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5 Ideas for Getting a Haunted Garden This Halloween

It’s about that time to start planning how you’d like your home to look for Halloween. And one of the most fun ways to get into the Halloween spirit is to create a haunted garden. With so many creative outdoor Halloween decorations, it’s a great way to add some seasonal fun to your yard.

You can use a haunted garden in a few different ways. If you have a garden space at the front of your house, use it to greet trick-or-treaters. If you have an extensive backyard garden, you might also think about converting it for an outdoor Halloween party if the weather isn’t too cold.

Kenneth Brown / EyeEm / Getty Images

Skeletal hands

One of the easiest ways to get a haunted garden is to go for these skeletal hands. They’re an easy design you simply place on the ground. They instantly make your garden look like it’s actually a graveyard and that the skeletons are coming back to life. Something like this is more subtle and doesn’t take up much space, so it can work well in small garden patches near the front door, too.

If you’re more into the fun, funny side of Halloween, these decorations will be right up your alley. The heart, thumbs-up and peace sign give this look a playful feel. It turns out your haunted garden is full of some friendly, playful ghouls.

gregobagel / Getty Images

Broom trees

Planning a party at night? These broom trees are a wonderful idea for lighting walkways. You could use them to light the walkway leading to your front door if you’re planning an indoor party. But they’d also be a great addition to a haunted garden along outdoor walkways. You might also think about placing them randomly in a garden space for some fun accent lighting.

The fact that they look like witches’ brooms makes them a great addition to a haunted garden. The orange lighting and black brooms give a uniquely Halloween vibe.

ktaylorg / Getty Images

Spider silhouettes

One great way to get a Halloween look outdoors is to work with silhouettes. Thanks to how abstract these are, you can get any character in your haunted garden. The photo above shows how large spider silhouettes make the home look like it’s having some problems with Halloween monsters.

You can also use the same idea to get witches, Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts or mummies. It’s a great idea if you’re going for a certain theme to your haunted garden, like “Monster Mash” or “Witch Coven.” Spooky silhouettes are easy to find for purchase, or you can make your own with plywood and black paint if you have an artistic bent.

Harris Hui / Getty Images

Easy DIY ghosts

Outdoor Halloween items can get a little pricey, so here’s a DIY option if you’re on a budget. This homeowner’s homemade ghost project is cute and deceptively simple. How they did it was quite simple, yet ingenious.

First, they placed small kick balls and basketballs on plastic funnels. Those funnels were set into PVC piping, which forms the body of the specters. Then they set the PVC piping onto galvanized pipe pieces that they drove into the ground. The fabric is attached by snaps. It all comes together to form a ghostly dance that’s great for a Halloween haunted garden.

Juan Silva / Getty Images

Monster haunted garden

Here’s one of this year’s most creative decorations to come out of Grandin Road. This one is perfect if you’re going for a “Monster Mash” theme for your haunted garden. Easily make it look like your yard has become overrun with a land-based tentacle monster by placing these pieces right on the ground.

A wonderful aspect of this idea is how versatile it is. It’s a great accent in a garden space that isn’t growing anything in the fall, like an old vegetable patch. You can also place it along walkways or in the middle of the lawn.

Halloween is fast aroaching; do any of these ideas spark your imagination for the coming season?

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