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20+ Rustic Chic Bedrooms That Blend Cozy and Modern

Bedrooms are a space in our home that fully reflect both our personality and sense of design and style. They are a safe haven allowing you to use multiple hues, finishes and textures with ease and you never have to worry about being judged either. This is exactly why making a simple style switch in the bedroom is all too easy and when you can work it into the existing ‘modern’ backdrop, then it gets even better. It is barely a surprise then that we’ve seen ‘rustic chic’ become one of the hottest bedroom styles; a trend that we are glad to see on the up!

Light-filled and beautiful rustic chic bedroom full of vibrance! [From: Peace Design / Gibeon Photography]

Cozy and yet practical, modern rustic combines the very best of two different styles and delivers them in a clean and crisp package. Rustic chic is a style that is easy to create and you will enjoy blending timeless pieces, weathered finishes and contrasting forms with a backdrop that is largely neutral and elegant. Color can also be brought in when needed while more ornate patterns with rustic roots finds space wherever possible. Smart, sensible and at times, eye-catching, this is a look at 30 best rustic chic bedrooms that will sweep you off your feet –

Move towards More Modern Aesthetics

Not someone who is really fond of the rustic, woodsy cabin look in the bedroom? Do not embrace it fully, but just with a few small steps in the direction. This will allow you to keep the bedroom still largely modern with a few decor pieces being switched out for the effect. Be it an accent wall in wood, custom bed with woodsy finish, side tables that have a distressed patina or even accents that draw inspiration from rustic backdrops, you can choose a ‘unique piece’ that you love. Sometimes all it takes is that one small step which makes a world of difference!

Balcony outside adds to the spaciousness of the bedroom in wood and white
Bedroom that veers more towards modern than rustic [From: Design Alchemy]
Corner fireplace in the rustic bedroom with stone finish
Design of the ceiling and extensive use of wood brings rustic vibe to this modern bedroom [From: Collective Design + Furnishings]
Minimal and rustic styles combined with Scandinavian ease in the bedroom [From: SoFarSoNear Studio Milano]
Modern rustic bedroom with a fabulous wooden accent wall in the backdrop [From: Regan Baker Design]
Stone wall with TV and fireplace for the modern rustic bedroom that offers ample luxury
Unique and modern approach to rustic bedroom design full of pattern
Backdrop, pendants and wall art make an inpression here [From: MOTIF Design Solutions]

Never Forget Woodsy Charm

There is no denying that plastic and man-made finishes are being quickly replaced by organic, natural materials in the bedroom in the last few years. Themes like wood and white are becoming all too common in modern homes and this is an approach you can take in the modern rustic bedroom as well. Extensively covering all the walls in wood is a task that takes a considerable amount of work while an accent wall in reclaimed wood is far easier to add. Ceilings draped in wood or even just décor with rustic wooden appeal ensure that the modern is cleverly balanced with the rustic in a seamless fashion.

Finding balance between modern and rustic elements in the spacious bedroom [From: Johnson & Galyon Homes]
Rustic bedroom with loft level bed and a cool slide [From: Braswell Homes]
Sliding barn style door for the modern rustic bedroom
Small rustic chic bedroom in blue with decor in black [From: Collective Design + Furnishings]
Stone walls give the rustic bedroom an air of authenticity
Timber is an element you cannot ignore in the rustic bedroom despite modern finishes [From: M.T.N Design]
Walls in wood bring warm glow to the small modern cabin bedroom
Wooden walls and platform bed give the room a stylish vibe [From: Nicole Peters Interiors]
Bedding brings pattern to the bedroom that accentuates its rustic appeal [From: Timberpeg]
Farmhouse and rustic styles coupled with modern overtones in the bedroom [From: Urban Evolutions]

A Dash of Color and Pattern

Never underestimate the power of a pinch of color or a splash of pattern in the rustic chic bedroom. Plaid is a pattern that has always been associated with the rustic theme and you can use it to bring both color and pattern to your preferred interior. Wall art, bedding and drapes also give you an easy way to do the same and do so without spending a fortune. It is these tiny, but essential changes that give the rustic chic bedroom a picture-perfect look.

Art installation above the bed steals the spotlight here [From: M.T.N Design]
Cozy rustic chic bedroom in white and blue [From: Heidi Caillier Design]
Plaid clad walls are a unique addition to the rustic modern bedroom
Plaid drapes for the modern rustic bedroom with textured walls [From: Paffrath & Thomas Real Estate]
Plaid, vintage photographs and woodsy decor for the modern rustic bedroom in light yellow [From: MCM Interior Design]
Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring character to the bedroom in style [From: Landmark Homes]
Recycled wooden planks bring smart warmth and rustic charm to the modern bedroom [From: JJ Interiors]
Red and black bedding for the smart modern rustic bedroom
Timeless rustic bedroom embraces textural contrast and an overload of pattern [From: G. Terbrock Luxury Homes]
A touch of red for the modern rustic bedroom

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28 Weight Loss Myths That Pack on Pounds – 24/7 Wall St.

“COVID weight” and the “Quarantine 15” have become familiar terms nine months into the coronavirus pandemic. The terms refer to weight many people have gained since stay-at-home orders practically stopped people from going out, including to gyms. Working out was often replaced with binge watching Netflix and eating comfort foods.

Though the sheltering-in-place orders have expired, the cold weather in northern states and the resurgence of the virus in much of the country may force millions of people to stay mostly at home again. Losing the extra weight gained since March may be on people’s minds.

24/7 Tempo consulted several nutritionists and fitness trainers to identify at least 28 myths about weight loss that can actually result in weight gain.

There is no denying that losing weight, which requires burning more calories than consuming, regardless of age, gender, or starting weight, is hard work, whether you’re trying to get rid of 5 or 25 pounds. They key to long-term success is how you approach that goal and whether you manage to avoid some common mistakes.

Being overweight or obese can contribute to numerous health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. And while maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial, there is no single solution that works for everybody.

The short answer to how people should shed those extra pounds is that they should do it in a safe, smart, and sustainable way. In general, though, eating a balanced diet is key. While the internet is full of advice, not all of it is by unqualified persons, and it’s best to consult a professional dietician or doctor if needed. For example, not all foods and drinks are created equal — these are some “healthy” foods that are actually ruining your diet.

Click here to learn about the 28 weight loss myths that pack on pounds

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Impressive Modern Cottage in Squak Mountain, Washington

architecture modern-green-house

Have a look at this home located at the base of Squak Mountainin, Washington, combining sustainable materials and features with the ultimate in  modern living! Envisioned by Steve Moe Design, the modern cottage accommodates three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a home office and a media room. Its exterior finishes in stone and wood make the building integrate well in its unspoiled surroundings, while the glass piercings and generously-sized deck blur indoor-outdoor boundaries.
exterior modern-green-house

The expansive deck offers spectacular views of Mt. Rainier and is a neat extension for the main living space. Wooden stairs, pillars and exposed beams give the interiors a genuine mountain cottage feel. According to the architects, radiant heated concrete floors can be found throughout the lower level. Stone is a key element indoors as well, highlighted through an accent wall behind the sofa. The furniture and decorations were reduced to a minimum, as if to direct focus towards the outdoors.
modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (5) modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (6) modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (7) modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (8) modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (9) project modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (3) project modern-green-house-kirsten-robertson-frank-pietromonaco (4)

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Cozy Bedroom Reading Nooks and Corners that are Just Perfect!

Everyone needs a space to rest, relax and unwind. Sometimes it comes in the form of a relaxing poolside setting with a couple of chairs and some shade. Then at times you have that attic escape which acts as a great little space for a short staycation. Then there is the ultimate escape – a cozy nook in your personal sanctuary that is the bedroom. While window seats and reading spaces in the corner are common as two separate features, combining the two to create that ultimate, comfortable ‘book nook’ is one that stands out from the crowd. This is a look at beautiful and brilliant bedroom reading nooks that are just exceptional.

Exquisite bedroom with chevron pattern wooden flooring, fabulous reading nook with lovely bookshelf [From: studio HINGE]

A reading nook in any other room of the house is much different from one in the bedroom. It feels a lot more personal both because of its place and the way it is designed. For the bibliophile who values comfort, the bedroom reading zone acts as a wonderful secondary space that takes him away from the main library in the house and offers something different. This is a reading nook retreat unlike anything else and the many inspirations below showcase this perfectly –

More than Just a Chair in the Corner!

Yes, you can create a perfectly functional and adequate reading nook in the bedroom with just a chair, side table and floor lamp and we will get to that as well down the line. But we start off with inspirations that are just picture-perfect bedroom reading corners and almost all of these utilize a series of bookshelves, a custom window seat and have a certain ‘it’ factor above them. The window seat does much more than just offer a fabulous view of the world outside. It brings natural light to the reading nook and also provide additional storage space.

Mesmerizing view of the ocean from the reading nook makes it that much more special
Window seats in the bedroom provide the most comfortable place for a relaxing reading nook [From: Buckenmeyer Architecture]
Let the window seat and reading nook in the bedroom reflect the style of the bedroom
Lighting for the reading nook combines ambient and sconce light

Getting the Basics Right

The most important part of the ideal bedroom reading nook is to ensure that it fits in with the style of the bedroom and yet has an identity of its own. The basic idea here is to delineate the space and often tucking it in a snug little corner helps immensely. Space is not really a constraint in here and often, it is the smaller, more modest reading nook that look the best. Apart from the obvious floating shelves and custom bench that provide snug seating, you might want to also take into consideration the direct sunlight this area receives. In tropical and sub-tropical regions, a reading nook with wrong orientation next to the window can get very hot and quick!

Find space for the tranquil reading nook in the tiniest of bedrooms [From: Overmyer Architects]
Midcentury modern bedroom in LA shows that space is not a constraint when it comes to small reading nooks
Reading nook in this rustic bedroom is fashioned using just a floor lamp, comfy chair and ottoman [From: I D Studio]
Create your own custom window seat with built-in storage and bookshelves all around for a perfect reading nook
Drapes for the reading nook give a sense of privacy while delineating the space elegantly [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]

Meeting Your Needs

Not everyone has the same view of a reading nook in the bedroom and some might just prefer the ergonomics of a comfy club chair and ottoman to a window seat of daybed. If you read for long hours, this makes plenty of sense and creating a reading nook like this is also far less expensive. First, you need to pick the right reading chair, settle on a slim floor lamp and everything else is just optional. Using a half-wall or partition to divide the bedroom from this reading zone also gives vertical space for floating shelves while adding a small desk in this corner also gives you a home workspace that is tranquil and efficient.

Simple and elegant reading nook in the modern bedroom of Saint Petersburg apartment with a cozy chair and a few floating shelves [From: Jsobol Design]
Wall partially divides the bedroom from the reading space while also creating a connectivity between the two [From: Karin Payson architecture + design]
Window seat with a work desk and bookshelf next to it does more than offer just a reading zone
Collection of closed cabinet and open shelves creates space for storage and books in this bedroom [From: J Patryce Design]

So, are you ready to give your bedroom a makeover this fall by adding a book nook to it?

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Here’s how to spot ‘dangerous’ health misinformation online, according to a doctor

Dr. Alok Patel is In The Know’s health and wellness contributor. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more.

Medical information comes at you in so many different forms online. It resembles the eclectic cast of a high school drama; it tempts you like a crush, scares you like a bully, provides quick answers like the know-it-all or makes you question reality like the philosophical kid.

All you’re trying to do is find the friend who has no ulterior motive and keeps it real — the validated health information.

In these dystopian times, health misinformation is so rampant, the World Health Organization declared an “Infodemic.” I second that misinformation is dangerous and can lead to confusion and hysteria. This then manifests as people gargling bleach, self-medicating with fish tank cleaner, burning 5G towers, hurling racist attacks at Muslims or Asians or still believing the pandemic is a hoax.

Enough is enough. Let’s give you that tools to spot the pseudoscience poppycock.

If you see a questionable health headline, ask these questions:

Is this a legitimate source?

Before you give brain space to a health claim, verify the source. Look at the web address. A website ending with a .gov, .edu or .org means, respectively, the content comes from a governmental agency, an educational institution or a non-profit and has a higher likelihood of being trustworthy.

Check the sponsoring institution. Is it a major news outlet, public health agency, scientific journal or a blog linked to someone who thinks 9/11 is a government conspiracy? If it’s the latter, the information is likely as real as Mickey Mouse.

Who’s the author? 

Always check the author’s credentials. Make sure they’re qualified to write whatever you came across.

Also, don’t immediately assume content is trustworthy if it’s shared by a physician or scientist. Revisit the infamous, debunked, video made by “America’s Frontline Providers” for an example.

Does it seem angry?

Fear and hope can make an article enticing. Anger can get you to share misinformation impulsively. Miscreants know this and use raw emotion to lure you. Real science journalism relies on objective reporting. There’s a key difference.

Look out for wording that seems like an angry grandpa wrote it.

Is it secretly a sales pitch?

Ask yourself why the author wrote the article. If there’s a sales pitch, raise an eyebrow.

Pseudoscience hucksters take advantage of widespread fear to make a profit. An example is the laughable, coronavirus-fighting toothpaste.

You may have also seen health articles selling “immune-boosting” pills, fat burning supplements or jade eggs, designed to be inserted vaginally, to boost your energy (How is Goop still selling these?) 

Are the research references legitimate?

Here’s a common trap: An article has links to scientific studies, but they’re outdated, rebuked and/or poor quality. Don’t fall for it.

Someone sent me this blog post insinuating that the pandemic is part of a “mass homicide campaign.” Looking beyond the ridiculousness, you’ll see there’s one paper cited, and it’s from June 2020. The paper misrepresents data and the author is far from credible, having questioned everything from masks to climate change. Speaking of anti-maskers, many have shared clips of Dr. Anthony Fauci seemingly downplaying mask-wearing. The video clips are outdated, taken prior to our current understanding of virus transmission.

Do other outlets report the same finding?

If the headline says something like “breakthrough scientific finding,” look to see if it’s been reported elsewhere. If not, your B.S. meter should go off. If it truly was breaking news, major news outlets would be all over it, and it wouldn’t be confined to one source.

Is the data accurately reported?

This plays off the previous tip. If you see varying interpretations of a study, pay attention to what credible outlets are saying.

In August, a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 6 percent of COVID-19 deaths had only one diagnosis listed on the death certificate. The other 94 percent had underlying conditions such as hypertension or diabetes, also listed on death certificates. Conspiracy groups, including QAnon, spun the finding and claimed the CDC “admitted only 6 percent of deaths were truly from COVID19.” This led to further mistrust and a social media fiasco.

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