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Warm and Welcoming: 10 Guest Bedroom Essentials

guest bedroom red blanket

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We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, MYMOVE may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. When decorating your home, the guest bedroom is often an afterthought. After all, why put your favorite pieces in the room you’ll visit the least? Leaving room in your guest room also gives anyone who stays with you the opportunity to spread out and get comfortable in the space. This doesn’t mean the room should feel spartan, though.There are a few guest bedroom essentials that can help make the space feel welcoming and ensure your guests are comfortable. We’ve put together a handy list of 10 guest bedroom essentials. Add these items to the room to create an ideal retreat for any visitor.

An extra blanket

If you’ve ever stayed overnight in a chilly room, you’ve probably longed for an extra blanket. Make sure your guests can easily find one. A cozy throw, like the Covella Chunky Throw from Crate & Barrel, laid across the foot of the bed or thrown over a chair ensures your guests are able to get a good night’s rest.



No guest likes to have to navigate to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a glass of water. Even if you’ve got nightlights set up, finding a cup in the darkened kitchen is a daunting task. Save your guests the hassle and put some water on their bedside table for them. The Classic Glass Decanter from Pottery Barn has a cup built in so your visitor has everything they need for a refreshing drink in one convenient package.

A clock

alarm clock on nightstand

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Even though cell phones are omnipresent in our culture, it’s still nice to check the time without lighting up that addictive screen. A small clock in your guest room makes life a little more convenient – and a little less phone-dependent – for your guests. The Charlie Gold Alarm Clock from CB2 even invites them to revisit the days before they set alarms on their phones.

wall mirror for bedroom

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A mirror

If your room doesn’t have a bathroom en suite, you need to add one more item to the list of guest bedroom essentials: a mirror. Without a mirror, you force guests to face you without the opportunity to properly clean the sleep out of their eyes in the morning. Plus, a larger mirror like the Sana Brass Mirror from Cost Plus World Market will help brighten the room.

A bedside lamp

Nobody likes to have to get out of bed to turn the lights off before going to sleep. Add a lamp to the nightstand so your guests can stay cozy in bed. Plus, the latest technology can help you take your hosting to the next level. This Alperton Table Lamp comes equipped with a USB port to make it easier for your guests to charge their phones. Those little conveniences make all the difference.

Your Wi-Fi password

Speaking of digital conveniences, don’t force your guests off the grid. Put your Wi-Fi password in a frame and place it on the nightstand. A classic option like this Metal Frame from H&M (available in black or white) will dress up the information and help draw the eye to it so your visitors can easily connect.

A trashcan

A trashcan might not seem like a natural fit on a list of guest bedroom essentials, but traveling often creates waste. Give your guests a convenient place to toss boarding passes, granola bar wrappers and water bottles. A compact, nondescript trashcan like this sleek Brabantia Matte Black Step Can from The Container Store will be a welcome addition to travelers without taking over the design of the guest bedroom.

A candle

While some guest bedroom essentials are practical, others are just nice. A lit, softly scented candle welcomes road-weary travelers into their home for the evening. Set a beautiful candle like the Boho Candle from Urban Outfitters on a nightstand and light it just before your guests arrive. The warm glow and welcoming scent lets them know they can relax.

bedside table candle

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A luggage rack

Travelers come with luggage. Don’t force them to unpack their suitcases on the floor. Add a luggage rack, or a more stylish equivalent like the Mid-Century Storage Bench from West Elm, to the room. An elevated surface where they can access their packed bags makes living in your guest room more comfortable and convenient.

luggage rack in guest room

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While a place to put luggage makes inhabiting your guest room more convenient, you don’t want to force your guests to live out of their suitcases. Leave closet space empty (or, at least, mostly empty) and stock it with hotel-quality hangers like these Walnut Wood Hangers from The Container Store. This lets guests know they can make use of the space, helping them get settled into your guest room.These ten guest bedroom essentials will help you create a comfortable, welcoming space for anyone who visits your home overnight. But this list is by no means comprehensive. We also have a guide to creating the ideal guest bathroom.What little additions have made you feel especially at home when staying over at a friend or family member’s home? Let us know in the comments.

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