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10 Christmas Card Display Ideas That Showcase Your Most Beautiful Cards

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What do you do with your Christmas cards every year? If you love receiving them but hate how they pile up, why not make them part of your holiday decorating? We’ve got a roundup of some of the best Christmas card display ideas and card hangers so you can showcase your favorite holiday cards this season.

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1. Use A Wall-Mounted Christmas Card Holder To Display Them

2. Hang Them On Your Stairway’s Banister

3. Use Ornamental Chain To Create A Wall-Mounted Christmas Card Hanger

4. Go Vintage Farmhouse By Creating A Card Board With Chicken Wire

5. Hang Ribbon And Pin Your Cards

6. Arrange Your Christmas Cards Into A Tree Shape

7. Display Them Artfully In A Wicker Picnic Basket or Box

8-9. Repurpose A Wall Using Washi Tape Or String

10. Hang A Christmas Card Mobile

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