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Best Modern Pet Items From Wayfair’s New Archie and Oscar Line

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Wayfair has gone to the dogs (and others of our favorite furry friends) with a new exclusive line of pet furniture and accessories. Named Archie & Oscar, it features more than 500 items including gerbil cages, pet outdoor chaise lounges and aquariums that mix modern design with everyday function. No need to hide Boot’s scratching post – Archie & Oscar’s version is worthy of sharing living space with your Noguchi sofa.

Archie & Oscar’s products were tested and endorsed by their pet influencers, known as the Wayfair Pet Squad. Here are their picks:

Nala the cat’s picks

Aleksandr Zotov / Getty Images

Envy, Zain and Trek’s picks from Archie & Oscar

Sonsedska / Getty Images

Venus the two-faced cat’s picks

Waitforlight / Getty Images

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