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Keep It Cool with These 16 Gorgeous Modern Ceiling Fans

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Though traditionally they’ve been eyesores, a ceiling fan is one of the most energy-efficient ways to keep your room cool. Luckily, things have changed: These 16 gorgeous modern ceiling fans manage to keep it cool and look cool, too. The best part? They’re reasonably priced, falling between $250 and $800.

If you’re in the mood for a showstopper, the Raven has you covered. It’s large and dramatic, with eight blades and a 72-inch diameter spread. The size alone is enough to get a room downright breezy, but there are 31 available speeds to keep things at the perfect temperature.

Add a little mid-century color into your life. The light maple-toned blades give this fan a vintage Scandinavian look that would work perfectly with several styles.

The Haiku is a striking fan, and the only smart fan in the group. Not only does it have built-in Wi-Fi, but it can be voice-controlled by Alexa and linked to a smartphone app for operation.

Fresh Fact: All fans come with a small switch on the motor so you can change the direction the fan spins. In the summer, blades should rotate counter-clockwise to cool a room. In the winter, flip the switch to clockwise so the fan can push the warm air that has risen back down into the space.

The Ronan’s stylish caged lighting feature displays a warm, vintage filament lightbulb for a cool industrial vibe. It may have an old-world look, but the Ronan tops the list of modern ceiling fans for quiet operation.

Hand-finished in teak and brushed chrome, the blades of this fan are big — 60 inches in diameter. This provides a lot of air circulation and gives the dramatic design the attention it deserves.

The curve of the blades makes this modern ceiling fan a work of art. It’s available in several finishes to go with nearly any decor.

A sleek, brushed metal finish ceiling fan works very well in a modern white space.

Fresh Fact: A 42-inch or 36-inch fan is best for most rooms under 12 by 12. But a larger fan will cool a room faster and, in the case of a beautiful modern design, showcase the fan better. When in doubt about ideal fan size, check the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) rating on the box.

Looking for a steampunk or industrial vibe? The Industry fan in a galvanized finish, inspired by an old milk can, could be the perfect fit.

The clear blades make this fan unique and minimalist in styling. The blades literally disappear into the backdrop.

This is one of the priciest of our modern ceiling fans, but it makes quite the statement. The design conceals the reclaimed-wood finish fan blades, but the room will definitely feel cooler in no time.

The darker color of this fan brings attention to the sculptural lines of the blades.

Fresh Fact: Running modern ceiling fans takes less than a 100-watt light bulb of energy, saving you almost half of your cooling bill.

The Avvo is a unique ceiling fan because of its polished finish, which adds a bit of bling to a room.

This unusual ceiling fan needs a second look. Is it a ceiling sculpture or a fan? Also available in brushed chrome, the twin blades are surprisingly efficient.

The sleek propeller blades have a generous diameter of 64 inches to get air flowing quickly and efficiently. There’s also a model with an LED light to illuminate the breakfast table.

A contemporary living room gets a touch of industrial design with the brushed nickel ceiling fan.

Two elliptical orbs spin to circulate a room’s air. The LED light fixture uses little energy and creates nearly no heat.

Open your window, then run the fan and let it do what it does best: circulate the air. Any of these modern ceiling fans will do the job perfectly — and stylishly! Which one of these fans do you want for your house?

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