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MMA Fat Burner – A Supplement for the Elite

When it comes to cutting fat, MMA and Fighters are among the top athletes who’s face some of the hardest weight cuts in sport. Could this MMA fat burner be the answer?

The problem with cutting weight and cutting fat, is also losing out on muscle and strength. With your body forced to use calories stored in both muscle tissue and fat tissue to generate energy. This leads to a loss in strength and also feeling of fatigue.

Getting you Shredded and Keeping Strength

You’re reading this because you want to cut unwanted fat, and get a leaner and stronger looking physique. Which is possible, and with the help of our top rated mma weight loss supplement we’re going to help you ensure success.

Body Recomposition – Cutting Fat and Keeping Muscle

This process involves you retaining as much muscle as possible, whilst cutting back on stores of fat in the body. The result? You look more filled out and leaner than if you’d had just pursed a more conventional route of mma fighter fat loss.

Body recomposition won’t just leave you performing better, but will ensure you have a much better chance of looking Shredded and being an instant knockout on the beach.

We’ll go more into Body Recomposition after our review of our top MMA fat burner.

#1 MMA Fat Burner – Fighters Core

Fighters Core Formula
Fighters Core Formula

Fighters Core is a premium mma cutting supplement designed to help retain muscle mass and target fat stores.

It uses a blend of key ingredients, including hormone balances to retain strength and recover, as well as HMB and Chromium to help ensure you’re body is maintaining muscle mass and targeting fat not muscle whilst you’re cutting.

Lots of fat burners out there don’t pay enough attention to your bodies need to retain muscle during a period of fat loss. Instead focusing on just shedding weight at all costs. And half the time they don’t even do this effectively.

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Fighters Core Effects

While Fighters Core is a supplement designed to help athletes cut fat, it’s effects can be useful for anyone looking to cut unwanted fat.

Here’s how Fighters Core has been designed to help people get Shredded:

  • Reduces and suppresses appetite
  • Helps target stored fat and not muscle as energy
  • Provides clean crash free energy
  • Optimizes key hormones for muscle retention
  • Helps trigger thermogenesis to burn extra calories

The result = A leaner and stronger physique and better daily performance

Fighters Core Ingredients

The ingredients in Fighters Core offer a completely transparent blend of key fat burning herbs and minerals, and it also contains two patented ingredients which can have a huge effect on fat loss for mma fighters.

Calcium HMB

A key ingredient that has been studied for it’s ability to help prevent muscle wastage during a period of fat loss/calorie deficit. Calcium HMB is a novel product that’s rarely included in fat burners despite it’s ability to make fat loss far more successful.


Chromium will have a big impact on the amount of snacking you do, and is a great ingredient at supressing appetite. Chromium can also impact key hormones and so not only helps you cut down on calorie intake, but can help retain strength and enhance daily wellbeing. Exactly what you want to cut back fat.

Coleus Forskohlii

A three pronged attack on fat loss for a fighter, coleus forskohlii helps fat burning by increasing metabolic rate, aiding appetite suppression and stimulating the use of stored fat as energy.

Green Tea

Widely studied for it’s impact on both fat loss and general health, Green Tea has thermogenic properties as well as being packed full of antioxidants. Green tea can promote fat oxidation directly in cells, making it a great addition to this best mma fat burner.


Capsimax is a patented derivative of cayenne pepper. It has all the major thermogenic benefits of a chilli pepper, without you feeling sick from the spicy side of the compound. Capsimax is widely used and very effective at fat loss.

Caffeine and Teacrine

These two ingredients provide clean energy and focus. This is especially beneficial if you are training hard and need an extra boost.

Both also impact metabolic rate and can have a direct impact on your period of fat loss. Making them extremely effective ingredients in this fighters diet pill.

Why We Back Fighters Core as an MMA Cutting Supplement

Fighters Core is a great supplement that combines the best parts of leading fat burners into a safe to use and simple to take fat burning products.

It’s a completely natural fat loss product, which means you can supplement safely for long periods without any risk of unwanted side effects.

Alongside the fairly fast effects of Fighters Core, here’s why we like this product:

  • Free US Shipping with quick delivery
  • Multi buy deals and a competitive price
  • 90 capsules per bottle
  • Also Rated #1 Fat burner by Generation Iron

The Drawbacks of Fighters Core

Annoyingly Fighters Core is only available direct from their website and is currently only available in the USA. When tested some people actually said they’d prefer a little more caffeine in this fat loss supplement too. Although this can easily be fixed with a coffee 😉

Visit Fighters to Learn More.

Losing Fat for MMA Mini Guide

In order to lose fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. This means you basically need to be burning more energy (calories) than you are taking in.

In order to do this process with the best amount of success it’s recommend you try and hit around 1900 calories per day for a male/1500 for a female , and make sure you are eating a high protein diet.

Protein won’t just help fuel your muscles, but can be hugely beneficial as it’ll make you feel fuller for longer, meaning you’ll be much more comfortable.

Training for Fat Loss

With training you need to ensure you are incorporating full body strength workouts in with some cardio workouts. Don’t go crazy with cardio though, as whilst you need to keep up your aerobic fitness, you need to maintain some strength. Remember carbs will fuel your cardio, so don’t be afraid of them!

Other Supps for MMA

Protein should be another supplement considered for MMA, as this will help you maintain muscle. Alongside this though, a test booster is also a good idea.

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