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Geometric Accent Walls Ideas for the Bedroom

Geometric patterns and prints have found a new lease of life in the last decade with homeowners gleefully embracing these contemporary patterns. Yes, nature-centric prints, botanicals and leafy motifs are also taking center-stage in homes as we head into spring of 2022. But the sophisticated and contemporary presence of geo patterns keeps them relevant all year long. Turning a mundane and modest room into one that feels luxurious and polished, the geometric accent wall breathes life into any space it adorns. And it does not get more personal than the chic geo bedroom accent wall.

Strips of wood coupled with brilliant lighting shape this stunning geo accent wall
Strips of wood coupled with brilliant lighting shape this stunning geo accent wall [From: Mario Mimoso]

The bedroom accent wall with geometric print is an eye-catching feature that often sits behind the headboard and adds both color and pattern to the room. Some feel bold and over-the-top while others are subtle and understated. Irrespective of the pattern and path you choose, it is safe to say that they will dramatically alter the bedroom while still staying true to the existing color palette and style. From the vivacious to the calming, this is a look at the best geometric accent wall ideas for the modern bedroom –

Subtle Contemporary Pattern

One of the many advantages of choosing geo pattern for the bedroom accent wall is the wide range that you can pick from. These repetitive patterns in the backdrop can vary from the classic, ever-popular Hicks’ hexagon wallpaper to custom, curated designs that have been specifically made for you. There is also the option of turning to 3D wallpaper and finishes that bring the wall alive in every sense of the word while choosing a different material for this accent wall adds both visual and textural contrast to the contemporary bedroom. Be it simple lines and chevron pattern or more complicated geo designs, the options here are truly endless!

Modern accent walls with geo pattern crafted using wooden strips are a must-try trend!
Bold Hick’s wallpaper and drapes add both pattern and color to this contemporary bedroom
Dark bedroom accent wall in the white space instantly draws your attention [From: Homes of Distinction]
Iconic wallpaper with David Hicks’ hexagons is a great way to bring pattern into the bedroom [From: Heather Garrett Design]

Color and Design

While smaller geo patterns have been popular for a while now, it is larger color blocks that are a hot trend at the moment. These dashing and eye-catching patterns bring different shapes to the bedroom despite using simple, straight lines. From squares and rectangles in black and white that overlap with one another to abstract patterns in blue and green, you can choose between a monochromatic backdrop or one that is full of lively hues. Sometimes a whitewashed brick accent wall can also add all the pattern you need to a posh modern bedroom draped in more polished finishes.

Amazing wood accent wall with geometric panels and LED lighting [From: archiplastica]
Beautiful pink bedroom with a custom geo accent wall unlike any other! [From: Blackdoor Design by Tamra Coviello]
Find a fun wallpaper that brings geometric pattern to the accent wall on a budget [From: The Artists Hands]
Vivacious multi-colored geometric accent wall for the teen bedroom

Adapting to Different Styles

It is undeniable that Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist influences are the most apparent when it comes to bedroom designs in the last few seasons. Yet, the geo accent wall works equally well in rooms beyond modern, contemporary Scandinavian and transitional styles. The visual impact of the accent wall itself might be a touch diluted in a shabby chic, rustic or farmhouse bedroom already filled with pattern elsewhere. But it certainly does not seem out of place even in here.

Transitional bedroom with white, black and gray geometric accent wall and a hint of Hollywood glam [From: Van Parys Architecture + Design]
Wavy 3D wall panels create a dashing geo accent wall in this contemporary bedroom [From: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design]
Geometric accent wall in white leaves the color scheme of this small bedroom undisturbed [From: The Bespoke Craftsman]

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Ideal Window Seats for the Bedroom

Few features in our home match the charm and idyllic beauty of a gorgeous window seat that offers a wonderful glimpse of the world outside. Be it on hot and lazy summer evenings with greenery all around or on cold, winter days where white takes over the landscape and you are left cuddling under your favorite blanket, windows seats are a perfect place to escape the constant rush in your life. They seem to offer a safe, private refuge of sorts; one that allows you to carve out your own little niche that feels unique and secure. And taking this sense of coziness and comfort to a whole new level is the bedroom window seat.

Create a dash of space for the small bedroom window seat this year!
Create a dash of space for the small bedroom window seat this year! [From: Evolve Residential]

A window seat in the bedroom is one of the more popular features in 2021 that is pegged to be even more trending in the months ahead. Cushioned windows seats in the bedroom work their magic by completely transforming that forgotten little corner into a relaxing setting while also providing additional storage space. They can easily fit into bedroom of any style and you can use the seat cushions to introduce additional pattern, new accent colors or even to improve the overall aesthetics of the existing color palette. From the tiny to the luxurious, here are some of the best bedroom window seat ideas –

A Multi-Tasking Space Saver

The window seat in the bedroom is much more than a ‘comfort addition’ that adds to your seating options in the room. It can easily double as a great storage space with built-in and custom window seats that come with easy-to-use cabinets. These wooden benches with smart cushioned seats can hold everything from an additional trundle bed to your extra blankets, pillows and even toys in the kids’ room. You need not worry about wasting additional square footage as often, the window seat sits in a little niche that would have otherwise gone wasted.

Modern Mediterranean style bedroom with a cozy window seat and storage that matches cabinets next to it
Small bedroom window seat is just perfect for the contemporary home
Turn the odd corner or forgotten niche in the bedroom into a fabulous and space-savvy window seat [From: Archer & Buchanan Architecture]
Bookshelves on either side of the window seat make it a great little space for bibliophiles [From: Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects]

Cozy and Contemplative

The perfect window seat in the bedroom takes you away from your daily rush and transports you into a world where you can find both solitude and solace. There might not always be a whole lot of space to utilize here, but even the smallest of seats can be turned into a beautiful daybed that lets you catch up on your daily dose of entertainment without having to step back into the living room. Combine the window seat with the right drapes that keep out direct sunlight, a small shelf to hold your books and gadgets and possibly even a recessed light or two to enjoy its comfort across seasons!

Finding the right window seat depending on the style and size of your bedroom [From: Final Stage Designs]
Lovely modern bedroom with grasscloth walls in yellow along with a window seat in matching hue [From: Wendi Young Design]
Unique window design makes this bedroom window seat extra special [From: Centered by Design]
Drapes for the window seat make it an even more dreamy and reclusive setting [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]

Framing the View Perfectly

The biggest perk of having a window seat in the bedroom obviously is the view outside that you can take in without having to brave the elements. With most homeowners planning for bedrooms that make the most of picturesque scenery outside, it makes plenty of sense to add a window seat that takes you closer to this view. Style of the window and the size of the room will determine the final form of the cushioned seat as you spend some quality time daydreaming in here.

Minimal bench for the window seat is for those who do not need additional storage [From: Schwartz and Architecture]
Your custom bedroom window seat need not span the entire length of the window every time!
Gorgeous bedroom window seat perfectly frames the amazing mountain and water views in the distance [From: Mahoney Architects & Interiors]

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Stylish Ways To Store Those Decorative Pillows on Your Bed at Night

Throw pillows can add a touch of coziness and style to your bedroom. However, you might feel overwhelmed because you have nowhere to put the enormous pile of cushions. And throwing them on the floor just isn’t an option. If you aren’t ready to give up your precious pillow collection, you’ve found the right place. We picked the best ideas for storing those decorative pillows at night. You’re sure to find options that fit your space.

Decorative basket

An oversized basket is ideal for stashing your decorative throws and pillows when you feel too tired to do much else with them before bed. Available in many different designs, you can choose the right fit for your bedroom’s style and color palette. Whether you prefer a sleek cotton basket or a textured wicker basket, there is a fit for any taste.

Oversized basket that will add style to the bedroom (from Wayfair)
Oversized basket that will add style to the bedroom (from Wayfair)
Wicker baskets for storing throw pillows and other necessities (from Wayfair)

Storage bench

A sleek bench at the end of the bed isn’t only a stylish addition that makes your bedroom feel more luxurious. This elegant piece has a hidden storage compartment so that you can store your pillows at night. Simply stash them inside and enjoy a good night’s sleep without worrying that your pet will get to the pillows and ruin them. 

Sleek bench with hidden storage compartment (from Wayfair)

Rustic trunk

A rustic trunk will add a dose of charm and personality to your bedroom but also provides additional storage space to suit your needs. This is a perfect choice if you are after unique and charming decor that serves a purpose.

Vintage trunk that doubles as storage (from Wayfair)

Bed with storage

Investing in multifunctional furniture is always a brilliant idea. This sleek bed comes with convenient drawers under the mattress to provide ample storage space for your throw pillows.

Bed with integrated storage will keep your throws tidy (from Wayfair)


A wooden ladder is an excellent solution for small bedrooms. The smart design takes advantage of the vertical space available, thus, saving you precious floor space. Store your throw pillows and blankets during the night, and have them handy when you make the bed in the morning. 

Use the vertical space with a blanket ladder (from Apartment Therapy)
This wooden ladder provides enough storage space for your throws (from Wayfair)


A spare chair will do fine if you are left with no other options but still want to keep your precious cushion collection. Stack your throw pillows on a chair instead of tossing them on the floor. 

Use a spare chair for storing throws (from Cotton and Flax)

Under-bed storage

If the space under your bed is free, add under-bed storage boxes for stashing those throws. The boxes will stay out of sight, thus, leaving your bedroom looking tidy and neat. This clever design comes with wheels for convenience and easy access.

Underbed storage with wheels for convenience (from Wayfair)
Underbed storage (from Wayfair)

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Fresh Bedroom Looks and Styles to Try Out in the New Year

Bedroom is a safe sanctuary where you can truly be yourself without worrying about being judged. It is also one room of the home that you want to design and decorate ‘completely for yourself. Unlike other rooms of your house where a touch of restraint is needed, you do not have to worry about going over the top in the bedroom. Also, you can choose a theme and style for the bedroom that is entirely different from rest of your home and still be perfectly at ease with things! With that in mind, now is a great time to try out fresh, trendy looks in the bedroom as you forget the rush of holiday season and delve into a more mundane routine.

Modern and beach style are mixed beautifully in this slightly eclectic bedroom with coastal overtones
Modern and beach styles are mixed beautifully in this slightly eclectic bedroom with coastal overtones [From: Glynis Wood Interiors]

The gorgeous bedroom looks that we have lined up for the day are not particularly about singular styles or themes alone. We are sharing with you ideas that are pegged to be the most popular in the months ahead even while seamlessly combining timeless elements into their presence. From the classic beach style that has been revamped with plenty of modern flair to nature-inspired prints and motifs, this is a look at some of the most gorgeous and unique ideas that will inspire you to give the bedroom an easy and affordable makeover –

Relaxed Beach Look

If there is one style that we are most comfortable with in your home, then it is undoubtedly beach style with its cheerful and relaxing appeal. In the warmer spring and summer months, you can rest assured that the living space would feel like an extension of the outdoors while in colder autumn and winter months, the style brings much needed brightness to the space. Then there is the added advantage of being able to use some of the most flexible and trendy living room colors as well. Blue, white, wood and light grays along with brilliant splashes of coral, turquoise and teal enlivening the living room are all staples of the modern beach style that we so dearly love year after year!

Restrained modern beach style is a must-try look in 2022! [From: Phillip Smith General Contractor]
Small beach style bedroom turns old window shutters into a creative headboard [From: CHD Interiors]
Gorgeous wood and white bedroom with modern beach style and a chevron pattern headboard wall [From: Jami Meek Designs]
Rattan decor pieces accentuate the beachy vibe in this white and light blue bedroom [From: Leah Muller Interiors]

Nature-Inspired Prints and Leafy Motifs

All things green are predicted to be popular in 2022 and what better way to get in on this trend than by adding a bit of nature-inspired panache to your modern bedroom! Wallpapers with leafy motifs and nature-inspired prints that vary from large tropical leaves in the backdrop to custom murals and paintings with green goodness and of course, the easy-to-use and affordable framed botanicals are all a part of this trend. Start out small in your current bedroom and if you are happy with the look, then go all out with a headboard wall draped in this vivacious pattern.

Find the right wallpaper for the bedroom in need of a leafy backdrop! [From: Chango & Co.]
Headboard wall with leafy pattern creates a touch of tropical charm in this contemporary bedroom
Vivacious leafy patterns are back with a bang in bedrooms this season [From: Crystal Blackshaw Interiors]
Wallpaper with chic leafy pattern adds contrast and color to this spacious contemporary bedroom [From: Designed with Grace & Joy]
Drapes accentuate the presence of botanicals in this small bedroom [From: DSI-designs]

Love of the Modern Loft

It seems like only yesterday when we were talking about the brilliant emergence of modern-industrial style – a look that was born out of revamped lofts and altered industrial buildings across the world. And now it has been over a decade with the trend going on really strong! It is so popular now that homeowners actually want to add exposed brick walls, and duct pipes to homes that do not have any. And for those willing to embrace this slightly rugged and largely chic look, the bedroom is a great starting point indeed. Remove the unnecessary, embrace the raw beauty of finishes around you and switch out that mundane bed for a dashing platform bed and enjoy the modern loft look with a difference.

Eclectic loft style bedroom of Paris home with glass walls and cantilevered design [From: Jerome Coton]
Brick walls and concrete finishes are a staple in the loft style bedroom
Classic elements are intertwined carefully with modern features in this bedroom
Delightful loft style bedroom also embraces contemporary aesthetics [From: Alex Findlater]
Loft-style bedroom is just perfect for those who love the modern industrial style [From: Rad Design]

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10 Plants for the Bedroom That Can Help You Sleep Better

In addition to providing a decorative touch to your bedroom, plants can help you sleep better. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance bedroom plants. In this post, we share the best plants to choose from!

Aloe Vera

While it is known for its healing abilities, aloe vera can also contribute to a good night’s sleep. The lush plant produces oxygen during the night, unlike other plants that make it during the day. This unique ability will help purify the air and improve your sleep.

Aloe Vera is beautiful and easy maintenance plant (from Unsplash)
Aloe Vera is a beautiful and easy maintenance plant (from Unsplash)

Golden Pothos

With their low maintenance and air filtering ability, the golden pothos is an ideal choice for your bedroom. The cute heart-shaped leaves will grow downwards, so displaying the plant on a shelf would be an excellent way to enhance your bedroom decor.

Golden pothos cleanses the air from toxins (from Gardening Know How)

Snake plant

NASA listed the snake plant as one of the top air-purifying plants, which is enough to put it on our list. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant doesn’t require frequent watering or direct sunlight. 

Snake plant doesn’t require extra effort (from Unsplash)


Valerian has been recognized as a herb that helps sleeping problems for centuries. The gentle scent will relax your body and mind while reducing anxiety and stress. On the other hand, the adorable tiny petals that range from white to pale pink are an excellent addition to the bedroom.

The tiny pink flowers are desired aesthetic (from Gardening Know How)


It’s commonly known that lavender has a calming and relaxing effect. The purple blooms with aromatic scents reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Place this plant on a sunny windowsill, allowing it to get at least three hours of sunlight daily.

Lavender scents promote relaxation (from Unsplash)

Peace Lily

This plant will remove air pollutants such as benzene, carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde, according to NASA. The peace lily will purify the air and remove contaminants while increasing the humidity by a stunning 5%. The gracious blooms have a distinctive shape, adding elegance to your master bedroom.

Water lilies are elegant and gracious (from Wayfair)

Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy won’t just enhance your bedroom’s appearance with its vivid blooms. The stunning flower will increase the oxygen levels in your room at night, resulting in a good night’s rest. In addition, they help clean the air. Although the gerbera requires extra care, such as enough sunlight and proper watering, that extra effort will pay off for sure. 

Add a pop of color with gerberas (from Gardening Know How)

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a type of succulent that will enhance the bedroom with its thick and juicy leaves. In addition to purifying the air and increasing humidity, this plant symbolizes good luck. 

The cute jade plant is ideal pick for your bedroom (from Unsplash)


Orchids have a reputation for being high-maintenance plants. Make sure to avoid overwatering, and they will be fine. The elegant blooms will spruce up your bedroom with style while improving the air quality and reducing stress. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, plants strengthen your memory and concentration. If you have a work desk in your bedroom, the orchid can bring additional benefits in terms of enhanced productivity.

The gorgeous orchid is ideal for the bedroom (from Unsplash)

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