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15 Gorgeous Interior Skyscapes for a Celestial Home

One of the prettiest and most artistic developments in home design has to be statement ceilings. These ceilings usually feature bold colors, geometric designs or other stunning visuals. And a classic way to make a bold statement with your ceiling is to have some sort of skyscape on it. Whether it’s puffy clouds or starry vistas, interior skyscapes are a wonderful way to get an artsy home. And they also create the illusion of opening up any space. But it doesn’t stop with ceilings. Skyscapes also work as wall art and other elements in a space. So take a look below to find some inspiration for interior skyscapes.

Nighttime Themes

One of the most common ways to work with interior skyscapes is to create the illusion that your home is opening right into a starry night. Designers achieve this look in a wide variety of creative ways.
Many styles make use of some type of mobile or decal. Other styles even use items like curtains to get the feeling of looking off into a nighttime sky. So take a look below to see how to creatively get a nighttime skies feel in your home. You might just be inspired to try out one of these ideas in a whole new way.

Interior Skyscapes Moon Style

Mobiles are an easy way to set the mood in a children’s space. Image: JasminkaM / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes Stars Style

Stars on the wall work well as part of a modern space theme. Image: / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes Stars on Wall Style

Here’s another example of some attractive star accents on the wall. Image: avtk / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes Stars Decals Style

Classy black decals can combine well with chalkboard paint for a space theme in a child’s bedroom. Image: / Shutterstock

Daytime Skies Themes

Another option for interior skyscapes is to paint a daytime sky right on the ceiling. That will make it look like your space opens right to the heavens. It’s even a neat little hack to visually open up smaller spaces.

And the bright azure of the blue sky adds some uplifting color to the space, along with the pristine white of the clouds. Blue and white tend to be a popular color choice for rooms, so you can also work those colors into the rest of the space easily.

Take a look below for some inspiration on how to make an amazing interior skyscape using scenes of daytime skies. But don’t worry, they don’t all involve painting the ceiling.

Interior Skyscapes Cloud Ceiling Style

A painted ceiling is an instant way to get the feeling of daytime skies indoors. Image: Cassidy Balogh / Twenty20

Interior Skyscapes Wallpaper Style

Cloud wallpaper is another option for a sky theme. Image: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes Clouds Style

You can also use more abstract cloud representations on the walls. Image: / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes with Light Effects

Of course, you might be in a position where you can’t paint your ceiling, usually because of time, budget, logistical or renting constraints. Painting a ceiling is delicate and often messy work, too.
However, you can still work with interior skyscapes. By using lighted options, you might create a more creative feel in the space with minimal effort. All you have to do is mount a light fixture to the wall, in many cases. Some styles make use of set-in lights or table lamps. Read on to see easier ways of getting an uplifting interior skyscape right in your home.

Interior Skyscapes Ceiling Style

Lighting systems can do an amazing job of mimicking nighttime stars on the ceiling. Image: P11irom / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes Cloud Lamps Style

Some simple cloud lamps on a darker blue wall can mimic the sky. Image: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Interior Skyscapes Sun Lamp Style

An easy way to mimic the sun is this round light fixture. Image: Richard Suarez / Twenty20

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