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Walmart MoDRN Offers Scandinavian, Industrial And Retro Glam Styles

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In an unexpected yet welcome move, Walmart has rolled out an impressively chic line of furniture called Walmart MoDRN. The items are organized into three collections: Retro Glam, Refined Industrial and Scandinavian Minimal. Each collection includes accents and accessories that make it easy, as well as affordable, to create a complete and well-polished room in a snap.

dmitriymoroz / Getty Images

High-end finishes like velvet and leather upholstery pieces, brass accents and real Carrara marble surfaces are standard, and also all at affordable prices.




    • Indoor/outdoor dining sets – $199 to $699


Here’s a look at the 3 collections:

Walmart MoDRN Scandinavian Minimal

dmitriymoroz / Getty Images

Walmart MoDRN Refined Industrial

Stockernumber2 / Getty Images

Walmart MoDRN Retro Glam

FollowTheFlow / Getty Images

Mix and match all three collections to create a custom look that fits your personality and lifestyle best. Which pieces from the three collections are yourvorite? Let us know in the comments!

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