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Some Fat Burners “Could Really Mess You Up”

Arash Rahbar discusses the pros and cons of fat burner supplements.

Even beyond bodybuilding, the desire to find quicker ways to lose weight have consumed people across the globe for decades. That’s why every year you see new guides or “miracle products” that promise to help you cut weight fast. Most of these are scams. But one product that has endured are fat burner supplements. These aren’t miracle pills or powders – simply nutrients to help you get an edge on cutting weight. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Arash Rahbar explains when it’s best to use fat burners… and when you should give them a rest.

It might seem natural for bodybuilders to be skeptical about fat burner supplements. In today’s day and age of scam products claiming you can lose weight overnight – how does one know if fat burners in general really work? It’s always good to be skeptical about what products you put in your body. But there are fat burners that actually work – and some that you should avoid.

While we won’t get into specific products in this article, we did take some time to talk with Arash Rahbar about fat burners. We asked for his opinion about these supplements and whether they are worth having in your bodybuilding arsenal.

Arash Rahbar doesn’t demonize fat burners. In fact, he will include them into his own diet and training plan. But he does warn that there are a wide variety of factors that play into fat burners. It depends on how powerful the supplement is that you are taking. It also depends on how your body reacts to it.

Arash Rahbar believes that a good natural fat burning supplement can give a bodybuilder the edge needed to win a show. That’s only if the bodybuilder is also doing everything else right. Fat burners don’t replace a correct diet, cardio, and training. It is meant to enhance it. So if a bodybuilder is making great strides in cutting weight and getting lean – a fat burner can help inch it up to the next level.

Arash does warn about some fat burners being too powerful. This doesn’t just mean hardcore products in general. It also means a product that might simply be too powerful to how your body reacts to it. He warns that if a fat burner works so effectively that it tires you out during workouts – it’s defeated its purpose. If you can’t train your hardest, you’re limiting your progress.

Arash Rahbar also warns that some powerful fat burners can actually slow down your metabolism over time. Suddenly the very thing it was supposed to do is throwing off you entire diet and how your body reacts to food you eat.

“You gotta be very careful… there’s some strong [fat burners] out there that could really mess you up,” Arash claims with confidence midway through our interview clip. It’s a warning that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Bodybuilders aways take risks to achieve great things in this sport. It’s part of the territory. But there’s a difference between a foolish risk and an educated risk. Arash Rahbar explains in detail how fat burners can be a powerful tool for your physique. But do some research and figure out what works for your body – or you might run into negative results.

You can watch Arash Rahbar’s full comments on fat burners in bodybuilding. Check it out in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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