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Red River spills over banks, causing damage in Tiny Town neighborhoods

CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Flooding from heavy rain caused significant damage to some Clarksville neighborhoods overlooking the Red River over the weekend and into Monday morning.

As the river swelled past its banks early Monday morning, residents of Broadripple Drive scrambled to secure their belongings. Fences, pools, trampolines and mowers were among the things swept up by the strong currents.

City Council member and County Commissioner Jason Knight was among the residents to receive damage. Along with sweeping away the contents of his back yard, Knight said that the contents of his basement were damaged, including books and family photos.

Knight encouraged residents to secure their possessions and seek help if needed.

“Find out if you have any family, loved ones close by; go stay with them if you can,” Knight said.

Another Broadripple resident, Matt Eden, said water had entered the crawl space of his home. The currents swept away his propane tank as well as his recently built fence.

“There’s a lot of devastation here,” Eden said. “Those people that weren’t carrying flood insurance, I think this is a really eye-opening experience for all of us.”

Flood waters are expected to rise, and Clarksville receives more rain through Tuesday night. As of 2 p.m., the Cumberland River was at 46.38 feet and rising.

“We are in a action stage of flooding,” Ed Baggett, director of Montgomery County Emergency Management said. “We are now at minor level, 45.68 feet. We should crest at 48.4 feet, and then Wednesday by about 11 o’clock, we should be at about 43 feet and continue going down from there.”

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