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Simplified 8′ Barn Door Console Plans Copy

photo by Estate of Bliss LLC

Want to make your living room instantly gorgeous (and tidier)?

A barn door door console can change everything!

ana white barn door console

Instead of paying $1000+, have you thought about building it yourself?

  • No particle board – this will last as long as you want it to
  • Solid wood top
  • You choose the finish
  • Rustic look from using solid wood
  • Save hundreds of dollars – we estimate building it yourself will cost about $350
  • You only get to pick on piece in that spot – might as well make it the right piece!

Let Me Do The Hard Part

Don’t have a truck or a table saw to cut the plywood?

I can help!

Let me ship the plywood pieces to your front door, precisely cut on a factory panel saw, with the front edges finished.  Since you only pay for exactly what you need (no scraps) and you don’t have to buy edge banding, the price is only a little more for all this convenience and accuracy. And you don’t have to go out and buy and store a big, expensive, dangerous table saw.

Click here to purchased the customized kit for this Barn Door Console Plan.

Want to do everything yourself?  No problem – we have the plywood cuts listed in the cut list too.

ana white barn door console plans


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