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Weight Loss Pills That Work Or A Scam?

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How fit is America? Not much, as indicated by study data. According to the Food Research and Action Center report, nearly 40% of American adults are obese. The fitness industry in the country may be booming but the users are not reaping the benefits as much as they should be.

This BioFit Review will introduce you to a different phase of revolutionary weight loss technique backed by extensive research. You may think that it’s a new way to starve yourself or may contain some exotic ingredients.

But to your surprise and ours, BioFit is all about using probiotics for weight loss. As we review this promising product, we will look into the ingredients, process, and scientific research that BioFit is based on. Can something as simple as probiotics melt away your stubborn belly fat? Let’s find out.

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BioFit Probiotic Review: An Overview

BioFit is created and manufactured by Nature’s Formulas. This brand, founded 25years ago, was created with a belief that natural remedies and organic products are much safer than traditional medicines and surgeries.

They manufacture the most powerful, top-quality and all natural supplements in the world, with the added mission to spread awareness and information about these natural supplements to the world. The main goal of Nature’s Formulas is to help improve the life and wellness of over 1 million people and prove the power and potency of natural herbs and plants in boosting the overall health of people.

As per their official website, Nature’s Formulas claim to work with leading scientific research centers to analyze and develop powerful formulas used to create all their products. The brand guarantees that each and every bottle they sell can help you feel more confident and happy.

What is BioFit?

BioFit is a probiotic supplement by Nature’s Formula, specifically formulated to speed up your weight loss process and to maintain a fit body. To shed those extra pounds, you need not go on a gruelling diet or deprive yourself of the chocolates and pizzas you so love.

BioFit might even work on your body fat even as you enjoy all your favourite foods and show you substantial results.

The founder and presenter of this unique fat loss program on the official website are Chrissie Miller, a mom of 3 girls. BioFit is the result of her own struggle to lose nearly 100 pounds of baby fat and to get back the confident body she always loved.

When more than 19 various diets and workout plans didn’t work for her, she looked in a different direction and found the solution in a forum post that ran for 21 pages!

The secret to a successful weight loss journey lies in the tiny microbes called gut microbiota or ‘miracle microbes’ as Chrissie calls them. She along with her husband has gone through several studies to understand which probiotics work the best for balanced gut health and weight loss.

However, the market is full of such fat burning supplements that promise to shed extra weight on your body. BioFit takes a new approach to the fat burning process which starts from your intestine. The benefits of this supplement are not restricted to weight loss but may result in stronger immunity, better digestion, fitter, and a younger body.

Chrissie says that she could see immediate results within a week as she lost 3 pounds without going on a diet. At the end of 3 months, she ended up losing nearly 100 pounds, getting her youthful body back. According to the introductory video, BioFit makes losing weight a lot


More fun and

More effortless

The founder says that nearly 23,000 women have tried BioFit and found amazing results. This dietary supplement contains not just 1 but 7 highly active microbes to give you multiple benefits. The manufacturers quote various research and studies to back the highly effective supplement.

The formula is provided to us in the form of easy-to-swallow pills that are manufactured at an FDA-approved facility following GMP guidelines. The product is completely made in the USA and GMO-free. Taking these pills may not hinder your daily routine or physical activity in any way.


The ingredients are well researched

BioFit can bring you the goodness of 7 probiotics

The formula can boost your overall gut health

It may fasten your metabolism, helping you burn more calories

More than 23,000 users have already benefited from this supplement

It may help improve cholesterol balance

The probiotics may improve your immunity

Offers higher CFUs to the body

Subjected to quadruple levels of testing by a 3rd party lab.

As toxins are flushed out, you may feel a lot more stress-free and relaxed.


BioFit is a bit expensive compared to its competitors

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Does BioFit Work?

BioFit is a 100% organic weight loss product that works on a simple formula – lose weight without changing your diet. That’s right, Chrissie Miller says that you can go on eating all your favourite foods and still be able to reduce your waistline by several inches using BioFit.

The formula is made up of 7 choicest microbes that are good for your gut. Daily intake of such probiotics will target various gastrointestinal conditions.

You might be familiar with the fact that good gut bacteria can relieve you from bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. It is also a known fact that probiotic supplements help improve our immunity.

Research has shown that certain gut bacteria can help to suppress lipid absorption meaning absorption of unhealthy fatty acids. BioFit consists of 7 such good microbes that might effectively reduce fat accumulation in your body. This dietary supplement may help create a healthy balance of gut bacteria thus ensuring a faster metabolism rate.

The supplement may also switch off fat-storing hormones which is the cause of being overweight. Furthermore, it might restrict hunger triggering hormones in your body, making you feel fuller for a longer time.

The reason why most fad diets fail is that they restrict people from eating the food that they like. After a few days, people give in to the temptation and get off the diet. Probiotics-based BioFit on the other hand puts no such restrictions. You may relish that delicious cheesecake, brownie, or burger and continue to burn more calories round the clock just by taking this probiotic supplement.

The various bacterial stains in BioFit may help regular specific processes in your body which not only help shed that extra body fat but build your overall physical and emotional health.

BioFit Ingredients:

Chrissie Miller explains that BioFit is made up of 7 microbes that are extremely beneficial to our gut. Let us take a look at these ingredients one by one.

• Bacillus Subtilis: This is a spore-creating gram positive bacteria which is commonly known as hay or grass bacillus. It is naturally found in our gut, playing an important role in the digestive process. Such intestinal microflora creates a barrier against pathogens that may lead to different diseases.

Bacillus-based dietary supplements may also help in restricting inflammatory response which is one of the underlying causes for slowing down your metabolism and leading to weight gain.

This probiotic is also known to improve immunity by protecting the body from harmful pathogens and detoxifying the body. B.Subtilis improves the health of our gut by reducing antibiotic induced diarrhea, reducing the severity and frequency of irritable bowel syndrome, considerable decline in bloody stool and promoting H. pylori eradication.

Bacillus Subtilis may even help improve liver health in patients of liver cirrhosis by shifting levels of liver micro biodata towards normal.

• Lactobacillus Casei: This bacteria is one of the many friendly or good bacterias that have made a home in your digestive system. This bacteria can be derived from fermented milk and so on to regulate bacterial imbalance in our body. This group of bacteria is extensively researched for their therapeutic properties.

L.Casei helps boost and regulate the health of your digestive system. It can help prevent many types of diarrhea. Other than that, it may also help with other stomach problems like constipation,IBD,IBS,lactose intolerance and ulcerative colitis.

Supplements containing Lactobacillus Casei have shown promising results in treating inflammation and bowel movement in subjects. It may also be useful for skin infections like acne,hives , allergies, eczema, dermatitis, ear infections and oral health problems.

• Lactobacillus Plantarum: Here is one of the popular probiotics for the various medicinal properties it has to offer. It is especially preferred for promoting gut health, improving metabolic rate as well as brain health.

Also called “beneficial bacteria”, Lactobacillus plantarum can restore your digestive system, ward off disease-causing harmful bacterias and help your body produce essential vitamins naturally. Some studies also claim that this probiotic can even help with anxiety,eczema, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, IBS and IBD. In addition to all this, it is also known to improve memory, cognitive functioning, boost athletic performance and kickstart weightloss.Having this microbe in Biofit may help you burn those calories faster.

• Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Here is another member of the Lactobacillus family that may help you lose weight considerably. This ingredient is used in various other weight loss pills that are available in the market. Research says that this strain of probiotic may be used to modulate the gut microbiota which in turn can prevent several digestive diseases. It can boost your immunity and shield your body from infections caused by pathogens.

Other than this, L.Acidophilus may also help reduce cholesterol, prevent and reduce diarrhea, improve negative effects of IBD and IBS, help treat and prevent vaginal infections, reduce cold and flu symptoms and can reduce symptoms of certain allergies.

• Bifidobacterium Longum: This is a multifunctional probiotic which is one of the good bacterias in our body that are known for their health-promoting properties. Stress and oxidants have adverse effects on our body and slowing down your metabolism are one of them. Bifidobacterium Longum is said to regulate microbiota in your gut which can supercharge your metabolism and help in weight loss.

It is also potent in treating gastrointestinal diseases and certain infections. It also improves immune health by re-tuning the body’s homeostasis balance and helps with traveller’s diarrhea and lactose intolerance.

• Bifidobacterium Breve: Yet another common probiotic strain that protects you from harmful oxidants and pathogens. Bifidobacterium Breve can boost your immunity and prevent fat buildup in your body. It supports a healthier immune system like other probiotic strains and improves your respiratory health as well as skin quality.

It even helps decline the production of fungus that cause yeast infections in women. B.Breve can be used by people undergoing cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This probiotic can help them prevent intestinal injury.

• Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: This is one of the many trillions of bacterias living in the human body. However this microbiodata is a friendlier one. It is a common probiotic strain that is said to help users lose weight significantly. The microbes play a major role in keeping your intestine healthy and well-balanced. It is found in the intestines and belongs to the genus Lactobacillus. These types of baterias help produce the lactase enzyme.

L.Rhamnosus is added in Biofit owing to its many therapeutic properties. It can help prevent diarrhea, promote gut flora, relieve IBS, IBD and prevent Urinary tract infections.

This bacterium has antimicrobial properties which may help protect your mouth from dental cavity formations. The prebiotic is helpful for weight loss, increases insulin sensitivity, reduces cholesterol in blood and helps fight allergies.

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Benefits of BioFit Probiotic Supplement:

Biofit brings you the goodness of microorganisms to help you elicit maximum health benefits. Let us explore how this unique formula may get you in shape and turn you into a healthier version of yourself. Here is a quick look at the benefits Biofit claims to offer:

• It boosts your gut health: Your body relies a great deal on your digestive system to be active and healthy. A proven probiotics supplement like Biofit encourages overall wellness. All the 7 microbes work towards improving the health of your belly and entire body.

The combined power of all 7 potent probiotic strains present in Biofit may help prevent stomach diseases and infections, promote gut health, boost production of friendly bacterias, help deal with symptoms of IBS and IBD better and prevent survival of harmful bacteria in your digestive tracts.

• Elevates your resistance power and immunity: Hippocrates rightly stated that all diseases begin from our stomach. Biofit, helps boost your immunity by directly boosting your gut health. Some of the microorganisms used in this supplement are specifically known to promote a balance in your body.

By releasing microbiota, this supplement can effectively boost your resistance to viral infections, pathogens, and harmful microbes. You may enjoy life to the fullest with Biofit.

• Faster metabolism: Different people are known to have different types of microbes in their stomach and digestive system and abnormalities in some types of these gut bacterias have recently been associated with diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Probiotics like BioFit contain friendly bacterias that can help improve your gut health. One of the results of a well-balanced microbiota is directly related to your metabolic rate. Biofit gradually increases your metabolism to a level where you are able to burn more calories and eat whatever you want guilt-free.

• Block absorption of fat: The unique weight loss formula contains microbes that can block the absorption of fat or lipids in your body. This means that all the additional carbohydrates, fats, and calories that you consume throughout the day can be easily flushed out of your body without getting absorbed by cells.

Probiotics also help break down the fiber in your body which your digestive system can’t digest and convert them into beneficial short-chain fatty acids like acetate, propionate, and butyrate. BioFit may also decrease the potential absorption of fat from your food and as a result may increase the amount of fat you excrete with your stool.

• Stabilize your blood sugar and blood pressure: Among other benefits of Biofit, it may help keep your heart healthy by regulating your blood pressure, preventing hypertension and regulating cholesterol. Probiotics present in BioFit may help increase breakdown of Bile, which is a fluid made mostly of cholesterol, and as a result preventing its absorption in the gut.

BioFit may even help regulate your blood sugar levels, by promoting reduction of inflammation and preventing the destruction of pancreatic cells that are needed for insulin production. Not just that, Biofit enables better absorption of nutrients and thus keeping you fit, energized, and youthful without allowing those nutrients to be turned into stubborn body fat.

• Flush out harmful toxins: A majority of the microbes used in Biofit are known to treat inflammation naturally. By specifically targeting inflammation-causing hormones, this weight loss supplement can make a user more agile. This, in turn, recharges your metabolism, burning several pounds of weight every week.

Probiotics present in BioFit can help detoxify your body by reducing the build up of heavy metals in your body like lead,arsenic,mercury and cadmium. They may help clean up your liver and as a result improve the health of your skin and eyes. BioFit probiotics may increase the breakdown of glutinous proteins and lower their toxicity.

• Promote Weight Loss – BioFit contains multiple probiotic strains which are beneficial for people looking to lose weight. These probiotics can help promote fat and weight loss via multiple mechanisms. For example- some of these probiotics in BioFit may prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine. This promotes the excretion of fat via your stool rather than being stored in the body for a long time. According to a study, probiotics also directly promote weight loss and promote belly fat reduction.

BioFit may also help you feel fuller for a longer time reducing calorie consumption and encourage more calorie burn and less fat storage.

BioFit Probiotic Side-Effects:

The official BioFit website states that their weight loss dietary supplement contains 100% natural ingredients. While all these microbes are generally good for your gut, there is no assurance. Your body type, allergies, food restrictions, health conditions, and so on may not allow you to enjoy the optimum benefits of this product. That’s why nursing mothers, minors, and pregnant women should avoid supplements.

How Does Probiotic Supplement Help Dealing With Obesity?

Why are we so fat? This has become a common question asked by every average American. As per CDC, an average American man now weighs 196pounds – 15 pounds more than what he weighed 20 years ago.

Not only in America, as per WHO, worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975. Its easy to become obese now a days. The unhealthiest foods are the cheapest, most delicious and are available in bounteous amounts.

So what’s actually happening here? Well, the answer is as clear as a bell – we have been chomping on more than we can burn. Modern sedentary lifestyle has served us everything on a plate as a result of which the amount of physical work we do has decreased a lot.

Add on to this the extra pressure due to juggling work and household duties and we find ourselves binge eating whatever we can find. Constant overeating and weight gain can have serious effects on your health in the long run – cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and even psychological problems like low self esteem, depression are anxiety – to name a few.

And this is where probiotics come in. Although research is still ongoing, many studies have shown the positive effects of probiotics in promoting weight loss and preventing weight gain.

Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

Probiotics are nothing but live microorganisms – bacteria and yeast – that are good for your health, especially your gut. These are the good or helpful bacteria that work by improving the gut flora.

Key benefits associated with Probiotics are –

1. They can help restore natural balance of good bacteria in your stomach and can help prevent digestive issues, mental health problems, allergies etc.

2. They can reduce the risk of diarrhea and even help treat it.

3. They might even help improve certain mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and OCD.

4. They can boost your heart health by keeping cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

5. They may even reduce the magnitude of certain allergies and eczema.

6. They can boost up your immunity and have a positive impact on your overall bodily health.

7. Last but not the least, probiotics promote weight loss and help lose belly fat.

Biofit is an all-natural dietary supplement rich in potent probiotics which may help speed up your weightloss journey by working on your metabolic rate and promoting fat loss.

Is Biofit Probiotic Supplement Legit and Safe?

Nature’s Formulas is directly involved in the entire process of procuring the ingredients in their natural form, manufacturing and creating new effective products.

All Natural and Safe Ingredients

According to them, all their ingredients –

Are free from allergens- dairy,nuts,soy and gluten

Are backed up by solid clinical research

Are procured locally and are of top-quality

Are tested 4 times for contaminants to ensure safety

Are formulated using latest technologies in encapsulation to ensure highest absorption

Other than this, they say that no product contains any heavy metals, mold, residual solvents , pesticides or any other harmful foreign material.

Safe Manufacturing Practices

The manufacturing facilities and warehouses of Nature’s Formulas have been regularly inspected and are –

cGMP certified

NSF verified

FDA registered

Third-party tested


At nature’s Formulas their products are tested 4 times at different levels of manufacturing –

1. Raw Materials are tested after they are delivered at their warehouses.
2. Every batch is tested during processing
3. All finished products are tested thoroughly for purity and potency
4. Products are tested for stability to make sure the label claim is in tune with the product’s time of expiration

Customer Satisfaction

Nature’s Formulas display thousands of reviews of their happy and satisfied customers on their website. As per the reviews, biofit has helped many users lose weight, feel less bloated, increased their energy levels and helps treat their digestive issues.

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Where To Buy BioFit Probiotics?

Biofit is a proprietary formula and is exclusively sold on their official website. Clinically studied ingredients are available in easy-to-digest pills. Each bottle of this supplement contains 30 pills, one pill to be taken every morning for best effects. Here are the packages and their prices.

Basic – 1 bottle – $69

Good Value – 3 bottles – $177

Best Value – $294

The shipping charges of $9.90 are applicable on the Basic pack, the other 2 packs are shipped free of cost.

Along with every purchase, users will receive 3 freebies. One is an e-book called “The Truth About Dieting”, the second one is another e-book containing favourite recipes and the third gift is private membership to Chrissie Miller’s group. Here you get access to highly effective meal plans, expert help, and much more exclusive resources.

Frequently Asked Questions About BioFit:

Q. Are Probiotics Safe?

Probiotics is a buzzword while we talk about a healthy gut. Probiotics mean ‘promoting life’ which refers to live microorganisms that are good for our intestine and promote overall wellness.

These can be supplied through fermented food, dairy products, health drinks, and dietary supplements like BioFit. These tiny organisms are packed with therapeutic properties and can benefit humans in several ways. From constipation to diarrhoea, infection, inflammation, slow metabolism, and stress, probiotics may hold the key to cure many health conditions.

Q. How to take BioFit?

One BioFit pill per day is enough to keep your going throughout the day. You should take it before breakfast with a glass of water and go ahead with your daily routine. The probiotics will begin their work, balance your gut microbiota and kick-starting your metabolism. The process continues irrespective of what you eat.

Q. Does BioFit Probiotic supplement have a return policy?

You may take Chrissie Miller by her word and purchase a bottle of BioFit. Once you begin to take BioFit tablets every day, you may see a visible difference in your body mass. If you are not satisfied with the results of this supplement, you may return the bottle to BioFit within 180 days or 6 months. They will refund your money within a few days.

Q. Who Should Take BioFit?

Anyone above the age of 18 , struggling to lose weight can give Nature’s Formulas BioFit a try. Even if you are not looking to lose weight but want to improve your gut health, improve the quality of your skin, and enhance your overall health, might benefit from BioFit. It is an over-the-counter product, which does not require any prescription, however it is still recommended to consult your doctor if you are currently on any other medications or suffering from any disease.

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BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Final Thoughts

Biofit certainly introduces us to a unique weight loss technique. Going through all the research and data mentioned by the manufacturer proves the worth of this supplement.

Probiotics are derived from natural sources. Thus the supplement does not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. With 23,000 happy customers by her side, Chrissie Miller confidently talks about the goodness of her supplement.

But if you are sensitive to lactose or are allergic to some ingredient included in the supplement, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits. So do read the list of ingredients carefully before buying.

If you are ready to spend a few extra bucks on this weight loss supplement considering the various benefits it may have to offer, you can give BioFit a try. A slim and fit body is worth the effort. Moreover this potent supplement is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so if at any point of time you feel BioFit is not able to live up to the claims it made, you can return the unused bottles and get your money back.

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