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Does The Ingredients Work For Fat Loss? [2021 Update]

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After trying a variety of fat-burning ingredients, calorie-restricted diets, and weight loss cardio workouts, people hardly lose an inch on their waistline. Have you had a similar weight loss journey till now?

Many American adults feel the same way, with more than 70% of the USA’s adult population being overweight. An expansive study conducted on subjects following different weight loss diet plans showed that diet alone can’t help you get in shape.

What your diet may need is a companion like a natural weight loss supplement to spur up your weight loss process and take you past your current lull of zero weight loss.

PhenQ has emerged as one of the most trusted and highly recommended weight-loss dietary supplements that packs the punch of 5 pills in one. What makes this product unique and can a single pill help you get that dream body? This review is all about answering such questions.

If you are on the lookout for a weight loss pill that is the real deal, this review is a must-read for you!

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PhenQ Review: Brand Overview

PhenQ is the next generation of weight loss supplements with multiple benefits manufactured and supplied by a European company called Wolfson Brands Limited.

This trusted brand has been behind many of the leading dietary supplements in the market for more than 10 years. The same trust and loyalty of customers are passed on to PhenQ as well.

PhenQ can be the perfect answer for all those who dream of a strong and vigorous body without all the flab. While most fat-burning supplements work in one other direction to reduce your body fat, PhenQ adopts a 5-way technique to help you shed even the most stubborn fat.

All the credit goes to PhenQ’s unique formula containing the choicest of organic and plant-based ingredients.

The team behind PhenQ consists of seasoned nutritionists and fitness professionals who have put in years of experience in formulating a highly effective weight-loss blend.

It is no surprise that this all-natural supplement already has 190,000+ happy customers who have achieved their weight loss goal.

Quality is of great value for PhenQ and that’s why their pills are manufactured only at GMO and FDA-approved facilities in Europe and the USA.

As per PhenQ’s official website, the ingredients included in the formula are sourced only from the finest suppliers and tested for purity before using it in the product. You would be happy to know that each batch of PhenQ pills is tested at third-party labs before reaching your hand. Now, that’s why you get top-notch quality!

Their passion for quality does not stop there but boils down to their customer service too. While other brands may stop at this stage, PhenQ goes the extra mile and offers expert guidance on fitness, nutrition, diet, and a healthy lifestyle which make your weight loss journey all the more valuable.

PhenQ Pros & Cons:


Voted as #1 weight loss pills by Men’s Journal

5-in-1 formula with the benefits of 5 weight loss tablets in one

Contains a tested and trademarked ingredient

Made of 100% vegan natural ingredients

Manufactured and supplied by a decade old trusted brand

Keeps you energized throughout the day

Does not allow hunger or calorie deficiency to affect your mood

May help resolve constipation issues

You don’t require a prescription to purchase PhenQ

Free shipping

60 days money-back guarantee


Some people may experience irregular sleep patterns as PhenQ contains caffeine

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How Can PhenQ Help You Lose Weight?

If we were to ask people whether they desired something extra from their weight loss supplement, many would reply with a resounding ‘yes’. That is because some pills may help speed up the fat-burning process while others may be good at restricting your appetite while few others may help maintain high energy levels even when you are on a calorie deficit.

PhenQ is a uniquely formulated weight loss formula that claims to do the work of 5 pills in one go. The handpicked ingredients may help you in 5 ways –

Burn your body fat by supercharging your metabolism and thermogenic rate

Stop production of new fat cells which prevents further weight gain

Suppress your appetite and curb untimely snacking

Keep your energy levels soaring even while you eat less

Keeps you motivated and positive

What makes PhenQ stand heads and shoulders above other weight loss supplements, is their scientifically proven, secret ingredient, α-Lacys Reset®.

It is a trademarked blend containing Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA) and Cysteine. Studies have suggested that ALA has anti-obesity properties. What’s even more promising is the fact that ALA significantly affected the Body Mass Index of subjects who consumed it in the form of supplements.

Several clinical trials and research have given substantial proof that α-Lacys Reset® is a far more effective ingredient for weight loss than placebo. Along with this premium ingredient, the PhenQ weight loss formula consists of 5 natural herbal extracts which may enhance the overall effectiveness of the supplement.

Tens of thousands of customers have loads of positive experiences to share about their fat-burning experience. PhenQ has been their trusted companion, helping them to focus on losing body fat and getting back their youthful, agile, and sexy bodies.

Most customers agree that PhenQ works the best when combined with a healthy, low-calorie diet and regular gym time. Well, that’s the secret behind any successful weight loss journey, isn’t it?

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Ingredients – What Does The PhenQ Formula Contain?

PhenQ presents itself as a multifaceted solution to tackle the issue of overweight. It is the superior grade ingredients and their unique formulation that possibly make this fat-burning supplement a class apart. You must be curious to know more about these 6 ingredients, so let’s take a quick look.

• α-Lacys Reset®

If there is one ingredient that contributes greatly to PhenQ’s success, it is α-Lacys Reset®. This trademarked formula developed using the next generation of scientific research is a blend of Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA) and Cysteine.

As per PhenQ’s Official website, the extensive clinical trials conducted by the researchers at PhenQ prove that this unique ingredient is more effective in fat burning and balancing BMI. α-Lacys Reset® fires up your metabolism which speeds up the calorie-burning rate.

These clinical trials ,mentioned by the makers of PhenQ,comparing the placebo and a-Lacys Reset showed that PhenQ’s secret ingredient helped people to

Lose 7.24% of their body fat

Lose 3.44% of body weight

Gain 3.80% of muscle mass

Now you know why nearly two hundred thousand customers trust PhenQ to shed excess body fat and get a fitter, younger body.

• Capsimax Powder

Is there bell pepper and black pepper in your weight loss formula? Yes, PhenQ contains extracts from both plants which have strong thermogenic properties to melt even the most stubborn fat. Capsimax Powder also contains caffeine and vitamin B3 which also are great agents to speed up your metabolic rate.

Research has shown that piperine (black pepper extract) is highly effective in fat reduction as well as preventing the formation of new fat cells.

• Chromium Picolinate

Here is an essential natural mineral that our body derives from whole grains and meat. This ingredient enhances your cells’ capacity to absorb carbs which in turn helps in controlling cravings.

When your belly feels fuller for a longer period of time, you can get a grip over untimely snacking and emotional eating. Appetite suppression results in better fat burning and less fat accumulation.

• Caffeine

Have you ever wondered why so many weight loss supplements contain caffeine in them? That is because caffeine plays a significant role in regulating body fat. This extract can considerably increase your core body temperature to supercharge your metabolic rate.

Faster fat burning results in more energy production, which keeps you active and focused all day long. Caffeine can give that extra boost of energy when you are exercising or while you are having a tough day at work too.

• Nopal

How can a cactus possibly help you to lose weight? While other ingredients in PhenQ work toward burning your belly fat, the Nopal cactus plays a major role in suppressing your appetite. The natural fiber derived from this cactus can keep you feeling full for hours together without letting craving kick in.

Not just that, but Nopal being a rich source of amino acids, helps maintain good energy levels. It is rich in antioxidant properties which may help in improving your overall fitness.

• L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-carnitine is an essential amino acid needed by our body to break down fat and turn it into energy. By providing an extra dose of this natural acid, PhenQ may be able to constantly supply the energy needed for all your daily activities.

Thanks to this ingredient, even while your body is shedding stubborn fat at a higher rate, you may neither experience fatigue or lack of focus. Check out this review on PhenQ to learn more about the benefits and ingredient of this weight loss supplement.

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Benefits Of Using PhenQ

As a weight loss supplement, the primary benefit of PhenQ is to help you lose excess body fat. But the health benefits don’t stop there. With such highly effective ingredients, PhenQ claims to influence your health in multiple ways. Here we list them out for you.

• Natural and fine quality ingredients: PhenQ formula consists of the finest grade ingredients which are known in the scientific community for their medicinal properties. Not only are they sourced from the most trusted vendors, but each batch is tested for purity before they are used in the formula.

PhenQ claims to contain no added flavors, stimulants, or chemicals that may have adverse effects on your body.

• Clinically proven results: PhenQ manufacturers quote a long list of scientific studies and clinical trials to support the effectiveness of their formula. Each ingredient is included in the formula to achieve a specific weight loss effect. While other fat-burning products may make extravagant claims, PhenQ puts forth proofs to back their claims.

• Supercharge your metabolism: Slow metabolism can be the core reason for your excessive weight gain. PhenQ has natural thermogenic ingredients which may speed up your metabolism considerably. Within days of taking these pills, you may experience a change in your metabolism.

• Prevent the production of new fat cells: Our body is engineered to store excess carbs in the form of fat cells. Over some time, this flab increases your BMI. PhenQ is formulated to block the production of new fat cells. While you continue to burn more belly fat, you are also able to prevent weight gain.

• Suppress appetite: Fat burning and appetite suppression work hand in hand. Excessive eating is the top enemy of your weight loss efforts. PhenQ formula contains some highly effective natural appetite suppressants that can aid in keeping your tummy full for a longer time. You end up snacking less and burning more calories.

• Elevate energy levels: You may think, less eating may lead to fatigue and lack of focus. But PhenQ has got it covered as well. Caffeine and other natural energy-boosting stimulants are specifically added to keep you charged up, all day long. You can be sure of doing all your daily routines, even while you eat less and burn more fat.

• Avoid Moodiness: Dipping energy levels may result in irritability and a bad mood. When you are taking PhenQ pills, you may not face any such issues as the supplement is formulated keeping in mind your overall wellness. Even while you lose weight, the ingredients never let you feel drained out. Instead, you may feel a push in your positivity and performance.

Where Can You Buy PhenQ and How Much Does It Cost?

For genuine PhenQ pills, all you need to do is log in to PhenQ’s official website. The manufacturers have made their premium quality supplements on the product website to prevent duplication or fraud.

How much do you have to shell out to purchase this unique supplement? Here is the package list.

1 bottle – 60 pills ( 1 month supply) – $69.95

2 Bottles + 1 bottle free- 180 pills ( 3 months supply) – $139.90

3 bottles + 2 bottles free and Advana Cleanse – 300 pills (5 months supply) – $189.95

PhenQ adds extra value to every penny that you spend by offering some extra supplements and freebies. Presently the website is having a Flash Sale offering an instant 20% discount on their bill. With each of your orders, you can get free and fast next-day delivery. Now that is fantastic customer service!

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FAQs About PhenQ

Q. Who should take PhenQ?

PhenQ is specifically designed for anyone (over the age of 18) who is overweight or obese. As per Wolfson Brands Limited, the natural components are safe for consumption for all users. If you are looking for a safe and effective natural dietary supplement to get back in shape, PhenQ is for you.

However, if you feel a little skeptical about trying out a new product and its effects on your body, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before buying the product.

Q. What is the recommended dosage?

The nutrition experts at PhenQ recommend taking 2 pills per day. One of them can be taken with breakfast while the other along with lunch. You should avoid taking these pills post-evening as they may disturb your sleep pattern.

Q. Who should avoid taking PhenQ?

PhenQ is not recommended for children below the age of 18 years. If you are a pregnant woman or a nursing mother, this supplement is not for you. PhenQ consists of 100% natural ingredients and is completely safe. But if you are suffering from any chronic illness or recovering from a disease, you should PhenQ and in fact, any other weight loss supplement.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, your purchase of PhenQ appetite supplement is covered under a 60-days money-back policy. After taking the pills for a few weeks if you feel they are ineffective, simply return the unused bottles to the company address. They will process a complete refund, no questions asked!

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PhenQ Reviews: Final Thoughts

We have laid down a detailed and objective review of one of the best-known weight loss supplements. PhenQ has a lot of things to its credit along with substantial clinical trials and customer recommendations.

The greatest positive of PhenQ is the fact they know their game. The finest quality ingredients aim to attack your body fat in 5 ways to give you a comprehensive result. Having said that, supplements alone will not yield much result if you are determined to eat healthily, work out regularly, and opt for a healthy lifestyle.

So, is PhenQ the ultimate weight loss supplement for you? It is a decision for you to make.

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