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Scam Complaints, Ingredients & Where To Buy?

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Metabolism stands as one of the most important body functions. Through this, our body creates metabolic pathways to process the fatty acids and generate the energy required for proper cell functioning.

When there is a compromise in the metabolic activity of the body, it leads to the accumulation of unprocessed fatty acids in the body leading to obesity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of obesity has tripled since 1975.

Obesity can sometimes not be under your control due to which metabolic rate might just not allow you to lose weight.

Here, Dietary supplements like Carbofix come into play. Carbofix might help you lose weight and amp up your metabolic activity to help you get closer to your body goals.

Let us dive closer into what this dietary supplement might do to your body.

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Carbofix Review: An Overview

Carbofix is a metabolism-boosting supplement curated by Matt Stirling that aims to boost Metabolism in the body and help consumers achieve a quicker weight loss process. The dietary supplement is composed of 100% naturally derived plant extracts that have been beneficial for the body’s weight loss for generations.

Carbofix is a chemical-free supplement that not only targets weight loss or metabolism alone but also can be beneficial for your overall health and well-being.

The supplement is produced in a CGMP facility that has been approved by the FDA. The “clean filtering process” used in manufacturing Carbofix is what makes it stand unique from other dietary supplements. This is mainly done to preserve the raw nutrient sources to prevent the product’s contamination.

Each ingredient of Carbofix has been backed by scientific research and the formulation has been tested by a third-party lab to ensure quality assurance. The supplement is also Dairy Free, GMO-free, and MSG-free.

What Are Dietary Supplements And Why Do You Need Them?

Dietary supplements are nutraceutical products in the form of pills for weight loss, powders, tablets, extracts, liquids, and capsules that aim to target a specific concern which a nutritional diet would fail to provide for your body.

These supplements are basically composed of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients that are extracted either from natural food sources or produced synthetically.

Incorporating such weight loss pills in your diet might help provide the nutrition you’re lacking in spite of consuming a balanced diet. There are several brands in the market offering these benefits.

According to ZME, when selecting a particular appetite suppressant or dietary supplement, it is important to look at the ingredients contained in these products and how strongly it is going to affect our body.

Carbofix contains those ingredients that help boost up your metabolic rate, reduce weight and might be a solution for you if you are someone who is obese and is looking for a solution with diet and exercise to shed those extra pounds.

Pros of Carbofix:

May help aid rapid Fat Burning.

Encourages the production of the enzyme AMP protein kinase.

Can help keep Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure.

Can help keep control of your binge eating.

Blocks the carbs from being stored into fat.

Can help you attain a better quality of life.

Is Dairy-Free, GMO-free, and MSG-free.

Manufactured using the çlean filtering process and produced under a CGMP facility approved by the FDA.

Obtained from 100% plant extracts

Ingredients are backed by scientific research and the formulation is tested by a third-party lab to ensure quality assurance.

Cons of Carbofix:

Carbofix is available for purchase on its official website and not on any other online or offline platforms.

The supplement is not recommended for people consuming other medications, are under the age of 18, or are pregnant or lactating mothers.

Since the supplement is naturally derived, the results might take a little time to remain evident in your body.

Shipping charges are not waived off on bulk purchases

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Carbofix Ingredients:

Carbofix is a 6 ingredient formulation which its manufacturers claim is the only 6 ingredient blend that can help activate the enzyme AMP protein kinase. The ingredients of Carbofix are as follows:

• Berberine HCl (400 mg)

Berberine is a widely used alkaloid by people belonging to the Chinese Culture for treating several concerns including gastrointestinal problems and other stomach concerns.

The very purpose of adding this natural plant extract in CarboFix pills is because they have the ability to help decrease the rate of fat cell deposition in the body by reducing the expression of certain genes that promote weight gain.

In addition to this, Berberine is also potent to decrease the levels of cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins, and total glycerides in the blood, which are the causal factors of making you prone to obesity.

• Cinnamon Bark (100 mg)

Cinnamon bark has been an ancient cure to several concerns associated with the heart. It is a rich source of antioxidants if used in the right way can exhibit healing properties to help calm the impact of the myocardial injury on the body.

Cinnamon bark is also beneficial to help eliminate all the harmful toxins from the body which might be a causal factor in slowing down the metabolism and leading to obesity.

• Alpha-lipoic Acid (50 mg)

Alpha-lipoic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid that is added to most of the natural weight loss supplements. It exhibits powerful antioxidant properties which are highly beneficial to help combat obesity.

The very purpose of adding Alpha-lipoic Acid in Carbofix is because it can help aid the production of energy inside the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. Several shreds of research have backed up on the evidence that the properties of alpha-lipoic acid can help reduce total body weight and fat mass.

• Chromium (200 mcg)

Chromium is an essential mineral required to ensure the regulation of the metabolism of both carbohydrates and lipids. Chromium is an excellent source for improving glycemic control by improving the action of insulin.

In addition to this, It can also help reduce the total body fat content along with increasing lean body mass.

• Benfotiamine (80 mg)

Benfotiamine is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary to help regulate the levels of your energy by keeping control of your metabolism. Benfotiamine can also help control cellular oxidative stress which in turn can increase metabolism and aid your body’s fat-burning process.

• Naringin (50 mg)

Naringin is a flavonoid glycoside found in certain foods like grapefruit and other citrus foods. This is a very widely used extract in Chinese Medicine as it exhibits anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

The purpose of adding Naringin in Carbofix is because it can help promote bone regeneration and boost up your metabolic activity by reducing oxidative stress.

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How Does Carbofix Work?

AMP protein kinase or AMPk is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the metabolic activity of the body.

These enzymes stand responsible for converting the fat and sugar molecules we consume from our diet into energy for fuelling the body’s capacity to perform other functions.

This enzyme is also responsible to regulate our appetite and prevent the body from having unwanted cravings.

There are hundreds of the best appetite suppressants available in the market today. These supplements will help you to suppress your appetite faster.

Due to the consumption of certain fruits, vegetables, and legumes, our body tends to produce complex sugar polymers known as fructans. These fructans are very hard for the body to break down, and are thus stored in the form of fat that may further lead to challenging the body’s metabolic activity.

Carbofix comes into the game to help activate the enzyme AMP protein kinase using the power-packed natural ingredients in it. This, therefore, helps increase its concentration in the body, which can further lead to taking up your body’s metabolic activity to the upper notch.

How Does Carbofix Benefit The Body?

Carbofix is a versatile dietary supplement that might help –

• Increase The Rapidity Of Weight Loss

Carbofix has the ability to stop the conversion of complex sugar molecules into fat molecules which have the tendency to get deposited in the body which is the primary factor for obesity. The AMP protein kinase activation is what triggers this entire fat-burning process.

• Keep Your Hunger Pangs At Bay

The ingredients contained in Carbofix exhibit appetite suppressing properties by providing your body with sufficient energy. Its hormone balancing properties can help keep stress and other negative emotions under control which can prevent binge eating.

• Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels

Every sugar that we consume on a regular basis may not necessarily be easy to break down into energy. There exist certain complex sugar structures that might be difficult to break down to facilitate energy release. These sugars either end up contributing to inhibiting insulin release or store themselves in the adipose tissues.

Having an impact on the AMP protein kinase production can also have an impact on keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

• Keep Your Hormones Under Control

Carbofix has the potency to help balance your hormones which can have a positive impact on several factors like stress, mood swings, and unhealthy appetite. The naturally derived ingredients contained in Carbofix’s formulation can also help boost the overall energy levels which can help you remain physically active throughout the day.

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Carbofix Side Effects

Carbofix is a natural dietary supplement that helps users to boost their metabolism and help them aid the weight loss process at ease. This supplement doesn’t cause any side effects. However, it may cause some adverse effects if you will use this supplement in the wrong way or more than the safe dosage.

Where to Buy Carbofix Available & Its Cost?

Carbofix is available for purchase from its Official Website.

Each bottle of Carbofix containing a pack of 60 capsules retails for $49 plus extra shipping charges. This is a sufficient dosage for one month.

However, users can avail of extra discounts with bulk purchases. The deals on bulk purchases are as follows:

3 bottles containing a pack of 180 capsules retail for $129 plus extra shipping charges. This dosage is sufficient for a period of 90 days.

6 bottles containing a pack of 360 capsules retail for $ 204 plus extra shipping charges. This dosage is sufficient for a period of 180 days.

The manufacturers of Carbofix are also providing two complimentary goodies for its consumers with every purchase. This includes a 10-day rapid fat loss diet book

That serves the purpose of guiding you through the necessary changes you are required to make in your diet to aid in effective weight loss. The package also includes a recipe book containing 50 different recipes of smoothies with ingredients that can be potent to trigger your weight loss.

The manufacturers also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee where its users can claim a refund if they remain unsatisfied with the product.


1. Is Carbofix safe?

Carbofix is a 100% naturally-derived dietary supplement that can help boost your metabolism and help aid your weight loss process at ease. The ingredients in the supplement are pure plant extracts and are free from traces of Dairy, GMO, or MSG-based products.

The manufacturing occurs in a CGMP facility approved by the FDA and the formulation is tested by third-party labs to ensure quality assurance. Due to the aforementioned evidence, Carbofix is a completely safe supplement for consumption.

2. Who should be using Carbofix?

If you are someone who has been facing issues of obesity and has been trying to shed down some extra kilos with diet and exercise and have not seen any difference in the results, then Carbofix might be an ideal fit to add in your lifestyle along with diet and exercise to obtain optimal results.

Even though the ingredients are naturally derived people who are:

Allergic to the ingredients

Having underlying medical conditions

Consuming any kind of medications

Are under the age of 18

Are a pregnant or lactating mother

Must avoid incorporating Carbofix into your regular regime.

What is the dosage of Carbofix?

The manufacturers recommend consuming 2 capsules of Carbofix each day 30 minutes prior to your meal. According to the creators of Carbofix, you are supposed to consume at least 2 meals loaded with carbohydrates.

Even though they have mentioned that you will start seeing the results in 72 hours, it is recommended to use the capsule regularly for 30 days to observe significant results on your body.

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In Conclusion: Is Carbofix Weight Loss Supplement Safe?

Obesity has now become one of the most common concerns that humankind is currently facing. The main reason behind obesity is not just overeating but also due to the body’s inability to create metabolic pathways.

Carbofix can help boost your metabolic activity by activating the enzyme AMP protein kinase that plays a crucial role in creating metabolic pathways in your body thereby aiding the fat burning process. Though, you will find several other fat burners in the market besides Carbofix.

The ingredients are naturally derived and are free from any kind of synthetic additives or chemicals which makes Carbosafe completely safe for your body.

However, it is important to note that people allergic to the ingredients, having any underlying medical conditions, and consuming any medications for the same must seek medical advice before consuming such supplements to prevent the risk of falling prey to adverse side effects.

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