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This Stunning Frank Lloyd Wright Home is for Sale

This Frank Lloyd Wright home is in the news after lots of controversy. Decades after Lloyd Wright built the home for his son, the Arizona home was scheduled for demolition. In 2012, Wright’s apprenticeship program, the School of Architecture at Taliesin, saved it. But funding fell through and the home is now listed for sale for almost $13 million.

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Lloyd Wright built this home for his son, David, in 1952 and it is arguably his best design. In typical fashion, Frank Lloyd Wright not only designed the estate, he also created custom furniture and textiles to complete the look.

The Phoenix-area home is 2,553 square feet and features curves and bends that were the precursor to the iconic Guggenheim museum he completed seven years later in New York City.

Would you want to buy this Frank Lloyd Wright home? Which one is your favorite of his iconic designs?t us know in the comments.

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