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Gender-Neutral Nursery Decoration Choices

What do you do when you are not sure of your baby’s gender and you don’t want to go the usual everything-blue-or-pink route?

Here are some decor choices we think can work for gender-neutral nursery decor.

Rainbow theme

Have fun decorating a cheerful nursery with rainbow colors. You can stencil a rainbow wall design, or artistically incorporate rainbow colors all around the room.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Ali Express

Balance out any sharp tones with neutrals or earthy colors. This is a perfect gender-neutral idea.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices

Natural earthy tones

Create a calm atmosphere with natural earthy tones, and give your baby a feeling of the outdoors.  Source:

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Ideal Home
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Veranda

Scandinavian decor

This decor is a soothing mix of white, greys, and earthy tones. It’s such a stylish choice.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Houzz

Blue-pink room

If you love the traditional blue or pink decor but you don’t want to wait until the baby’s arrival to learn the gender, then this is the perfect idea for you. Make a blue and pink room that will suit your baby no matter the gender.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Photography: Stefan Radtke / Design: Erika Mercurio
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Project Nursery

Mustard yellow tones

If you don’t want a sharp color but you want the nursery to have some warmth, then this yellow is perfect. You can use it on the walls as the main color or as an accent.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: The Spruce


Create a night sky-inspired room for your baby. Think of serene moonbeams, twinkling stars, and puffy clouds. This room will make your little one go to sleep easily.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Baby Shop
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Etsy

Rustic woodland vibe

Give your infant a chance to “experience” the outdoors with this woodland-themed nursery. You can create a camping scene or rustic cabin scene and invite some imaginary forest friends to the party.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: The Spruce

Aquatic decor

Some underwater themes for the nursery will create a playful but serene atmosphere.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Oh My Goo Goo Ga Ga
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Etsy


Kids and their love for cartoons are inseparable, especially when it comes to Disney characters.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Project Nursery

Attic delight

Remodel your attic into a child’s wonderland and keep their noisy playtime out of earshot. Using inspiring murals and organized spaces can do the trick.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Love Property
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Project Nursery

Pink and grey

Another wonderful gender-neutral idea is using pink and grey colors together to decorate your baby’s nursery.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Love Property
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Love Property

Follow the general decor of the home

If you are confused about how you can create a gender-neutral nursery, you can get inspiration from the rest of the house. Follow your home’s overall decor theme to design the nursery. As the baby grows, you can add extra touches to show off their personality.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Cafe Mom

Boho-inspired nursery

Go boho if you want to create a unisex room without worrying about what matches. Boho works best with neutral colors and it shines through when you use lots of plants, wicker, macrame, or tassels for design.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Project Nursery
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: The Spruce

Playful theme

What is decor without having fun? You can decide not to be limited by decor rules when you create your gender-neutral nursery.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: House Beautiful
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Wit & Delight

You can still weave in your family’s personality while maintaining a neutral look. Cheery books, decorative items, and pictures will inspire that playful feel a baby’s room should have.

Black and white

Don’t ditch the black and white idea just yet, because these are the most neutral colors we know.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Helen G. Bailey
Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices
Source: Houzz

Tastefully combine these colors as a backdrop, or throughout the room to maintain a gender-neutral look.

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Why You Should Think About a Gorgeous Green Bedroom for 2022

It is sometimes just amazing how quickly time passes us by. It feels like only yesterday when we were so desperate to move past the troubled times of a pandemic-stricken 2020 and welcome 2021 gleefully. And here we are already at the cusp of 2022 with less than a couple of months before the New Year greets us all again. With Thanksgiving festivities and the holiday season ahead, we are pretty sure that 2022 will be here in no time at all and that is why now is a good time to plan for the year! Even though we are still a bit unsure about the biggest decorating and design trends for the next year, one thing we are absolutely certain of – green is going to be the color of 2022.

Dark green coupled with white creates a captivating and relaxing modern bedroom
Dark green coupled with white creates a captivating and relaxing modern bedroom [From: Henry Woide]

Some of the top paint and décor firms across the world have already embraced different shades of green as their color the year. Many of them seem to veer towards muted and pastel green hues that also bring along with them a mix Slot Online Terbaru of gray and blue. Be it October Mist by Benjamin Moore or Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams, you just cannot miss all the love for green that surrounds us at the moment. With that in mind, we wish to share with you some of the most beautiful and comfortable bedrooms in green as you plan to redecorate your home for the year ahead –

Green Everywhere!

Green is a color you are bound to encounter more and more frequently in the next 12-24 months and that is not just something relegated to the bedroom or the living room alone. There are a variety of reasons for this move away from blues and yellows to the many shades of green. For starters, it is a color that represents fresh beginnings, hope and new life – something that many seem to crave after the pandemic-struck years. Then there is the revival of interest among homeowners to once again connect with all things natural. And green offers this opportunity, even if it is just from a visual standpoint, in the urban setting.

Light and pastel green shades are great for minimal, modern bedrooms
Muted greens like the one used in this compact Paris bedroom will be a hit in the year ahead! [From: Oïkos Architectes]
Combine different shades of green in the bedroom for a more curated and chic look [From: Lucy Interior Design]

Green Along with Bedroom Style

According to both science and Feng Shui, green is arguably the best color for the bedroom if you are looking to turn it into a place where you get ample rest and sleep. It is a naturally relaxing color, puts your mind at ease and also brings freshness it the space without filling it with too much color. Lighter, more muted shades of green can be used for the bedroom walls and they also make sure that the room is not gaudy despite Slot Online Terpercaya the change in the color scheme. Green in modern bedrooms has been a rarity when compared to blue and yellow. But in traditional, eclectic and Mediterranean style bedrooms, the color can be used in a more extravagant fashion.

Deep green backdrop is right for the more classic and eclectic bedrooms with ample natural light [From: Susan Dario]
Green accent wall in the small apartment bedroom transforms the ambiance of the space
October Mist in the bedroom is a must-try for design enthusiasts in the year ahead [From: Benjamin Moore]
Use wallpaper to usher in the trendiest color of 2022 without a major bedroom makeover [From: House of Brazier]

Find New Ways to Add Green

We understand that not everyone is keen on giving their bedroom an entirely new makeover each year and that is why we suggest you choose a lovely neutral backdrop for the space and couple it with trendy accent hues. Replace the old sheets, bedding, accent pillows and vases in the room with those in green for the next few months. If you love the look, take things a step further with an accent wall in green. For those with color commitment issues, this is the ideal way to get started before you understand what works best in your bedroom. Get creative as you add green to your life in 2022!

Use bedding, vases, accent pillows and other accessories to add green to the bedroom [From: Susan Semmelmann Interiors]
Walls in muted green along with drapes in bright green bring freshness to this modern bedroom
Delightful blend of green and yellow in the bedroom with midcentury modern vibe [From: No.54 Interiors]
Lovely green wallpaper in Paisley pattern brings both color and contrast to this urbane. small bedroom [From: cherkasova design]

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Contemporary Eclectic Bedrooms with Restrained Layering

Eclectic style is a way of living that means different things for different people. A style that allows you to blend in different elements and contrasting influences without ever overwhelming you with too much. The art of creating a beautiful eclectic style interior is a delicate one and involves a careful balance between just enough and not too much. It does take time, trial and error, and addition and removal of décor to achieve that perfect look. It takes a certain ‘layered’ approach and involves ample patience. And eventually, you’ll have that amazing eclectic room that steals the spotlight and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Modern eclectic bedroom with dashing wallpaper that ushers in tropical style and uses a gorgeous grayish-green half wall
Modern eclectic bedroom with dashing wallpaper that ushers in tropical style and uses a gorgeous grayish-green half wall [From: Margaux Ceada]

Contemporary eclectic bedrooms are currently popular because they give homeowners a chance to introduce their own eccentricities while also staying true to an overall modern design. It is a balancing act between the curated and the impulsive, between the poised and the unexpected, the restrained and the vivacious! Exuding modernity in an understated fashion, this is a look at the most beautiful, sophisticated and cheerful contemporary eclectic bedrooms around –

Curated Use of Color

An essential part of creating the beautiful contemporary eclectic bedroom is the way in which you use color in the space. You do not want to shy away from bold hues entirely as that would lead to a mundane, modern space. Yet, you do not want to overload the bedroom with too many colors; especially if it is a small room. Shades of blue and green are always popular in the eclectic bedroom and as we head into 2022, you might want to try out shades like teal and olive green along with the many pastel, muted shades of green. Stick to two or three major colors and you can introduce tiny pops of other bright hues using wall art, decorative pieces and accents that can be easily switched out.

Different shades of blue and yellow light up this small eclectic bedroom [From: Cocobird Design]
Gorgeous modern eclectic bedroom in San Francisco home with a bold backdrop in teal and custom bedside tables [From: Sabrina Alfin Interiors]
Bedding and nightstand add splashes of green and yellow to the eclectic bedroom with small gallery wall [From: Stage Interiors]
Blue is a relaxing shade for the modern eclectic bedroom that helps you sleep easily [From: We Love Build – Three Arches]

Balance Between Modern and Eclectic

How do you find the balance between modern and eclectic styles in the bedroom? The answer is to combine your existing modern bedroom with pops of bright color, eclectic art pieces, colorful bedding, drapes, rugs and decorative pieces that enliven the space. Natural light helps immensely in here while removing elements that do not fit in with the look will make things better. Do remember that even in the most eye-catching eclectic bedroom, there should be a few common elements that link the various pieces together. It could be common bursts of color, pattern, style or theme. Find that something that binds things together to get the perfect look.

Brilliant use of different shades of gray for the modern eclectic bedroom [From: PlaidFox Studio]
Colorful and captivating eclectic bedroom with scenery to admire [From: Studio PC]
Exposed brick wall section for the modern eclectic bedroom in white [From: Decotech]
Find balance between the wood and white look in the contemporary eclectic bedroom [From: Ochre Studio]
Touch of glam added to the chic eclectic bedroom in white [From: Studio Gild]

Breezy, Beautiful and Cheerful

The modern-eclectic bedroom with a wood and white color palette is another hit that you just cannot ignore in the months to come. The color scheme has been popular across different styles and spaces for a while now and it is barely any surprise that homeowners are happy to embrace it in the modern-eclectic bedroom as well. Here, it is textural contrast of exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling beams, and polished white backdrops along with colorful bedding and indoor plants that usher in the ‘variety’ even while keeping the bedroom relaxed, smart and refreshing.

Exposed wooden ceiling beams, brick walls and a backdrop in white for the classy eclectic bedroom [From: Rheinherz Konzept]
Wood and white is a color scheme that works brilliantly in the modern eclectic bedroom [From: Rumor Design + redesign]
The wood and white look in the bedroom is a showstopper [From: Salt and Willow]
Charming and light-filled bedroom in white and wood for the modern eclectic home

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Creative Bedside Table Options to Give Your Room That Extra Decorative Touch

Bedside tables are a useful feature for bedrooms, no matter the size and style. Having a place to set a glass of water and a book before going to sleep is quite convenient. However, a bedside table shouldn’t only be considered for its functionality. The piece of furniture will inject a dose of style to the bedroom while complementing your preferred aesthetics. With so many creative bedside table options, there’s simply no excuse not to have one!

Bar cart 

A bar cart is an affordable option for a bedside table while providing plenty of storage space. Keep your favorite book within arm’s reach, and flatter the vignette with a fresh plant. 

Bar cart as a functional nightstand (from Homey Oh My)
Bar cart as a functional nightstand (from Homey Oh My)

Minimalist shelf

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you should omit a bedside table. Mounting a floating shelf is a clever trick that works perfectly for tiny spaces. Add a clamp lamp to leave plenty of free space for your bedtime essentials. 

Functional shelf ideal for small bedrooms (from Homey Oh My)

A wooden shelf brings a rustic vibe, while it doesn’t take any floor space. For additional storage, add a charming woven basket that doubles as decor. 

Nicely curated shelf with woven basket for additional storage (from Project 636)

Hanging nightstand

A hanging nightstand will bring a whimsical feel to your bedroom. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this example will motivate you to get creative. Use decorative trays to create nightstands that don’t take any of your precious space. 

Elegant hanging bedside tables (from Houzz)

DIY wooden crate bedside table

This DIY bedside table is an easy project, even for beginners who doubt their crafting skills. The unfinished wooden texture brings an organic feel, fitting many interior styles. This DIY nightstand is enough to hold your essentials and is also a chic addition to your bedroom. 

DIY bedside table using wooden crate (from Houzz)

Side table in the bedroom

A small side table is an excellent alternative to a bedside table if you wish to avoid the visually heavy look. Knowing that the surface will likely be small, opt for a wall-mounted or floor lamp. 

Simple side table for minimalist vibes (from Homey Oh My)
Scandinavian bedroom with simple nightstand (TLC Interiors)

Rustic chair as a bedside table

Repurposing old furniture is an excellent way to bring grace and a unique style to the space. Turn an old chair into a captivating nightstand which adds coziness to minimalist bedrooms. 

Rustic chair as a charming nightstand (from Homey Oh My)

If you don’t use that step-stool anymore, consider turning it into a simple and sleek bedside table. The compact design and simple aesthetics make this affordable item an excellent alternative for a standard nightstand. 

Inexpensive step stool as a nightstand (from Rock My Style)

Mix and match approach

A mismatched nightstand is an excellent trick for upgrading the master bedroom. The mix and match approach has become a favorite for thrifting enthusiasts seeking unique furniture pieces. If you can’t find a pair of bedside tables, use two complementary nightstands. The woven side table and wooden nightstand l this rustic bedroom, unexpectedly bringing the eclectic feel. The natural texture is the common characteristic that creates a harmonious combination. 

The mix and match approach brings an eclectic feel (from Modsy)

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Find Out the Latest Trends Shaping Bedrooms Globally

A bit chill in the air, comfortable evenings that are neither too hot nor too cold, changing colors, fallen leaves and plenty of yellows and orange all around – fall is considered by many as the most beautiful season of them all. We love this time of the year for more reasons than just that. It is also a time when festivities start kicking into gear and we also transition from the warmer months to colder days. It is the perfect time to move away from your chosen spring / summer style and décor to those that suit fall and winter better. And this year, we start our fall trends roundup with a look at those shaping bedrooms globally!

Vases and woven wall art piece add a hint of shabby chic charm to the small modern bedroom
Vases and woven wall art piece add a hint of shabby chic charm to the small modern bedroom [From: Bunak Elena Interior Design]

Fall bedroom trends in 2021 bring with them a beautiful blend of contrasting finishes, inspiration from natural elements, ample coziness and a sense of relaxation and much-needed rejuvenation. In times when we are spending almost all our day indoors, the bedroom’s role in our lives becomes even more important. It is the sanctuary where things still feel safe and serene; a space where everything still is under our control! So why not transform it this fall by embracing these hot trends that genuinely make a world of difference.

Woodsy Natural Headboards

The one piece of furniture that undoubtedly defines your bedroom irrespective of its style, spatial arrangement and colors on the walls is the bed – the central piece around which all else needs to evolve! And the last few seasons have seen headboards become the iconic pieces in this narrative with some doubling as eye-catching works of art. This fall, opt for a headboard in wood and allow it to instantly add warmth and elegance to the bedroom. Invest in a thrifty, reclaimed wooden headboard and you will surely not regret the purchase.

Custom headboard inspired by the shape of US map is made from reclaimed wooden doors [From: Foundre: Made]
Fabulous live-edge headboard makes a classy statement in this small and cozy bedroom [From: RE-CO BKLYN]
Reclaimed wooden panels create a headboard that goes all the way up to the ceiling
Create your own custom headboard with lovely reclaimed wood panels [From: Hilary Walker]

A Touch of Marble Finesse!

We know that marble has found a steady space in kitchens for the last couple of decades with island countertops being the most popular choice. But give your bedroom a bit of polished and luxurious upgrade by bringing in a dash of marble magic! The combination of marble and wood in the bedroom is one that simply never disappoints and everything from an accent wall and bedside table in marble to marble flooring can make an impact in here.

Fireplace brings a hint of marble charm to this warm and dashing modern bedroom with fall colors
Gorgeous and luxurious modern bedroom with tufted walls and posh marble floor [From: VisualForm and Associates]
Stunning accent wall in marble steals the show in this awesome master bedroom
Contemporary Miami bedroom with polished marble floor and white walls [From: MH2G]

Comfy Shabby Chic Influences

Shabby chic is a style that might have a bit of innate femininity about it, but it still fits in with most bedrooms when mixed with a healthy dose of modernity. Lovely woven wall art pieces, local flea market finds, eclectic collection of souvenirs accumulated from your many trips over the years and a bedroom filled with plush textures and pops of bright hues – many tiny little elements combine to create this picture-perfect modern shabby-chic bedroom. It is style that will serve you charmingly in the colder months ahead.

Pastel hues and floral patterns accentuate the shabby chic appeal of this modern bedroom
Shabby chic New York bedroom with an all-white monochromatic theme [From: Siren Spaces]
Brick wall and custom headboard steal the spotlight in this cozy white bedroom [From: Mike Healey Photography]

Inspired by Nature

Nature-inspired prints in bedroom are not just for spring alone and fall can also be represented by some of these lovely motifs. This is a trend that is easy and cost-effective to embrace, Bedding and wall art with floral patterns, leafy designs and gorgeous framed botanicals on the wall can add this nature-inspired look to pretty much any bedroom. Wallpaper is another fun and budget-friendly alternative to embrace natural prints. Of course, do keep the backdrop neutral and do not go overboard with pattern to make sure that the room still feels curated and tasteful.

Finding the balance between pattern and understated elegance for the backdrop [From: Louise O’Malley Interior Design]
Pear Forest Wallpaper by Cole & Son is perfect for the fall themed bedroom with orange accents [From: Nomita Joshi]
Wallpaper, accent pillows and the decorative vase with flowers adds natural motifs to this classy bedroom [From: ZAC and ZAC – Photography]
Easy DIY way to decorate your bedside table this fall!

Warm Hues and Layered Bedrooms

You just cannot ignore the weather outside while you plan for a fall bedroom makeover. Adding different layers of cozy fabric to the bedroom not only makes it more comfortable, but also comforts you visually. Warm, relaxing hues for the backdrop, a possible bright and comfy focal point like the fireplace complete this pleasing and happy bedroom.

Add different textures and fabrics to the fall bedroom for a comfortable and cozy ambiance [From: diy beautify]
Muted colors, wooden walls and plush textures give this bedroom that perfect and cozy fall vibe
Touch of timeless beauty combined with fall elegance in the bedroom!
Wall art and colors the bedroom bring fall indoors!

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