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PhenQ Reviews (2021) Scam Complaints or Weight Loss Pills Ingredients Really Work?

PhenQ is a powerful fat burner formula manufactured by a U.S. company named Wolfson Berg Limited. According to its official website –, this weight loss supplement helps people achieve their dream body and healthy weight without taking much of their time. Its natural composition makes it a suitable choice for everyday use. Moreover, PhenQ pills are currently up for grab at a discounted price by the manufacturer. 

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Everyone wishes to have a lean, toned body that is visually appealing and healthy. But can you relate to the feeling that you get while watching yourself in the mirror and not looking at the image again because of the stubborn fat layers around you? It may not be a problem if you are a little overweight but think about millions of people who are way above a healthy weight and find it hard to fit into anything, refuse to go in public, and are at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

phenq reviews

For all such people, the PhenQ weight loss supplement is a new solution. This fat burner includes a new dietary formula to manage the extra weight without following an extreme diet or exhausting yourself at the gym. Every year, 45 million people in the U.S. start a weight loss diet and they spend a whooping sum of $33 million on buying weight loss products annually. Obesity in Americans is no less than a chronic disease that can require long-term treatment and extreme medical care for life. 

The main difference between PhenQ and other supplements is that it is an all-natural formula that adds essential nutrients to the body to burn fat and prevent fat storage. You may never find this supplement around you, at local stores, which is why trusting this supplement may need some evidence of its efficacy and safety.  

In this comprehensive PhenQ review, you will get to know about its ingredients, working, risks, and information on where to buy PhenQ pills at the lowest price. Let’s start exploring it.

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PhenQ Review – An Overview 

PhenQ is a weight loss support formula that suppresses the appetite and burns fat, with no compromise on energy levels. It helps to speed up metabolism, works on water retention levels, and improves fat-to-energy conversion, making it easy to lose more weight in less time. 

You may often hear from people that dieting is impossible for them and they never tend to lose weight, no matter what they eat. To some extent, it is not a lie and weight loss is not just a fight against body fat but food cravings and self-control too. 

Whenever a person goes on a weight loss diet, the body becomes deficit in leptin, a hormone that signals the brain after the body is satiated. Dieting also increases the levels of ghrelin hormone which increases food cravings and hunger. This weird imbalance of hormones results in increased food cravings, making it hard to continue the diet plan. 

Additionally, when you stop eating all of a sudden, the body’s metabolism slows down and makes it impossible to lose weight. On the other side, you feel stressed to see that you aren’t losing weight, despite eating less and starving yourself. This is a wrong approach but all this is likely to be prevented by using a simple dietary formula like PhenQ. 

Regular use of PhenQ weight loss capsules may regulate hormonal balance inside the body and works on the underlying issues that slow down the metabolism. It lowers the chances of unnecessary eating, making it more likely for the body to lose weight without compromising on immunity and energy.

Toxins and free radicals are free-floating chemicals inside the body which, if not removed, may lead to slow metabolism, impaired kidney and liver function, and nerve damage. PhenQ pills may help completely detoxify the body, removing all potential issues in a healthy weight loss. 

PhenQ fat burner comes in an easy-to-use capsule form that is packed inside a premium-quality plastic bottle with proper sealing. It is advised not to use the bottle and immediately contact the company if this seal is broken or missing. According to the official website, the daily dose of PhenQ is only two pills, one of which has to be consumed along with breakfast and the second one with lunch. Use it for a few weeks to see a visible change in your weight. 

Who Should Take The PhenQ Supplement? 

Going through all the details on a product before spending your money on it saves you from buying a scam or fake product. PhenQ reviews 2020 have revealed its true benefits for obese and moderately overweight patients helping them lose weight in a natural manner. The official website of this supplement i.e. says that it is most suitable for people who are in search of a metabolic booster and don’t want to stuff chemicals inside their bodies. 

Some users call it a natural fat burner, but PhenQ is a lot more than that. It is an appetite suppressant, metabolic enhancer, and energy booster which makes it easy for a person to drop extra weight.

However, no product is 100% safe and limitation-free, and in the case of PhenQ, there are also a few things that require your attention. It is better to do a little search about it before considering it as your next weight loss supplement

PhenQ weight loss supplement is only suitable for adults who are over their healthy weight. It is easy to check your status by using an online BMI calculator which estimates the weight-to-height ratio and presents a near accurate picture of your digestive health. The company emphasizes again and again that this supplement shouldn’t be used for treating childhood obesity. It is not suitable for underage children and using it on them may induce undesirable effects. 

Another limitation of PhenQ pills is that they are highly dosage-specific. Increasing the dosage on your own carries its own risks and will not lead to a faster weight loss. Therefore, it is not recommended to exceed a safe dosage limit; plus, it is never advised to use it along with other supplements, medicines, alcohol, or opiates. 

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How Does PhenQ Really Work and What To Expect? 

PhenQ supplement fulfills its promise of weight loss with the help of its carefully picked herbal ingredients. As per the manufacturers, using it regularly works on five major aspects of weight loss that are: 

  • It burns existing body fat 

The first thing that PhenQ fat burner pills do is improve metabolism by removing the underlying issues which affect its speed. It induces natural thermogenesis, making it easy for the body to melt stubborn fat layers around the belly, thighs, and hips. Once the body gets back to a faster metabolic rate, weight loss becomes continuous and the body is able to maintain a healthy weight even after you stop using the supplement.                                                                                          

  • It reduces fat accumulation 

According to PhenQ reviews before and after its use, it has helped almost all of its users feel a faster fat loss. Within a few weeks, all users have reported a faster melting of stubborn fat which was layered around their bodies. Also, there has been no lethargic feeling or low energy levels reported as yet, all thanks to the energy-boosting ingredient inside its formula. 

  • It suppresses the appetite 

The biggest reason why people leave a weight loss diet in the middle and never reach their target weight is food cravings. The hormonal involvement makes it hard for the body to get control over appetite and extreme food cravings are common during weight loss. Using PhenQ pills make it easy to control unhealthy food cravings and hunger pangs, holding the motivation to lose weight. 

  • It relieves stress and improves mood 

Many fat burners fail to address the emotional side of weight loss, which leads to anxiety, mood disorders and frustration. PhenQ ingredients help relieve stress, reduce inflammation and balance hormonal health, protecting from severe mood swings, unexplained anxiety, and frustration that are otherwise common while losing weight. 

  • It boosts energy levels 

Using PhenQ pills regularly may improve fat-to-energy conversion which generates energy by melting fat layers. This way, the body never lacks energy despite eating less or following a diet. The energy produced from the melting of fat is used to fuel various body functions. 

Individual results may vary. Remember that the exact benefits of the PhenQ supplement may vary in different users.

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Who Manufactures PhenQ Pills?

PhenQ is a product of Wolfson Berg, a famous UK-based company making dietary and sports supplements. Like other products, this supplement is also a result of extensive research and a series of testing to design an effective weight loss formula. According to the manufacturer, the reason why it is among the top weight loss pills is because of its multi-action design which addresses all problems in weight loss together, instead of fixing them one by one. 

According to the official website, PhenQ pills are a combination of five weight loss pills merged as one. It is a breakthrough formula that uses the finest herbal ingredients, each of which has scientifically proven fat-loss benefits for the body. The company says that this product works similar to a controversial weight-loss product called phentermine, except that it is not chemically made and is safe for all users. 

Don’t confuse the PhenQ supplement with phentermine, as it doesn’t contain this chemical inside its formulation, and only mimics its function to some extent. 

Taking two PhenQ pills per day is enough to start a weight loss journey without any hassle of meal planning or following a diet. The company has launched it after various quality and safety tests, making sure that it is least likely to cause any side effects.


Understanding The PhenQ Ingredients And Their Effects 

It is necessary to pay attention to a product label and ingredients that a company adds inside its formula. You can easily determine the efficacy and quality of a dietary formula by taking a look at its ingredients and their value in every serving.  

As for this supplement, the company has opened up about the PhenQ ingredients to give the new customers a clear idea about what they are going to consume.

Here is a list of all PhenQ ingredients and their potential benefits for the body. 

  • Niacin 
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Nopal
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Capsicum Extract
  • Piperine Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous


α – LACYS RESET is a combination of CYS and LYS which are two powerful weight loss compounds. They neutralize the effects of free radicals, maintain energy conversion, and aid in metabolism. Metabolism breaks down all food particles and converts them into energy, and small things like toxins and free radicals affect its rate, limiting the ability to lose weight otherwise. 

Additionally, this PhenQ ingredient improves mood, maintains high energy levels, and promotes faster muscle recovery. 

There is research-based evidence suggesting the role of calcium carbonate in weight loss. For this reason, it is often added to all authentic weight loss formulas. This ingredient sends a signal to the brain, initiating a feeling that the body is full and doesn’t need more food. This way, it controls appetite and saves from hunger pangs which aid in the weight loss process. 

It is an ingredient extracted from a cactus plant. Inside the PhenQ pills, it provides a high amount of dietary fiber and amino acids, which saves from metabolic disorders. These metabolic issues are very common during weight loss but there is no need to take a secondary supplement for fiber, as it is already a part of this supplement.

It is a mineral that is naturally a part of various foods including veggies and grains. Inside the PhenQ formula, it regulates carbs and fat cravings as well as hunger pangs which otherwise lead to obesity. It also prevents emotional eating and food-related disorders which increase the chances of gaining weight, if left attended. 

Caffeine inside coffee has its own benefits for the body which provides a substantial amount of energy to the user. That’s why when you take the PhenQ pill with breakfast and lunch, it makes you energetic and fresh till evening. Additionally, caffeine has proven appetite-suppressing benefits which help to control the appetite, allowing the body to lose weight.

It is an amino acid that is linked with energy production inside the body. It is naturally found in green leafy veggies and ripened fruits, especially avocados. This ingredient supplements the fat-to-energy transformation process. 

People with dietary deficiencies usually have a low level of L-Carnitine Fumarate inside because of which their energy conversion is affected. However, taking PhenQ capsules fulfills this deficiency, without making any specific dietary changes. 

It is a natural fat burner that improves metabolism by inducing thermogenesis inside the body. As a result, the body speeds up the metabolic rate and burns more calories in less time. 

This PhenQ ingredient is also linked with inducing thermogenesis along with capsicum extract. There are plenty of studies that reveal the effect of Piperine from black pepper to prevent the accumulation of fat inside the body, thus saving from obesity. 

It is vitamin B3 which saves users from fat deposition in the body. Further, it uses these stubborn fat layers to generate energy which is then used to fuel various physical activities. 

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PhenQ Side Effects and Risk Evaluation 

Dietary supplements don’t require a prescription to purchase and are generally considered safe for everyday use. Yet there are many things regarding them which need your attention. Talking about the PhenQ pills, they are safe and suitable for people of all genders, and ages, except for people under 18 years of age. 

Another reason people don’t use a particular product is because of its uncertain composition, especially for vegans or vegetarians. Fortunately, there is no such issue linked with PhenQ and it is suitable for people with any plant-based dietary preferences. There are no meat, soy, or any animal-based ingredients inside and its formula is based on plant-based ingredients. 

It is least likely to cause any PhenQ side effects in any user. However, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking it without consulting their doctor. It is also not suitable for a person taking any daily medication to start using PhenQ pills along with them. An overdose or misuse of this supplement is highly discouraged. 

PhenQ pills have a strong and long-lasting effect with no side effects. Hence, they can be used for as long as a person wants to maintain weight after losing it once. In case you have a preexisting condition or unsure about taking it, it is better to talk to a doctor first. 

What are its Benefits According To PhenQ Reviews?

As per the manufacturers, the PhenQ supplement has turned out to be a great help for people struggling with weight, especially those who feel extreme difficulties while losing weight. It is impossible to diet for the whole life and taking out time for the gym every day, for months or years, requires so much dedication and effort which is impossible for a person with long working hours. 

Using a dietary formula along with a controlled diet is probably the easiest way to lose weight, without putting pressure on the body. The PhenQ ingredient works on metabolism, energy, and appetite, allowing the body to burn fat, and prevent from accumulating new fat cells. In a way, it is an independent dietary formula but using it with a healthy diet improves its effects, leading to a faster weight loss in less time. 

If there is an upcoming event that you don’t want to miss, using PhenQ capsules with a low-calorie, healthy diet is ideal. Not necessary but adding a small to moderate physical activity to this journey further improves the results, and you finally get a slim and lean body. 

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Where To Buy PhenQ Supplement? Pricing and Refund Policy 

Interested consumers should only buy PhenQ pills directly from the official website, As mentioned before, it comes in a premium bottle that contains 60 pills inside. According to the daily recommendation of two capsules, this bottle will last for one month (30 days). If your target weight is more than 5 pounds, try buying two- or three-bottle packs. 

The price of one PhenQ bottle is $69.95. Buying two or three bottles gives a huge discount on the original price plus free bottles. It means you can get three bottles by paying for two ($139.90) and five bottles by paying for three bottles ($189.95). 

All orders of PhenQ fat burner pills come with a 60-day money-back offer. It means you will not lose anything by giving it a chance to help in weight loss. Either you will lose weight or get your money back from the company, without losing anything. For more details on deliveries and refunds, contact the customer care line at +1 (646) 6473150 or e-mail them at 

Note- no refund request is accepted after the 60-day duration has passed. There are no PhenQ Amazon listings available online; moreover, there is no PhenQ Walmart and  PhenQ GNC presence, leaving the only option to buy it from its original website.

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Is PhenQ Legit? What Are Its Pros and Cons?

Here is a quick look back at the properties of PhenQ fat burner as mentioned on the website, highlighting the best and the worst about this dietary formula. 


  • All-natural formula 
  • No additives 
  • Lean mass gain 
  • Metabolic booster 
  • Complete body detoxification 
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable and discount offers 
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Proven results 


  • Available online 
  • Age-restricted
  • Individual results may vary

PhenQ Reviews – Final Verdict

PhenQ seems like an authentic fat burner pill. It uses natural fat-burning ingredients to lose weight, without lowering energy levels. This type of weight loss is easy, safe, and free from side effects. 

It is necessary to set realistic weight loss targets and don’t expect overnight benefits. Depending upon your initial weight, it may take weeks or months to show the obvious results. As there are no side effects attached to PhenQ ingredients, it is safe to use it for a longer period. 

Lastly, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders of PhenQ capsules, no matter how many bottles you order. If you are impressed by its effects, you can continue using it, and if not, simply contact the company and ask for a refund. For more details about international deliveries, payments, refund policy, and discount promos, visit the official PhenQ website here. 

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