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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Thermogenic Fat Burning Powerhouse

This fat burner is full of ingredients that may help with your fat burning and toning needs.

Product Overview

When it comes to shedding fat and working on changing our body composition, there are many options and ways for us to go about this. While spending hours in the gym and starving ourselves seem like the most obvious options, they are in fact two things you should never do. Not only will they not help, but they will hurt your gains, health, and wellness. This is where a fat burner would come into a play. A fat burning supplement is one of those products that may seem like a hoax, or one that’s just too good to be true, but they are in fact real and some do in fact work.

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor is a fat burning supplement designed to help shed fat so you see that desired physique begin to pop. A fat burning supplement can do a host of things that will benefit you including curbing hunger for less snacking, improved energy levels for a serious boost to your workouts, kickstart your metabolism so you start to burn more efficient calories, and promote better confidence as your physique starts to show. Mixed with a solid diet and workout routines, a fat burning supplement can work wonders for your goals.

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MTS Nutrition is a company seeking to make good quality supplements for their consumers to promote better health and fitness, as well as great gains. With a focus on quality control and transparency, they aim to stand out in the sports supplement industry as an honest company. With products ranging from all kinds of supplements, this super greens was created to promote better health and wellness. With advanced formulas and ingredients, they hope this comes through with their products.

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor Highlights

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor is a thermogenic fat burning powerhouse supplement designed to help you shed unwanted fat for a shredded aesthetic. The though behind this product is that with the right ingredients and formula, you will be able to drop fat and increase strength while also controlling hunger and staying true to your weight loss goals. With 12 hours of energy and what MTS sees as fast results, this supplement can target fat loss so you start to see that change you desire most.

With 12 ingredients mixed into this formula, along with a HealthyORAC Blend, this powerhouse fat burner holds a decent amount of essentials and does contain some key ingredients found in most other fat burners. Drop Factor does it’s best to support increased energy, support thyroid activity, and burn fat in those hard to hit areas.


Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine works to increase your energy levels and heart rate while getting your metabolism going for calorie burn. It can also increase focus and alertness (1).

Cayenne Pepper: Can boost your metabolism and reduce hunger for less snacking. May help with digestive health as well.

Coleus Forskohlii: Able to help break down adipose tissue to help stop and prevent more build-up of fatty tissue (2).

Theacrine: Can increase energy, focus, and motivation, while improving mood by acting as a solid nervous system stimulant (3).

Yohimbe Bark Extract: A stimulant that can increase weight loss and energy for increased fat burning, as well as having antioxidant properties.

Other Ingredients

Cocoa seed extract, grape seed extract, cranberry powder, broccoli powder, spinach powder, pomegranate powder, black pepper fruit extract, microcrystalline cellulose, rice flour, magnesium stearate, hypromeliose

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Price & Effectiveness

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor is a fat burning supplement that can work to shed unwanted fat and get you to where you want to be. This product comes in capsule or powder form.

The capsules come with 120 veggie caps and hold 60 servings per container with 2 capsules as a serving size. The powder form comes with 60 servings per container and 1 scoop as the serving size. This comes in a flavor of Orange Mango.

Pros: Two capsules are a nice serving size. For those looking for caffeine, this has plenty.

Cons: High amount of caffeine for those sensitive and other ingredients may be dosed inaccurately. Reported results vary.

Price: $42.99

Featured Athlete

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner is a professional bodybuilder and amateur boxer who operates his own coaching business called Tiger Fitness. Featured in many publications, this athlete knows what it takes to succeed in a grueling sport like bodybuilding. Working with MTS, Marc uses their products as a way to further himself in his career and in his everyday life, while also promoting them so others can do the same. A true athlete and inspiration for many, Marc seeks to use fitness as a tool to bring people together and change lives.

Overall Value

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor is a decent fat burner for those looking to shed fat and work on preserving that lean muscle. One of the reasons this product is effective is that it is pumped with caffeine and while this may work, it is a lot of caffeine and those sensitive should steer clear. The other ingredients do include some most commonly found in fat burners but some that are not needed or aren’t dosed properly. MTS Nutrition seeks to make high quality supplements but this fat burner just missed the mark for us. What you are getting is a generic fat burner at an okay price that may or may not work for your goals. Still check this fat burner out because it may work for you, but do look elsewhere for other options as well.

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