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Top 4 Supplements to Supplement Weight Loss and Burn Belly Fat, According to Expert Nutritionists – Explica .co

Many people are suffering the consequences of a pandemic year, reflected in an increase in body weight And without a doubt, the abdominal area is one of the most difficult areas to reduce. Which is related in a certain way to a sedentary life and a deficient diet, rich in caloric processed foods and with a low nutritional contribution. While it is true that one of the basic measures to achieve good results and have a flat abdomen, it is based on a combination of diet and exercise. Factors such as reducing the intake of processed foods, sugar, salt and maintaining good intestinal health will be of great help, there are also some natural supplements that can be a great complement on the road and accelerate fat burning. Although it is clear that there are no magic remedies, much less when it comes to having a hard and flat abdomen, by integrating the consumption of these supplements in harmony with a healthy lifestyle, the results will be more effective and sustainable in the long term. Take note!

1. Green tea extract

For those who are not very fond of drinking green tea, taking a green tea extract supplement is an excellent option to obtain an extra dose of epigallocatechin gallate EGCG, considered the more abundant catechin in green tea and that is associated with great benefits to flatten the belly. Among its main benefits to accelerate weight loss are its qualities to enhance the burning of calories, in addition its antioxidants and active compounds are a great ally to burn abdominal fat. In fact there are studies in which it is suggested that the consumption of green tea extract or EGCG supplements, is key to burning more caloriesEven at rest, these pills can help give the body the metabolic boost that is often needed to lose weight. In addition, there are other scientific references in which it is verified that the intake of this catechin is related to the Elimination of abdominal fat in overweight and obese adults who exercise.

Detox green tea.Green tea./Photo: Shutterstock

2. Ginger

Talking about the immense benefits of ginger, it will always fall short, not for nothing is it considered one of the most powerful medicine foods today. It is a spice that is associated with great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefitsThey play a key role in improving numerous aspects of health and one of them is their power to accelerate weight loss. It is also one of the best allies of digestive health, in principle because of its content in a digestive enzyme called zingibain, which can help fight bloating and gas caused by certain foods. It is also associated with a great thermogenic effect that accelerates the burning of fat and calories, thus the metabolism becomes more agile and it is much more effective to lose weight. A great recommendation is to start the day with an infusion of ginger and lemon, and try to consume it after the main meals.

Ginger. / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Probiotics

In recent months, everyone has talked about the benefits of consuming probiotics to enhance intestinal health, although one of its greatest powers is also related to its qualities for stimulate the immune system and also to accelerate weight loss. The intestine can harbor a variety of live bacteria, certain bacteria, such as E. coli and coliforms, produce gas in many cases and can cause people experience bloating and various digestive conditions. Therefore one of the most effective ways to combat these bacteria is to create an environment in the intestine that has a lower pH or a more acidic environment. Why? Many of these bacteria thrive in a less acidic (more neutral) environment. The consumption of certain strains is striking, particularly lactobacillus strains, are associated with benefits to help lower the pH in the gut, making the pH in the gut more acidic. This helps that the environment is not very friendly for some potentially gas-producing bacteria. Therefore the first step for a flat abdomen will always be to eliminate bloating and gas.

Probiotics / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Hibiscus

One of the main causes of a swollen belly is related to the excess of retained fats and liquids, therefore it is essential to bet on the consumption of supplements that shine for their diuretic and cleansing properties. One of the most useful allies is hibiscus, which is helpful in eliminating excess toxins, fats, sodium and fluids from the body. The best? It is hydrating and does not affect electrolyte levels. Bet on the consumption of the infusion of hibiscus or hibiscus flower that you can easily prepare just by boiling it, also currently in various health food stores they sell capsule supplements that will be the best ally. Although the best recommendation is to prepare the natural drink, it is even a great substitute for natural water.

Jamaica flower teaJamaica flower teaHibiscus infusion. / Photo: Pixabay

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