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4 Daily Supplements Health Experts Swear By To Rev Up Your Metabolism & Boost Your Energy Levels

In the best case scenario, your diet will be able to provide you with all the nutrients you need to live a healthy and balanced life. However, sometimes there are natural gaps that may occur which will find you lacking in certain vitamins and minerals that are vital for your wellbeing. If you follow a plant based diet or try to steer clear of dairy or other such foods, you may be missing out on important nutrients which help to boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. 

The reality is even if you do follow a well balanced diet it can often be useful to integrate certain supplements into your routine to give your body that added kick it needs so you can be your optimal self. As you work to improve your diet so you can look and feel your best, health experts agree that there are four supplements you should be adding into your routine each day to make it easier to reach your fitness goals once and for all.


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Naturally found in foods such as meat, legumes, and shellfish, zinc is essential for boosting your immune system and naturally jumpstarting your metabolism. “Zinc is critical for maintaining proper thyroid function and supporting your metabolism,” says personal trainer and nutritionist Jenny Abouobaia. Zinc is not naturally occurring in the body so it’s important that you’re consuming enough of it in your daily diet in order to ensure your utmost health. 

If you follow a plant based diet and often steer clear of beans, getting protein elsewhere, you may find that you suffer from a zinc deficiency. Therefore, integrating a supplement into your routine can help to improve your metabolism for fat burning, leading to weight loss with ease. With added immune system boosting benefits as well, you can’t go wrong.



B Vitamins

When it comes to your metabolism, B vitamins are some of the most important supplements to include in your morning routine. “The B vitamins work to help metabolize macronutrients in the body. They work in much the same way to use stored carbohydrates and fat for fuel which means they are aiding in weight loss and increasing metabolism,” explains nutritionist Lisa Richards. Found in foods such as meat, eggs and dairy, leafy greens, and legumes, particularly vitamin B-12 is necessary for enhancing your metabolism. This variety of vitamin B is only found in animal products, so if you follow a vegan diet then a supplement is vital for improving your health.





If you’re a green tea lover then you already have a leg up with the super antioxidant catechin. “Catechin is a powerful antioxidant found in tea leaves, but particularly in green tea. Catechin or green tea supplements are well-researched for boosting cellular health. On top of fighting off cell-damaging free radicals, catechins actually strengthen a cell’s ability to use and consume energy for better functionality, which in turn can bolster things like metabolism and help lower body fat storage,” explains John Fawkes, Level 1 Precision Nutrition-certified nutrition counselor. If you don’t particularly enjoy green tea, don’t fret. A green tea supplement will be just as effective in providing your body with catechin, improving energy levels and your metabolism so you can start off your day on the right foot.





Fiber is one of the most vital nutrients for keeping your body full and satisfied while simultaneously keeping your digestion regular. “Fiber not only helps to control appetite, but also helps to diversify your gut microbiome. Higher diversity of bacteria in the gut leads to better overall metabolic function,” explains Alicia Galvin, RD and resident dietician for Sovereign Laboratories. “Our gut bacteria have been shown to influence hormone balance, blood sugar, metabolism and nutritional pathways, so having enough fiber in the diet is key.” Often found in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, a fiber supplement could make a great addition to your daily routine if you find yourself suffering from constipation. However, it’s important to ask a doctor before integrating this particular supplement into your routine to make sure you don’t overdo it.



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