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Scam Supplement or Real Ingredients?

By Storyhub

If you have ever been on a weight loss diet, you know the battle that goes on within you. While the food lover in you craves for a delectable meal, the diet-conscious side of you screams ‘NO’!

We all know who wins this battle. Well, most of the time anyways. The moment you smell that delicious aroma of a hot slice of pizza or see that enticing hot chocolate fudge, all your diet plans go straight out of the window. This is when CarboFix Review helps in, since someone has rightly said – “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips”.

But this may not hold true for everyone. There are a few lucky ones, who eat all they want, and never put on a single ounce of weight, even without a strenuous exercise regime. What is it that they have and we don’t? Why do some people gain weight immediately while others enjoy a constant weight their whole life? Metabolism- the answer to all these questions.

Having a super-charged metabolic rate allows people to lose weight at a faster pace, not allowing fat to get accumulated at their waistline or other parts of the body. However, for those of us who have a slower metabolism, the end results of actuating our cravings are overweight and obesity.

But, all hope is not lost. Not yet.

There are still ways to rev up your metabolism with carbofix supplement. In fact, nature itself comes to your rescue in the form of natural metabolism boosters which are readily available in the market today. The goodness of unique medicinal herbs and plants may now be easily accessible to you in the form of organic weight loss dietary supplements.

CarboFix supplement is one of the latest natural metabolism-boosting supplements. If you are tired and annoyed of constantly seeing the same numbers on your weight scale, CarboFix supplement promises to turn your frown upside down.

But before betting out money on this product, let us first analyze through this CarboFix review what ingredients go into making this formula and how they may help ‘turn on’ your metabolism.

Read this CarboFix Review and find out if its is the best fat burner for you? Without further ado, let’s go and start reading this CarboFix Review!

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CarboFix Review: Brand overview

CarboFix supplement is a novel dietary supplement that has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. The product is designed as a carbohydrate management formula that may hold the secret to treat the root cause of metabolic dysfunction.

The supplement is formulated and marketed by Matt Stirling from Gold Vida LLC. Matt is a well-trained health and fitness coach who successfully runs his own fitness studio. In his own words, his friends call him ‘the metabolism guy’ owing to his obsession with studying metabolism and how regulating this function can help people get fit.

Having worked in the fitness industry for 16 years and trained thousands of men and women to be their fittest version, Matt knows how difficult it is to shed stubborn fat if you were to go the beaten path. He understands the pain people go through to lose weight but the results never seem satisfactory.

He says that his carbohydrate management formula may hold the actual key to trigger your natural fat-burning capacity. The key lies with activating AMPk.

Obesity and overweight which has grown into an epidemic in the US may be targeted within seconds with the help of the CarboFix supplement formula. Losing weight with this supplement might be as simple as switching on your metabolism’s secret button.

Matt has blended 6 exotic and highly effective herbal ingredients in this carbohydrate management formula. They claim to activate AMPk, an enzyme that is present in each of the cells in our body, responsible for alleviating our metabolism and quickening the weight loss process.

Each CarboFix supplement bottle contains 60 capsules and the prescribed dosage is 2 pills per day before mealtime. Matt says that you may test how effective this formula is by continuing with your regular diet, without any restrictions.

Week after week as you take these pills, you may see your waistline reducing, muscle getting back in shape, and the flab that once covered your cuts melt away.


Activates AMPk

Boosts metabolism to its full potential

Quick-acting formula

Burn body fat round the clock

Blocks carbs from getting accumulated in your body

Control blood sugar levels

Suppress hunger naturally

Turn body fat into energy

Boost immunity

Minimize risk of obesity-related diseases

Slow down aging

Makes you feel younger

Elevates libido

Enhance mood and performance

Improves overall health


No free shipping on any of the orders

Only available on its official website.

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The Story Behind CarboFix Supplement

Matt Stirling’s story behind learning about CarboFix’s best-kept secret is quite fascinating. You would love it!

Matt’s wife Nubbia hails from Ecuador and that’s where the secret lies, with her 99 years old grandma.

During his visit to this village, Matt noticed that a majority of the villagers were above the age of 70 years but none of them looked a day older than 40 or 50 years!

A few miles walk with his grandma and Matt was introduced to a field full of native herbs and plants. The lady painstakingly separated a bunch of plants and ground them into a paste. Simply by pouring boiling hot water onto the mix, she prepared a healthy-looking tea.

When Matt curiously enquired why she drank that extract, she honestly replied “That’s the tea that keeps me young”. Are you curious to know what grandma’s special tea contained? It had Berberine, Cinnamon bark, Benfotiamine, grapefruit extract, and so on.

Matt could not stop himself from trying the ‘tea’ himself and studying the herbs extensively to understand how a simple herbal mixture can help keep people young, strong, and in good shape. The same blend is presented to you in an easy-to-consume formula called CarboFix supplement.

Matt could feel the difference within 24 hours of drinking this tea. Within 10 days, he was down 2 jeans sizes! Even more exciting is his wife’s testimony after delivering twins. Nubbia took the formula for 10 days and she was able to burn even the bodyweight that she had put on during pregnancy.

Thus, Matt’s formula is not only backed by several scientific studies that he lists down on his website but also by his and his wife’s personal experience. For them, Our CarboFix supplement Review has really worked miracles and the same can be the experience of the users too.

Understanding AMPk and How it Might be the Key to Fight Excessive Body Fat?

Not many of us have heard about AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPk. It is an essential enzyme buried deep within the cells in our body. But we can not afford to ignore this enzyme as it is one of the core regulators of cellular and organismal metabolism.

It is due to AMPk that the production of new fat cells is restricted. This enzyme regulates metabolism by boosting thermogenesis in your body. Not only that, AMPk pushes your digestive system to use the stored up fat to energize your body.

There is a lot more to AMPk than just the weight loss process. Researchers and scientists have come to an understanding that AMPk could play a promising role in treating chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, inflammation, and much more.

In simple terms, AMPk plays a major role in our fitness and overall well-being. But it is shocking to know that AMPk is switched off in a large portion of the population. What’s the result? People experience slow metabolism and put on weight which day by day becomes difficult to burn.

Matt says, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to switch on AMPk and to reactivate your metabolism to its full potential. And that is what the CarboFix supplement aims to do.

Once your AMPk levels are boosted you may be able to-

Burn body fat like crazy

Fit into skinny jeans

Stay supercharged all day long

Look younger and sexier

See your libido sore

Experience confidence like never before

All this may even be possible without you having to starve yourself. In fact, Matt says that you can eat all your heart desires and still prevent the accumulation of fat in your body, thanks to the CarboFix supplement.

How Does CarboFix Work?

The natural ingredients in CarboFix supplement are all organic, potent and effective, but how do they all work together to get you in shape? As Matt explains, his unique formula targets your body fat in multiple ways.

It all begins by activating AMPk, the metabolic master switch. This blend is said to be so effective that it can recharge your natural ‘fat-burning process’ in 3 seconds! The formula claims to target your body fat in 3 specific ways.

Supercharge your metabolism by turning on AMPk – The natural ingredients included in this supplement trigger the activation of AMPk at the cell level and modify metabolic function.

Burn fat at a faster pace and all day long – CarboFix supplement works towards regulating lipid and glucose metabolism. This essentially means better and consistent weight loss.

Control blood sugar – This carbohydrate management formula can help balance blood sugar levels by regulating your body’s insulin response.

What happens when all that accumulated body starts to melt? Your body is pumped with more energy. This covers up for the reduced calorie intake and never allows you to slow down.

While other fat burning supplements take time to kick in, Matt says that CaboFix’s initial effect can be felt within 24 hours. Carbofix pushes your body’s natural metabolic function to the maximum level and thus helps you lose weight consistently.

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What ingredients Make up the CarboFix supplement formula? Does CarboFix have Alpha-lipoic Acid?

CarboFix supplement is a 100% organic and plant-based dietary supplement. The founder, Matt Stirling has taken some rare ingredients from his grandmother-in-law’s recipe and blended them into a formula that is easy to digest and may work perfectly.

So let’s take a brief look at these 6 powerful ingredients and what medicinal properties they have.

Berberine HCl (400mg)

Extracted from a plant species called Berberis, this bioactive compound is categorized as alkaloids. It has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine to lower blood sugar levels. While modern science confirms that Berberine may be helpful in treating several diseases, it is primarily known for activating AMPk.

This pale yellow plant extract works at the cellular level. It binds with the AMPk enzyme present in our cells and switches it on which in turn, boosts your metabolic rate. Not only does Berberine help reduce body fat significantly but also improves your glucose tolerance. By speeding up your metabolism, this ingredient also ensures that more energy is pumped into your system without any alterations in the diet.

Cinnamon Bark (True Cinnamon)

Now many of you may exclaim that cinnamon is a common spice! But the spice that is included in the CarboFix supplement blend is far more superior and rare than the regular spice.

Cinnamaldehyde (CA) is an active component found in true cinnamon. It is packed with medicinal properties like antioxidants, antitumor, and much more. It is well known for improving your glucose metabolism, by activating AMPk signaling pathways. True cinnamon extract is a very good antidiabetic agent which aids in balancing your blood sugar levels.

As obesity and overweight are closely related to glucose metabolism and prevention of fat accumulation, scientists consider that Cinnamon Bark can be extremely effective in treating all related health issues.

Alpha-lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a known fact that people who are overweight or obese have insulin resistance. For such people, alpha-lipoic acid has proven to be extremely beneficial. A study showed that ALA activated AMPk in skeletal muscle and thereby increased insulin-stimulated glucose disposal.

This acid may help speed up the fat-burning process in your body as it supercharges your metabolism. Consistent energy supply to your body will keep you energized and active even while you are losing weight.


We can get enough natural chromium by including leafy vegetables, meat, and grains. This trace element is said to increase the production of insulin in our body. The immediate result can be seen in the form of declining blood sugar levels.

Chromium activates AMPk to enhance insulin responsiveness meaning your body will automatically burn more sugar and fat rather than storing it. This change in function takes place at the cell level and it also regulates better transportation of glucose through blood vessels.


Your body requires this form of Vitamin B to reduce pain and restrict cell damage. Here is a fact that we bet you didn’t know. Inflammation slows down the fat-burning process in your body. A majority of people may have inflammation around their vital organs, belly, and thighs which basically slows us down.

Benfotiamine targets such inflammation and reduces it drastically. Once that is eliminated, the body fat which is accumulated in various parts begins to melt right away. The inclusion of this element enhances the effectiveness of the CarboFix formula.


Here is a flavonoid that is commonly found in most citrus fruits and why wouldn’t it be in CarboFIX. The peel of grapefruit is rich in Naringin and that’s what is used in this supplement. This extract is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

This flavonoid can be beneficial in treating obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It is particularly helpful in regulating lipid metabolism which is the main cause for people being overweight or obese. As we already know, treating inflammation also plays a major role in boosting the fat-burning process.

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Why Is Weight Loss Important?

Well, that’s the big question.

A bulk of scientific studies and research conducted over several years can give you enough reasons to lose weight.

Obesity is not only a health condition in itself but also the root cause of several other ailments. Some of those health conditions include –

High blood pressure

Heart disease

Type-2 diabetes


Chronic back pain


Gallbladder disease


Breathing problem

Some kinds of cancer

A person need not go to the extent of being obese to fall prey to one of these conditions. Monitoring the size of your waistline and Body Mass Index (BMI) is vital to determine whether you are overweight or not.

Maintaining a healthy body weight comes with a bunch of benefits through Carbofix. Your body would be more flexible, agile, and strong. Better regulation of body fat and glucose ensures that your vital organs are in good shape and your arteries are clean.

Weight loss certainly has aesthetic benefits too. People will notice your clear and glowing skin. You may look a lot younger and sexier than your actual age.

Weight loss supplements like CarboFix might also help boost your mood and focus. What’s more, you may feel a boost in your sex drive and performance.

These are good enough reasons for anyone to get rid of that stubborn body fat and get in shape.

Benefits of Using CarboFix

CarboFix offers both immediate and long-term benefits. The natural blend contains such powerful ingredients that the product has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Here is to bring you a quick look at all the major benefits CarboFix claims to provide:

Activate the metabolic master switch – AMPk – The most unique benefit of CarboFix is that it activates what is believed to be the master switch to your metabolism. Once AMPk is activated, nothing can stop you from losing weight and getting in shape.

Boosts metabolism to its maximum capacity – The reason why a majority of the diet plans didn’t work for you could lie in the fact that you have a flow metabolism. CarboFix has the right ingredients that supercharge your metabolic rate within 24 hours of getting started.

Triggers faster fat burning – Matt and his wife say drastic with reduction within a couple of weeks. That is because CarboFix works on your body fat constantly. When you are at the gym, work, home, or in bed, the formula continues to burn fat at a faster rate.

Balance blood sugar levels – CarboFix is called a Carbohydrate Management formula. It is the carbohydrate that we consume that transforms into body fat. CarboFix ensures that regular consumption of these will increase the insurance tolerance. The ingredients also stimulate better absorption and transportation of glucose.

Control appetite – weight loss and appetite suppression go hand in hand to give you positive results. CarboFix contains powerful herbal and organic ingredients that keep your tummy full for a longer time. As your mid-meal snacking is controlled, calorie intake is automatically reduced.

Reduce the risk of obesity-related health conditions – Being overweight itself has several challenges. But its effect can also be seen in the form of chronic diseases like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and much more. This dietary supplement not only helps prevent symptoms of these health conditions but also heal them to a certain extent.

Gives your youthful vigor and physique – As Matt’s grandma-in-law said, this CarboFix blend of herbs holds the secret to youthfulness. With just 2 pills a day you can feel a lot younger, stronger, and sexier within 3 to 6 months. Belly flab will be replaced by toned muscles and you are motivated to take on the world.

Helps you live longer – The secret to longevity may lie in the fact that you stay healthy, strong, motivated, and mentally fit. As CarboFix addresses a majority of these issues, it can help you live longer. But those years will not be spent complaining about body weight or lack of energy but will be spent enjoying fitness and positivity.

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How Much Does CarboFix Cost And Where Can You Buy It?

Matt Stirling says that he has put in many years and a lifetime’s savings to research and formulate CarboFix. Seeing the array of benefits of users through Carbox Reviews, CarboFix can reap from this single supplement, it should be priced pretty high and it was originally priced at $99 per bottle at their official website.

But to ensure that the CarboFix formula is accessible to everyone struggling with overweight and obesity, the manufacturers are now offering a massive discount and here are the latest prices on their official website.

1 Bottle (one month supply) – $49

3 Bottles ( 3 months supply) – $126

6 Bottles ( 6 months supply) – $204

This limited period offer is available only on the official website and till the stocks last. The only drawback on their official website is that CarboFix does not offer free shipping on any of its products. Instead, an additional shipping cost will be added to your bill based on your region.

CarboFix Bonus Offers

Are you up for some bonus? Then CarboFix has 3 special bonuses for you, absolutely free of cost. These exclusive bonus products are only available with CarboFix and are uniquely designed by Matt and his team to get you in shape.

It is true that CarboFix alone might be enough to help you burn stubborn body fat and shed weight. But to sustain that healthy body weight and to stay in good health for years to come, you need to adopt a clean, healthy, and nutrition-rich diet. That’s where these 3 bonus diet plans and recipes come in handy. Here is what the bonus package includes.

Bonus #1 10-Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet

Once you start with CarboFix, the first couple of weeks are crucial. Matt recommends that you support the supplement with a nutritious diet that maximizes the results.

But who said that a weight loss diet has to be boring? You can try this 10-day fat loss diet.

Bonus #2 24 hours fix

Here’s to a great beginning to your weight loss journey with CarboFix! To get you started, Matt offers these ‘24 hours fix’ diets which get in the right frame of mind.

Once you feel motivated to stay on this path, nothing can stop you from looking your best.

Bonus #3 50 Fat-Blasting Red Smoothies

What do you do when your heart craves something delicious? You can try one of these 50 delectable red Carbofix smoothies that are satisfying and healthy at the same time.

All these 3 CarboFix products are intended to motivate you to become the healthier version of yourself.

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What Customers Say About CarboFix?

Now that we have understood that CarboFix is a very powerful metabolism-boosting supplement, It is important to know what the real users felt after using this supplement.

Matt and Nubbia are the first customers of CarboFix. They tried both the original ‘herbal tea’ prepared by grandma as well as the formula in the form of capsules.

They were able to shed 10-15 pounds of body fat within a couple of weeks of using CarboFix. The same has been the experience of the users who tried this formula. Most customers agree that it took them at least a month or 30 days to path-breaking results.

Customers note that even though they ate fewer calories, their body never felt weak or tired. Instead, they could go on to do even the more cumbersome tasks without losing focus or energy.

Users who have used the product for several months share that not only did they lose extra body fat drastically, they could also fit into slim jeans, and always be ready to compete. They felt a lot fitter and agile than before. They had a youthful glow and not to forget the enhanced sense of wellness.

FAQs About CarboFix

Q. Who is CarboFix for?

This dietary supplement is for everyone who wants to shed those extra pounds and get back a fit and healthy body. If you have tried a bunch of weight-loss diets and exercise routines without finding any credible results, this supplement may prove to be helpful.

Whether you are 40 years old or 70 years old, CarboFix may kick start AMPk in your body to burn extra flab like butter. This could be a good choice for people who are at risk of other health conditions due to being overweight or obesity.

Q. How long does it take to see results from CarboFix?

The recommended dose of CarboFix is to take 2 pills per day. You should be able to experience some change in your metabolism within 72 hours. But that’s just the beginning. During the first couple of weeks, you may notice a gradual reduction in your body fat, elevated energy levels, and suppressed hunger.

Visible weight loss results through CarboFix can be felt within the first and you can continue to tone down your body based on how many pounds you want to lose. Having said this, Carbofix results may vary from one individual to another based on their age and overall health condition.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee if you don’t lose weight?

Yes, there is a money back guarantee. Matt says that his weight loss product is designed to work for clients of all ages and gender. But there could be some who may not be impressed with the results and can avail the money back guarantee option. If you happen to feel such discontent, you can get in touch with Gold Vida’s customer support team within 60 days of purchase. Once you return the remaining unused bottles of the supplements, they will process the entire bill amount to be refunded.

Q. Is CarboFix gluten-free?

Yes, CarboFix is gluten-free. It does not contain either soy extract or any dairy products. These pills are GMO-free and do not contain harmful MSG. The supplement complements any kind of diet plan you might be already following. They are manufactured at FDA-approved manufacturing facilities under strict safety and quality guidelines.

Q. Are there any side effects to this Carbofix Weight Loss Supplement?

CarboFix weight loss supplement is made up of 100% organic plant-based extracts derived from the most trusted vendors. The brand maintains top quality by getting each batch checked by a third-party lab. The formula does not contain either sugar, chemicals, or any hidden ingredients that may cause you harm. Thus, this supplement in general might be safe for everyone.

However, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and people with chronic health conditions should avoid taking this supplement as it may interfere with your treatment. Additionally, if you are allergic to certain ingredients, please check the product’s ingredients list and their properties carefully before taking the pills.

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Conclusion. Does CarboFix Really work?

There are innumerable weight loss pills on the market that help you get rid of stubborn body fat quickly. CarboFix weight loss supplement is an all-natural carbohydrate management pill that consists of 6 powerful herbal extracts. Each of these claims to be extremely effective when tested during clinical trials by the researchers and scientists working with CarboFix on weight loss.

The product has its roots in a herbal tea that a 99 years old grandma drinks for good health ,longevity and helps to lose weight. Matt Stirling has taken the same formula and presented it in easy-to-use and digest pills.

Considering the multiple benefits that CarboFix promises to help you lose weight, it looks like one supplement might just be enough to keep your body fit, young and free of ailments.

You have in your hands a best-kept secret to ‘weight loss treatment’. Matt’s formula may deliver all that it promises and much more. Are you up for giving this powerful supplement a try?

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