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MetaBoost Connection Reviews: Is Meredith Shirk System Legit: Review Meredith Shirk’s Metaboost Connection Fitness System – Chron Events

MetaBoost is a female sculpting system and women’s weight loss program that claims to boost metabolism and burn fat due to Meredith Shirk’s unique metaboosting secret to ignite the cellular activity engine once and for all.

Also known as The MetaBoost Connection, MetaBoost claims to flip your body’s “MetaSwitch” using superfoods, making it easier for anyone to lose weight due to the fitness system’s ability to fight back against metabolic slowdown and inflammation.

The nutritional research community continues to discover new ways for people to maximize their gains while working toward a healthier and slimmer body, and Meredith Shirk is at the forefront of helping women of all ages and health statuses flip on the body’s natural ‘MetaSwitch’ via five weird supreme super foods and meal plan recipes. Theories on what causes unexplained weight gain have fluctuated and shifted wildly over the years, and thousands of supplements pop up every year claiming to help men and women shed extreme weight in a short amount of time. Despite all these competing programs, supplements, and theories, the basic science behind losing weight remains consistent and Meredith Shirk’s female sculpting system is one of the most popular women’s weight loss programs in 2021.

If you workout and diet enough to cause a caloric deficit of 3,500 pounds in a week, you’ll lose about one pound. Double that amount and you’ll be losing two pounds each week. More weight than this is considered unsustainable and dangerous. This does not mean that weight loss has to be a constant struggle with very few results. New weight loss and workout programs are helping to revitalize the process for millions of Americans struggling with their obesity. Women are particularly targeted by these new programs, which often promise to help aging women regain the bodies they had in their youth.

MetaBoost Connection is one of these unique new programs. The official website for MetaBoost Connection explains that it was “developed from passion and designed for function.” The program is made specially for “women that are over 40” who want to “reshape their bodies.” As the website clearly articulates, changing your body can really change your whole life. In addition to helping people avoid the potentially deadly impacts of obesity, losing weight can help you to become more confident and happy.

The MetaBoost Connection landing page does well to explain the unique challenges faced by women over the age of forty. The “sluggish metabolism, inflammation, hormonal imbalances,” and a litany of additional obstacles make it difficult for aging women to lose weight like they were able to in their youth. The program, founded by Meredith Shirk, seeks to “trigger dormant cells” responsible for helping us to lose weight. Is this weight loss program effective? Or are its founders just trying to steal money from older women with insecurities? Read on to learn everything you need to know about MetaBoost Connection.

What is MetaBoost?

MetaBoost is a diet and exercise program created by Meredith Shirk and her team at Svelte Training.

The program includes videos and eBooks to help you lose weight. You can buy MetaBoost through for $29, then get instant access to the program.

By following MetaBoost, you can purportedly flip your “MetaSwitch,” supercharging your metabolism and making it easier to lose weight.

Your metabolism plays a crucial role in weight loss. Your metabolism controls how many calories you burn at rest. It controls how your body processes foods you eat. It influences energy, food cravings, and other areas of health and wellness.

MetaBoost is primarily targeted to women over age 40 who want to lose weight. However, anyone can use the program to activate metabolism and lose weight. But does MetaBoost really work? How does MetaBoost work? Find out everything you need to know about MetaBoost from Svelte Training today in our review.

How Does MetaBoost Work?

MetaBoost teaches you diet and exercise strategies anyone can use to lose weight.

The lessons come from Meredith Shirk, CPT, FNS, WLS, BCS. Meredith is a certified personal trainer who wants to help anyone lose stubborn body fat at any age.

MetaBoost is designed to be an all-in-one program. You’ll find more than just diet advice and exercise guides. You’ll also find a grocery shopping list, belly fat blasting tips, and other unique recipes.

All of the content in MetaBoost is designed to boost your metabolism (as you may have guessed from the name). You can boost your metabolism with a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Your metabolism works more efficiently when you diet and exercise properly. MetaBoost teaches you the best diet and exercise strategies for supporting healthy metabolism.

Every woman knows that their body isn’t nearly the same as it used to be when they were in their 20s. Whether they have gone through childbirth, weight gain, or simply aging, their metabolism doesn’t work at the same speed as when they were younger. Most people just credit it to their body’s progression, but there are more companies coming out with solutions daily to make a major difference. With the MetaBoost Connection, consumers can learn how to improve fitness at every age.

The MetaBoost Connection activates the enzymes in the body that burn through more calories and fat cells than when it already does. The creators call this transition a “MetaSwitch,” using superfoods to regulate the body’s natural reaction. They explain that these dietary changes are necessary to combat the slow metabolism and inflammation that comes with age.

Each and every day, the resting calories can cause the user to gain more weight as they get older, causing them to work twice as hard just to maintain their figure. There are many challenges that these women face, and a slow metabolism is just the start. They also have to deal with an imbalance in their hormones, feeling tired much more easily than they used to, and having many different commitments that they need to keep up with.

Meredith Shirk – the creator behind the MetaBoost Connection – uses her experience as a personal trainer and weight loss specialist to educate the masses to create change in the body. She’s already worked with celebrities, professional athletes, and more to show all of these methods that slim the body.

The whole point of the MetaBoost Connection is that it can fit easily into the user’s lifestyle. It is specifically created to work for individuals who are passionate about getting in shape but may struggle with it due to their age. It works for women over age 40 that want to create a slim and toned shape with the included guidance.

With this program’s purchase, users will get multiple guides that educate them on what they need to change in their diet and fitness routines. The creators call it their MetaLifestyle, and users don’t have to take more than a few minutes a day to get on track. Users who are truly committed to how they need to adjust their lifestyle will see significant benefits for the body.

What Will You Learn in MetaBoost?

The MetaBoost Connection is a program that is designed for women to shed weight instead of fighting their age-related metabolism slowdown. Within this regimen, users will learn about the best way to combine the recommended foods to target their weight loss goals.

MetaBoost features hundreds of actionable health and wellness tips you can implement today. You get exercise advice, diet tips, shopping guides, and more.

Some of the topics covered in MetaBoost include:

• How to combat the two biggest enemies of women over 40, including metabolism and inflammation
• 5 weird superfoods that “spark a cellular chain reaction to help burn fat, reduce inflammation, and create natural, sustainable energy,” according to Meredith Shirk
• How to use organic nutrients to balance hormones and promote younger, healthier skin
• Low-impact exercises for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, including exercises you can perform at home with little equipment or experience
• The best exercises for targeting the “3 Ls,” including lower belly, love handles, and loose arms
• Why your body burns fewer calories at rest in your 40s and beyond, making it harder to lose weight – and you can avoid this issue

Overall, MetaBoost aims to equip women over 40 with the diet and exercise guidance they need to lose weight, stay active, and eat healthier.

Metabolism, Inflammation and Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

MetaBoost Connection makes a big deal out of metabolism and inflammation. Meredith claims metabolism and inflammation are two of the biggest enemies for women over 40.

As you get older, your metabolism slows down. Your body burns calories differently than it did when it was younger.

Many women also deal with inflammation as they get older. Toxins in the environment can cause inflammation, as can years of poor diet and lifestyle habits. Inflammation is linked to an increased risk of disease. Many healthy diet and lifestyle programs aim to create a low-inflammation environment in your body, helping you lose weight while also potentially lowering the risk of disease.

The combination of high inflammation and low metabolism can make it impossible to lose weight – even if you feel like you’re exercising and eating right.

Meredith recommends following different strategies to combat these issues. She recommends following her “MetaClean” program for a few days, for example, followed by the MetaSlim program. This combination can reset your metabolism, preparing you for more weight loss.

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MetaBoost Features & Benefits

MetaBoost emphasizes all of the following features and benefits:

Discover Superfoods that Influence your Metabolism: MetaBoost describes certain superfoods as “metainfluencer” foods. These foods are “supreme superfoods” that boost metabolism and help you lose weight. They’re linked to inflammation, metabolism, weight loss, and other effects.

Targeted Exercises for Women Over 40: Most exercise programs are designed for younger people. MetaBoost recommends targeted exercises for women over 40. These exercises are designed to provide maximum value while minimizing impact. That means you get all of the benefits of exercise – without joint pain or other unwanted side effects.

Transform your Body and Mind: MetaBoost claims to transform your mind, body, spirit, and life. It’s not just a weight loss program or health and wellness guide: it’s a complete collection of lifestyle tips to improve who you are.

Optimize Health and Wellness: MetaBoost packages its health and wellness tips into its “MetaLifestyle” system. By following Meredith’s recommended MetaLifestyle program, you can purportedly balance your body from the inside out. You can balance hormones, support healthy inflammation, reduce bloating, and enjoy other benefits.

Lose Weight and Look Younger: MetaBoost claims to help anyone look and feel younger. You can improve the appearance of your skin by following the recommended strategies in MetaBoost. You can also lose weight, targeting loose arms, love handles, belly fat, and other problem areas.

Overall, MetaBoost claims to deliver all of the benefits women over 40+ need from a diet and exercise program. By following Meredith’s diet and exercise recommendations, you can purportedly lose weight, support healthy inflammation, and optimize your mind and body, among other benefits.

What’s Included with MetaBoost?

MetaBoost comes with PDFs, eBooks, and videos teaching you various health and wellness strategies for weight loss.

The Metaboosting Fitness Workouts

The workouts are a significant part of the MetaBoost regimen, but it isn’t the high-energy program that consumers typically expect. There’s no excessive equipment involved, and consumers can use low-impact movements to make a big difference. With the low-impact routine, users don’t put unnecessary pressure and strain on their joints, but they still get the high-performance routine that they need to trigger the burning of calories.

These routines target the lower abdomen, the hips, and the arms, which is where women in their 40s and up tend to gain extra weight in these areas that are greatly impacted by hormones. Using the right exercises can target the areas in ways that other programs don’t.

The creators use isometric movements, which means that users remain in one position with limited or no movements. It requires users to take on the resistance that their own body weight offers, which is why they won’t need any extra equipment to perform the workouts.

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The Metaboosting Diet Recipes

The diet that users will take on is equally important, primarily because it supports the movements to make sure that they are effective in burning through fat cells. Consumers have a certain combination of “supreme superfoods,” which are also referred to as MetaInfluencers. The foods are completely organic, and they help consumers to keep up their energy levels.

To make sure that consumers have a clear idea of what they are getting into, everything is broken down into separate reports and other content to explain what users need to do. Check out each one below:

MetaBoost Metabolic Flush Digital Report: Your metabolism may be imbalanced, leading to weight loss issues. This eBook teaches you how to do a “metabolic flush,” cleansing your metabolism and refreshing it to prepare for weight loss. This report features actionable strategies for boosting your metabolism. In essence, the MetaBoost Metabolic Flush Digital Report is an e-Book showing the user how they can effectively flush out the extra fat on the body. It explains what foods are necessary for the diet, which allows them to shop for the needed ingredients for their meals easily.

MetaBoost Belly Blaster Digital Report: Many women over 40 struggle with stubborn belly fat. It’s an inevitable part of aging – even if you live a healthy lifestyle. In this program, Meredith teaches strategies to specifically combat belly fat. This report explains exercises, movements, and foods to use to reduce belly fat. The eBook walks you through 3 days of the MetaClean program, then 7 days of the MetaSlim program to reduce belly fat. Basically, in a nutshell, the MetaBoost Belly Blaster Digital Report, consumers will learn about the targeted exercises they will take to get rid of the extra fat along their hips, stomach, and arms. It is safe for individuals of all ages and users will, and it focuses primarily on eliminating how inflammation can impact this area.

MetaBody Video with Targeted Exercises & Muscle Awakening Isometric Movements: Certain exercises are linked to more weight loss than others. In this eBook, certified personal trainer Meredith Shirk recommends using targeted exercises and “muscle awakening” movements to accelerate weight loss and metabolism. These workouts are designed to be performed by anyone, regardless of your level of experience. The MetaBody part of the program is a collection of workout videos that perfectly demonstrate the isometric movements that are highlighted throughout the program. These movements make the muscles a bit stronger and easier to use functionally, though they are also helpful to users that want to get in shape. The videos perfectly explain what users need to do to ensure that they have the greatest chance of success.

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Bonus #1: MetaBoost Shopping List & Recipes: Your journey to a healthier lifestyle starts at the grocery store. The first bonus eBook is a shopping list and recipe book. You can discover which foods to eat, how to make recipes using those foods, and the best dishes to make for weight loss, metabolism, and inflammation. Though users are already provided with the guidance that they need to make healthy food decisions, this bonus content shows multiple recipes that users can indulge in. Since the shopping lists includes all of the foods that users will need to pick up, there’s no risk of forgetting the necessary components of any of the meals.

Bonus #2: MetaBalance Natural Hormone Balancing Superfoods: Certain superfoods can raise or lower hormones. By eating the right superfoods, you can support your body’s natural hormone levels. Some superfoods are linked to estrogen, while others are linked to other crucial hormones. This guide recommends specific superfoods linked to hormones. Some of the superfoods recommended by Meredith include cinnamon, avocado, ginger root, and lentils. The Superfoods are mentioned throughout the program, providing organic sources that can truly activate the power of fat burning. However, this particular bonus centers on the way that the hormones are impacted by the foods that women eat. Since women over age 40 go through many hormonal changes, ensuring that these hormones are regulated is a necessity in weight loss. Along with the way that weight benefits, women who include these superfoods in their diet will also see improvements in their focus, reduced fatigue, and a better mood.

Access to Members Only Dashboard: All MetaBoost customers get access to a private dashboard. You can access all of the products listed above from this dashboard. The Member’s ONLY Dashboard is only accessible by consumers that invest in this program. The dashboard shows all of the content that users need to follow. It can be accessed from any device with Wi-Fi capability. You can access all of these videos and reports online through the MetaBoost website. Once you buy the program, you have permanent access to all eBooks and videos for life.

MetaBoost Pricing

MetaBoost is priced at $29.

You receive instant access to the digital program after your Metaboost Connection purchase is processed. You can pay online using any major credit card. Your payment is processed through

You can add MetaBoost Power Shots to your purchase for $12. MetaBoost Power Shots is a bonus guide featuring additional health and wellness tips for women over 40.

MetaBoost Refund Policy

MetaBoost comes with a 60 day refund policy.

If you’re unhappy with the program for any reason, you can request a refund within 60 days of your purchase. Because MetaBoost is 100% digital, you don’t need to return anything to qualify for a refund.

In fact, Meredith encourages you to request a refund “if you are even the slightest bit under-whelmed” with her program.

Who is Meredith Shirk?

Meredith Shirk is a certified personal trailer who also has experience consulting for major health brands. Meredith has an active social media presence. She also operates a company named Svelte, which publishes health and wellness advice, workout tips, and other information online.

You can find Meredith’s work through Svelte Training and Svelte Media. MetaBoost, also known as The MetaBoost Connection, is the company’s best-known product to date.

You can contact Meredith and the Svelte team via the following:

Phone: (317) 662-2322

Mailing Address: 319 Clematis, Suite 1004, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Frequently Asked Questions About MetaBoost Connection

Meredith Shirk is one of the leading female fitness trainers in the world for women looking to lose weight, feel great and accomplish whole body wellness. And while there are so many wonderful independent customer reviews of Metaboost Connection, all new onlookers are likely to have questions and possibly even concerns, in which this section will address and prioritize all of the most pressing questions pertaining to the Metaboosting system.

Here are the most asked inquires surrounding Meredith Shirk’s Metaboost Connection in 2021:

What exactly is the MetaBoost Connection?

The MetaBoost Connection is a combination of a workout and eating plan that specifically helps women over age 40 to get in shape. The program uses concentrated routines that don’t change much of the user’s daily routine to make a difference.

Is there any fasting or detoxing?

No. This program isn’t about keeping consumers from enjoying food or making them constantly feel hungry (though neither of those choices would help with weight loss anyway). Instead, users are told to eat certain foods in different combinations that will maximize their metabolism. They will improve how easy it is for the body to eliminate fat, toxins, and inflammation that can negatively impact the rest of the body.

What if consumers feel that they are too old for the MetaBoost Connection?

This program is specifically made for all ages and fitness levels. In fact, there are some people in their 70s that have already taken it on. Even if users feel unable to do the same movements in the workouts, they can adjust it to suit their abilities.

Is this program safe for individuals who are overweight or struggle with their joints?

Yes. Consumers won’t be getting the same type of cardio workouts that other regimens offer, using low-impact movements that can make a major improvement in the body. They also engage in isometric exercises that help the muscles to become more alert and active.

How well will this program work for people that have gone a while since their last workout?

It will be highly effective. The program works for individuals that have worked out recently or not for a while. The creator has helped many people to get more active, even if their daily routine is relatively sedentary. It specifically works alongside the recommended diet with MetaInfluencers recipes that are included with the guide.

Will users need any equipment or gym membership to perform the movements?

Not at all. Users instead focus on using their own weight and body as resistance to build up healthy and lean muscle mass. With this flexibility, consumers can perform the entire routine in any area that they may be. Whether traveling, at work, or at home, the MetaBoost Connection is easy to keep up with anywhere they go.

What exactly is a MetaInfluencer?

The MetaInfluencers are the foods that the creators recommend to cause the weight loss and inflammation relief found with this program. They also help with the workouts that are included in the program, giving users what they need to stay on track with their routine.

Where to Buy Metaboost Connection Program?

All of the MetaBoost Connection content is completely digital, only costing $29 for a limited time. Typically, the program costs $99.95, but it is currently available at a lower cost for a limited time. By placing an order, consumers automatically get 24/7 access to the support team. If they find that this regimen is not the right solution, they have up to 60 days to request a refund. Along with the program and the bonuses, consumers have the chance to purchase a report called MetaBoost Power Shots. The report only costs $12, and it is available at checkout. Typically, users would have to pay $24.95 for the guide, but the lower price is part of a special VIP offer.

The customer service team is available for any other questions by calling (317) 662-2322.

Final Verdict

MetaBoost is a package of diet and exercise guides published by certified personal trainer Meredith Shirk. The diet and exercise guides teach women over 40 how to lose weight by targeting their two biggest enemies: inflammation and metabolism.

For $29, you get a package of recipe books, exercises, and health tips you can implement today. It’s a complete package of health and wellness information for women over 40 who want to lose weight. The MetaBoost Connection provides users with an elite fitness and nutritional program that is designed for women over age 40 that specifically adheres to their wellness needs in a safe, effective and simple manner. It doesn’t put the body through rigorous exercise that can damage the joints, but that doesn’t mean that users don’t get the workout they need. Instead, consumers can focus on a regimen that doesn’t put their body through painful stress but it helps them break down the fat in many target areas. The MetaBoost Connection also provides users with meals and nutritional guidance that will support the building of these lean muscles.

The MetaBoost Connection website is littered with references to studies by Harvard University, Healthline, WebMD, and a whole host of other relatively reputable sources of research. These studies are legit, as far as we can tell, and is already one of the best home workouts in 2021. It’s a bit harder to say whether or not the research in these studies was used appropriately to develop the MetaBoost Connection program. However, some evidence suggests that the tips and tricks included in the program might help to unlock the power of the aging metabolism.

Just because you’re a woman over the age of forty doesn’t mean that you can’t look and feel your best. Programs like MetaBoost Connection make a lot of promises, claiming that women can lose significant weight while following the guidelines of the program. Combining this program with traditional weight loss methods like diet and ample exercise could be a viable recipe for success.

MetaBoost is backed by a generous refund policy. You can buy MetaBoost today, then request a complete refund (without returning anything) if you’re unhappy with the results. To learn more about MetaBoost or to buy MetaBoost today, visit online at

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