’ll cheat your way to a superhero jawline – that’s not going to happen. Losing face fat is absolutely possible, but it’s going to take weeks’ worth of hard work. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Why You Have Face Fat


Just like with other things fitness, genetics play a major role in your body composition. All of us are built differently. While some people have a chiseled jawline, the others have an oval-shaped face that can accentuate the roundness (and bulkiness) of their faces.

Some people are more genetically dispositioned to gain fat on their face. On the other hand, you probably know a few people who are overweight but could cut a pizza with their razor-sharp jawlines.

Apart from the structure of the face, facial features can have an impact on our appearance. We can reduce the amount of fat stored on our faces but no amount of dieting or exercise is going to change the underlying structure.

Body Fat Percentage

It goes without saying – if you’re generously overweight, no amount of sharp facial features can hide your face fat. Most of the fat in our bodies is stored under our skins and is distributed to all our body parts in varying degrees.

The thing about face fat is, it’s pretty hard to hide. Unlike with your love handles, you don’t have the option to cover them with layers of clothing. The new face mask lifestyle does help though.

Reducing your body fat percentage is the only way that double chin is going away. As you start to lose weight, you’ll see the fat shedding off your cheeks, jawline, neck, and overall body. But how do you lose body fat, you ask? This brings us to our next section.

How To Lose Face Fat

Follow a Calorie Deficit Diet

The quickest and the most effective way to shed body fat is to follow a calorie deficit diet. In a deficit diet, you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming. In a deficit diet since your body is short on energy, it burns stored fat to power itself. Quiet a robust system if you ask us.

Most people make the mistake of going too hard with the deficit. For losing 2-5 pounds every week, you should not be cutting out more than 100-150 calories from your diet. You should always ease into a deficit diet.

As you get comfortable with your new diet and your body starts responding, you should then take a call on cutting out more calories. Every person will respond differently to a reduction in calories and you should approach it with a trial and error mindset.

Cutting too few calories will result in an ineffective diet plan, and cutting too much will lead to a loss of muscle mass (if you have any). If you cut too much too soon, you’ll feel lethargic throughout the day and you’ll be more prone to binge eating and falling for cheat meals because of your cravings.

Weight Training

Resistance training is an underutilized tool when it comes to burning body fat. Heavy compound weightlifting can ramp up your fat loss process. Your metabolic rate jumps sharply between sets and post-workout while your body recovers.

The rise in the metabolic rate helps burn fat even when you’re not active. You should train at least 4-5 times every week to keep your metabolism in peak conditioning. Your workouts should be high intensity and high volume consisting mainly of compound lifts.

Studies have shown that targeting multiple muscle groups at once with compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and military presses can lead to an increase in metabolic rate, muscle mass, and strength.

HIIT Cardio

Cardio is probably the most expected thing on the list. While cardio is a great fat-burning tool, you shouldn’t spend all your time climbing a Stairmaster to nowhere. Most people walk on a treadmill like they are after a dangling carrot in front of their noses. What does it remind you of? It speaks volumes about non-smart work.

To get rid of the double chin at the earliest, you should do a HIIT cardio session after your resistance training workouts. A HIIT cardio session should not last more than 10 minutes. In the 10-minute session, alternate between one minute of all-out sprinting and one minute of brisk walking.

Make Protein Your Go-To

Protein is your best friend if your goal is to lose the double chin. Not only does protein help in gaining muscle mass and losing fat, but it also helps recover faster after workouts and in retaining muscle mass.

Protein is also great at making you feel full for longer periods of time. If you plan on going out with friends but don’t want to feast on junk food, your best bet would be to gulp down a protein shake before heading out.

You should also eat a protein-rich meal first thing after waking up as according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity,  eating a high-protein diet in the morning—at least double what you’re eating now—can help you consume 400 fewer calories throughout the day and burn more fat over time.

Use Fat-Loss Supplements

Although we don’t want you to treat this as your primary option, fat-loss supplements can be an incredibly effective way of getting rid of the excess boy fat. Disclaimer: most of the fat loss supplements on the market are complete garbage.

Buy a fat loss supplement that has the following ingredients:

  • 3 to 6 mg of caffeine per kilogram of your body weight
  • 0.1 to 0.2 milligrams of yohimbine per kilogram of bodyweight
  • 1 serving of Phoneix

You should use weight loss supplements only if you’re on a deadline and are not seeing the desired results.

Are you trying to get rid of your double chin? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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