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The Lean Bean Reviews: Pure Nutrition Weight Loss Supplement | Paid Content | Cleveland

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The Lean Bean is a weight loss supplement that helps users promote healthier metabolism and respond to insulin production. The formula is so effective that the creators claim that the metabolism will start “burning body fat like gasoline.”

What is The Lean Bean?

Weight gain is a difficult problem today, especially with all of the social distancing requirements and staying out of crowded areas. As physical activity becomes less of a possibility for many people, fat accumulation becomes more problematic. While it takes a lot of work to lose weight, the body can be at risk of severe diseases by carrying the extra weight, like type II diabetes or other blood sugar problems.

The Lean Bean creators state a distinct correlation between high blood sugar levels and weight gain, making the weight rather challenging to lose. The changing hormones in the body can cause weight to accumulate rapidly, but Dr. Lori Shemek helps consumers fight these problems in their body.

The use of The Lean Bean doesn’t require the user to follow any crazy diets, and there’s no need to watch every single calorie that goes into the body. The supplement doesn’t require that the user follow an exercise program, and there’s no prescription required. Despite the complete reliance on the formula itself, Dr. Shemek says that it will work for anyone who struggles with weight issues and imbalances in blood sugar.

How The Lean Bean Works?

This formula is useful because it deals with the inflammation in the body, which is also ever-present in more rotund figures. Dr. Shemek deals with this difficulty with chlorogenic acid, which is found in green coffee beans.

The reaction is much different than what consumers experience with roasted coffee beans. There’s no caffeine or other stimulants that take over the body, leaving only chlorogenic acid to get the job done.

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By taking this formula, the chlorogenic acid helps the glucose to be easily controlled as the weight comes off. The body stops being resistant to insulin, allowing the metabolism to work correctly as the weight is regulated. As the creator explains, this change can revive metabolic processes to match when the user was in their teen years and could eat anything.

The regimen only requires that the user take two capsules daily to get the desired results. Since each capsule offers about 800 mg of green coffee bean extract, users get double this amount in their doses.

Purchasing the Lean Bean

Users who want to see how The Lean Bean works for them will choose three different packages. To decide how many bottles are best for them, consider how many months they want to participate in the regimen.

The packages include:

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One bottle for $55.20

Three bottles for $44.25 each

Six bottles for $34.30

Apart from the single bottle, these packages come with free shipping. However, the most significant benefit will come from the six-bottle box, which comes with five e-books to help with further weight loss and health improvement.

Even if these packages don’t help the user shed weight effectively, the company offers a 180-day return policy.

Final Thoughts

The Lean Bean provides users with just one ingredient to purge toxins from the body, helping relieve inflammation and promote weight loss. The formula is relatively straightforward, and users only need a dose a day to change how their body handles insulin. Consumers can partake in a healthier diet and workout, but these changes are not required to make a difference.

Anyone that has further questions can reach out to the customer service team by phone (213) 279-7873) or email (

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