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PhenQ vs PhenGold Phentermine Alternatives – 2021 Diet Pills Comparison Review

The fastest diet pills are the ones that act like phentermine, the mode of appetite suppression is required for perfect weight loss and most diet pills miss this very aspect. Anything comparable to phentermine is good but it should be natural like the best diet pills over the counter that we have these days. Weight loss is a gradual process and to rush this process we need more than few ingredients. 

That’s why diet pills and PhenQ and PhenGold are highly demanded because of their perfect mechanism, a state brought up by several ingredients which are labeled as the best over-the-counter weight loss pills.

What is the good alternative to Phentermine?

Phentermine is a weight loss medication that is not being nowadays because of its dangerous side effects. Phentermine gave birth to various diet pills which acted as appetite suppressants. Over-the-counter phentermine alternative pills are the ones created by the herbalist to include more than just the appetite suppression effect into these pills. 

As you can see PhenQ and PhenGold are the top competitors in the phentermine alternative pills arena and each of them exhibits an exception or unique quality, apart from appetite suppression. 

Find the Best Phentermine Alternative Pills – PhenQ Vs PhenGold

PhenQ is the diet pill operating for more than a decade as the best appetite suppressant in the market. It is made by Wolfson Berg Limited, legal makers of the diet pills circulating the globe. PhenQ is a solid appetite suppressant that burns fatter in the body while accelerating the metabolism speed. This indeed is a great practice for dieters who wants to see rapid results. 

PhenGold is the latest but holding its ground, a diet pill that besides suppressing appetite increases energy levels. This is great for athletes and sportsmen who need something that burns fat and increases energy levels at the same time. PhenGold is known to support dopamine and adrenaline levels in the body and because of its recently updated formula, PhenGold has ingredients like no other diet pill in the market. 

PhenQ Vs PhenGold Mechanism of Action

How diet pills work is something that most users find useful, after all, suppressing hunger pangs isn’t a small deal. The idea was expressed by PhenQ to its users as it explained it clearly. PhenQ works like phentermine which is to supply the body sufficient number of vitamins and ingredients that send messages to the brain that it’s indeed no longer to feel satiety. The breakdown of fat is continued by other ingredients like Capsimax Powder which induces thermogenesis in the body. This is indeed found as an effective catalyst in the fat-burning process. 

PhenGold mechanism is quite simpler than this, like PhenQ it affects the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. But also in return, it supplies high energy but to balance out the whole day’s requirements. PhenGold ingredients contribute to makes you physically and mentally focused and because of this effect its largely being used by bodybuilders and athletes seeking cutting shape. 

PhenQ Vs PhenGold Ingredients

All products having the ingredients or components which are individually tested on clinical scales. It means whatever product you will choose i.e PhenGold or PhenQ, you are going to get the most of every ingredient. PhenQ and PhenGold share some common ingredients which are involved in bringing up the energy levels high, reduce muscle fatigue and improve focus. 

PhenQ formula contains 

a-LACYS RESET: A patent formula for the removal of free radicals in the body. Free radicals impose a negative environment on the mitochondrial level because of which the fat is returned to the muscles and other parts of the body. Alpha Lacys Rest is found effective in the production of lean muscle mass and enhances mood and energy in the user. 

  1. Capsimax Powder: Increases body heat energy to burn more calories. 
  2. Calcium Carbonate: Provide the brain mental acuity and clarity.
  3. Chromium: Chromium Picolinate reduce hunger and especially cravings for carbs. This reduces the sugar glucose levels and lets you ingest the food in a faster way. 
  4. Nopal: Nopal is the source of fiber in PhenQ which is also combined with an amino acid to accelerate bowel movements. 
  5. Caffeine: Improves focus, concentration, and alertness. 
  6. L-Carnitine Fumarate: Burn the fat and supply energy to the body on a larger scale. 

PhenGold ingredients are approved by medical science and journals and so the only best part about them is their dosage. 

  1. Green Tea 500mg: Contains catechins which according to PhenGold marketers is clinically proven effective for faster weight loss. 
  2. L-Theanine 250mg: Special type of amino acid which aids metabolism and works alongside Green tea. 
  3. Rhodiola Rosea 250mg: Natural fat burner and muscle fatigue preventer, this enables users on exercise platform. 
  4. Green Coffee 100mg: Loaded with chlorogenic acid which absorbs glucose faster as you eat and convert them to energy a.s.a.p. 
  5. L-Tyrosine 300mg: Tyrosine does impact the secretion of dopamine and adrenaline in the brain, users will stay focused and feel more mentally alert. 
  6. Cayenne Pepper 200mg: Burn more calories than ordinary pepper because of thermogenesis boost in the body. 

PhenQ vs PhenGold Dosage

For the best result, the dosage of PhenQ is 2 PILLS per day as per the user’s schedule. The first pill is advised to take in the morning before breakfast and the second pill should be taken before 3 pm in the day. Also, PhenQ users are encouraged to pick a suitable diet plan which can assist their weight loss goals and an unchanged exercise plan that focuses on your body shape. 

PhenGold is an energy booster weight loss pills and this is why 3 capsules per day is the dosage. This can be taken with food or before going to work out. The requirements for PhenQ diet pills intake also apply to PhenGold. 

PhenQ vs PhenGold Side Effects

Arguably, diet pills’ side effects are into our consideration and many users find this factor serious. Both PhenQ and PhenQ claim to have no side effects amongst users of any age regardless of their already medications. The phentermine alternative pills are good in such a way that you can take them alongside other supplements. 

Prescription diet pills are seriously damaging when taken with caffeine-containing foods or supplements. PhenQ is advised for taking at the night time because it could cause a lack of sleep due to the caffeine content. 

Comparing PhenQ and PhenGold Price

The price for PhenQ has changed over time, with 1 month supply of PhenQ, there is no saving of $69.95. But if you buy 2 months’ supply + 1 month for free, you can save $99$ on the deal. 

5 Months PhenQ supply is available at the official site of PhenQ in $189.95 with a free advana cleanse. 

PhenGold is slightly cheaper than PhenQ, whereas one bottle of PhenQ is $69.95, PhenGold is selling one monthly supply for $64.95.There is also a 3 monthly’ supply offer at PhenGold official website on which you can save $109. 

The last offer of PhenGold diet pills is of 5 months, nearly costing users approx. $184. Still cheaper diet pills than PhenQ. 

Which Phentermine Diet Pill is the Winner? PhenQ vs PhenGold

When it comes to choosing best over the counter weight loss pills, both PhenQ and PhenGold act as the best phentermine alternative pills. With satisfactory customer reviews and prices users can afford, PhenQ and PhenGold is a trustworthy diet pill for most dieters in 2021. 

Mechanism of action-wise, we could say PhenQ and PhenGold are similar, one is making sure the fat-burning stays efficient while the other keeps the calories burning for higher energy demands. 

PhenQ vs PhenGold pricing comparison told us PhenGold is slightly cheaper than PhenQ. The produce stands available on the official website only.

There is a money-back guarantee offer given on both diet pills, with 100 days offer provided by PhenGold and PhenQ offer 60 days money-back plan if the product doesn’t work. 

The final verdict to this situation is PhenQ is for those men and women who are busy in their day jobs and those who have very small time for exercise. 

PhenGold is the best otc phentermine alternative if you are looking to develop a fat-free body with the help of bodybuilding. 

Phentermine pills alternative has a giant market and thus revealing more than dozens of diet pills circulating in the market. The fact that PhenQ and PhenGold are the top best phentermine alternatives makes them similarly effective without having better qualities over one another. 


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