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10 Small Wine Rooms and Cellar Ideas You Can Recreate

If you look forward to wine o’clock every evening, why not turn a spot in your home into a stunning wine room or wine cellar? You don’t need a large wine cave or hundreds of thousands of dollars to build one. All you need is a small area like a closet, pantry or corner to create your very own small wine cellar. Here’s how to emulate the most chic wine cellars out there.

The secret to a successful wine room is climate control

Wine is delicate and doesn’t do well with big temperature and humidity fluctuations. The most important facet in your collection of wine room ideas is how you’re going to keep your wine in good shape.

It’s all about keeping the temperature and humidity level in wine cellars from changing too much. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees F, give or take 3 to 5 degrees.

You have two options to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity in your wine cellar:

  • Invest in a good wine refrigerator, cooler or cooling system
  • Choose a cool, dry, dark spot for your wine cellar, away from windows or exterior walls, where the wine doesn’t experience exterior temperature changes

Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to create a space that’s well-organized and inviting. Some things you may want to add to your wine room include:

  • Wine racks, shelving or custom cabinets
  • A wine glass caddy
  • A bar table and stools or some armchairs for serving and lounging
  • Good lighting that serves as task lighting and ambiance
  • Barware like corkscrews, glass decanters and other accessories
  • A small wine refrigerator for champagne or fragile aged wine

Now it’s time for the inspiration. Check out these small wine room ideas that rival the most amazing wine cellars around. Cheers!

Creative small wine room ideas:

Create a wine room under the stairs

Wet bar wine room built into stairs in unfurnished house

chandlerphoto / Getty Images

For the ultimate tasting room, add a bar table or lounge chairs

Industrial wine tasting room with wine storage and bar table

Liyao Xie / Getty Images

Rustic wine cellar and tasting room in luxury home

YaromirM / Shutterstock

Innovative wine shelves and glass doors enclose and display your wine cellar beautifully

Man looks at wine from beautiful wine case in contemporary home

Eric Audras / Getty Images

Custom kitchen cabinets make great wine cellars

Kitchen with green cabinets and island, built in custom wine shelving

Sisoje / Getty Images

Kitchen with green cabinets and island, built in wine shelves

chandlerphoto / Getty Images

Choose contemporary shelves or unusual wine racks that make a statement

Wine rack is built into wall like a pegboard in a modern home

Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Brand new wine cellar and tasting room with unique contemporary shelves

Alhim / Shutterstock

Work a wine cellar into your kitchen

Modern kitchen in wood and marble with wine refrigerator built in

alexandre zveiger / Shutterstock

Luxury modern farmhouse kitchen with wine fridge built into island

SpeedKingz / Shutterstock

The bottom line

With fall and the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to create a small wine room of your own. A well-planned one is the perfect place to gather with friends and collect your favorite wines for years of enjoyment.

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