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3 Fat-Burning Vitamins You Should Be Taking Everyday For A Faster Metabolism

Taking care of your metabolism is always a worthwhile way to experience better health and meet weight loss goals. The more efficiently your metabolism runs, the easier it is to reap benefits from healthy foods and maintain a steady weight.

A faster metabolism helps your body take energy from food more effectively, which translates into burning calories efficiently, even when you’re at rest.

Everyone’s metabolism starts to slow as we age, so it is never too soon to start looking for new habits that will help keep your metabolism running quickly and efficiently. Exercise is always a good way to speed up your metabolism – especially cardio or high intensity workouts.

But there is also another way: vitamins and nutrients.

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best fat burning vitamins metabolism

There are several vitamins known to burn fat and speed metabolism, and these are typically vitamins that most of us should have no trouble incorporating into our diets in some way.

Adding vitamins and supplements into your routine can help introduce your body to nutrients you haven’t been getting from your diet previously. Plus, most vitamins can give you additional benefits, such as increased energy, decreased inflammation and help your body burn fat.

You should always talk to a doctor before adding any new supplements into your routine, but if you’re looking for ways to introduce new vitamins, you can also find foods high in beneficial, fat-burning vitamins.

Read on to discover the best vitamins for your metabolism and which foods will help increase your intake.

curcumin best fat burning vitamins metabolism

How Curcumin Boosts Metabolism

Curcumin has been found to show incredible results when it comes to suppressing inflammation and boosting metabolism. One of the key ingredients in turmeric, this vitamin is easy to incorporate into any diet.

Healthline explained that, “Test-tube studies suggest that curcumin may suppress particular inflammatory markers that play a role in obesity. These markers are typically elevated in people with excess weight or obesity.” While further research needs to be done for more definitive results, curcimin could be a great addition to your daily routine for easing bloat and improving your metabolism.

How To Get More Curcumin In Your Diet

Because curcumin is abundantly found in turmeric, the simplest way to get more of this vitamin is to season as much of your food as possible with the spice. Most recipes that call for turmeric are anti-inflammatory and excellent for boosting metabolism.

Start with this anti-inflammatory breakfast recipe for turmeric oats, then try out this turmeric shake recipe for a new midday pick-me-up. You can also make turmeric tea if you’d like something more simple.

calcium best fat burning vitamins metabolism

Take B Vitamins Every Day

Experts have found that B vitamins improve your metabolism to help your body burn through fat and protein more effectively. There are a wide range of B vitamins, though the one you should focus on for boosting metabolism are vitamins B-6 and B-12.

B vitamins are also great for helping you feel more energized, because of their effect on your metabolism. Many people who eat a plant-based diet tend to be deficient in vitamin B-12, so if you think you need supplements of this vitamin it is important to talk to your doctor.

You can also add B vitamins into your diet through several foods.

How To Get More B Vitamins In Your Diet

Meat, eggs and dairy are particularly high in B vitamins, and you can also get these vitamins from citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and whole grains. Specifically, vitamin B-12 can be found in clams, sardines, tuna and beef, and vitamin B-6 can be found in peanuts, oats, bananas and pork.

b vitamins best fat burning vitamins metabolism


The Benefits Of Calcium On Metabolism

We all know that calcium is important for children to build strong bones and teeth, but the vitamin is also essential for adults, as it boosts metabolism and helps to burn fat.

Studies have even shown that “calcium stored in fat cells plays a crucial role in regulating how fat is stored and broken down by the body. It’s thought that the more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more fat it will burn.”

How To Get More Calcium In Your Diet

It is easy to boost your body’s calcium intake from eating more dairy products. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are great sources of calcium, especially since they are low in fat. You can also get more calcium from eating beans, lentils, almonds and certain leafy green vegetables.

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