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Alpha Zym Plus Reviews – Does Alpha Zym Plus Supplement Work?

AlphaZym Plus Reviews – Does Alpha Zym Plus Supplement Work?

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AlphaZym Plus is a daily weight loss solution for men and women over age 40. According to the official website, the formula focuses on restoring metabolism to help speed up the process of burning fat. The supplement only needs to be taken once a day, but each bottle can get the user through an entire month before they need a refill.

What is AlphaZym Plus?

Developed by Jonathan Grim, the AlphaZym Plus came as he sought out his own weight loss solution through the years for both himself and his wife. Though he hadn’t struggled with his weight before, turning 40 brought new love handles and extra weight. Without any changes to his diet or exercise, it couldn’t be more obvious that his body’s natural weight management was out of control. The use of AlphaZym Plus can help to regulate it in a way that other products may not.

AlphaZym Plus came to Jonathan after many visits with nutritionists to see what could be done. However, while checking to see the solutions he could put together, he came across multiple tips that can help consumers to be healthier and shed weight naturally, which include:

  • Keep hydrated with water, rather than sugar-rich tea, soda, and other beverages.
  • Eat healthy but flavorful foods.
  • Choose protein and fiber to feel full, rather than carbohydrates.
  • Keep a meal plan to avoid eating takeout.
  • Maintain a steady sleep schedule.

All of these healthy habits are important, and consumers that change their poor habits have a much greater likelihood of slimming down. However, with the use of AlphaZym Plus, consumers can regulate the metabolic speed that most people lose when they reach their 40s.

How AlphaZym Plus’s Ingredients Help

The whole purpose of this formula is to target the weight issues that consumers face after they turn 40 years old. To do so, the company has included:

  • Psyllium powder
  • Acai berry
  • Inulin
  • Purified ginger
  • Bettina papaya
  • Chlorella
  • Hyssop

Let’s discuss the way that these ingredients can impact the body.

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Psyllium Powder

Psyllium, which is commonly used as either a powder or a wafer, is a fiber, which is why it is typically taken to reduce appetite. Rather than reducing stress, this powder helps the body to feel fuller (as if they had eaten a large but not overwhelming meal). Individuals that take a lot of psyllium in their diet will need to drink more water than they typically need to prevent dehydration.

Most researchers recommend taking a powder about two hours after taking a medication, though it is unclear if the same rule applies to AlphaZym Plus. Consumers that want to add AlphaZym Plus to their routine with medications may want to reach out to a medical professional before they combine the two regimens.

Acai Berry

Acai berry is an excellent source of antioxidants, helping to reduce the risk of cancer and improve the health of the brain. This berry has tons of nutrients as well, gradually improving the cholesterol levels of the user.

With regular consumption of acai berry, some users rely on their fat and fiber as triggers for weight loss, calling them a superfood. Men sometimes rely on acai berry to reduce their struggle with erectile dysfunction.


Inulin is another fiber that consumers will find in the AlphaZym Plus formula. Just like the psyllium powder, users will feel the fullness that can deter them from eating more food than they should. Without the extra calories, users can create the deficit that their daily calories need to naturally lose weight. However, the deficit is twofold since the metabolism works just as hard as it does when the user is overeating. Consider inulin to be a way to correct the damage.

Inulin is also important for gut health because it eliminates the unhealthy toxins from the digestive system that can inhibit the process.

Purified Ginger

Ginger’s main purpose is often the regulation of blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels can play a major role in the weight since spikes and drops can disrupt the natural appetite. By keeping these levels under control, users won’t indulge in the foods that they want for the sake of keeping their blood sugar high enough. Furthermore, they won’t put their metabolism through unnecessary trouble.

As users keep their levels balanced, they may reduce inflammation and ease bad cholesterol. Without inflammation or the unwanted cholesterol, muscle pain subsides, and the heart is reinvigorated with strength. The use of ginger can also promote better brain function over time.

Bettina Papaya

Bettina papaya is a type of papaya that naturally grows in Australia, offering an incredibly sweet flavor. While the flavor cannot be tasted in these capsules, consumers will get all of the vitamins and minerals that are important for the digestive process. The nutritional value is primarily credited to papain, which is an enzyme that is naturally found in every type of papaya.

Papain can be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. For example, in its natural state, this enzyme is an excellent source of relief for sore throats, skin abrasions, and symptoms associated with shingles. Even more, this type of supplement may improve digestion and reduce inflammation in the body.


Chlorella is a type of algae. Much like the papaya in AlphaZym Plus, chlorella uses the natural properties of the plant to deliver minerals and vitamins the body already needs. Since it also offers antioxidants, it can push unwanted toxins from the body to improve immunity and the absorption of nutrients.

Using chlorella has also been linked to improved cholesterol levels and better management of blood sugar.


Hyssop, a plant, is often used to make natural medicine, dealing with the heal of the digestive system and intestines. Some people use it as a remedy for problems like gas, pain, and loss of appetite. Though users won’t take the hyssop in AlphaZym Plus, it can be converted into an oil or extract for improved flavor when cooking.

The use of hyssop dates back to Biblical times. Most notably, it provides a cleansing effect throughout the Bible, but it was also used in the Jewish Passover in the sprinkling of blood. Hyssop is directly associated with the purification of the external ailments and the soul within.

Purchasing AlphaZym Plus

Consumers interested in seeing the effects of AlphaZym Plus will have to visit the official website, which offers 1 bottle for $69. One bottle has enough of the formula to get through an entire month of use, and it comes with free shipping.

While one month of use could be the start of major success, the website also offers two other packages, and each one reduces the cost per bottle even lower. The other packages include:

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The purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. To ensure the quality of the supplement and to receive only legitimate capsules, is recommended to order directly from the official website and avoid ordering from third-party websites such as Amazon or eBay.


AlphaZym Plus provides an interesting collection of ingredients that are meant to help consumers over age 40 to get in shape by helping speed up metabolism while providing support for overall gut health. To learn more about the supplement and formula be sure to visit the official AlphaZym Plus site for more.

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