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Want A Flatter Stomach? Health Experts Say This Is The One Fruit You Should Have Every Morning

It’s no secret that fruit should be a regular staple in your diet for a well-rounded lifestyle, but as it turns out, certain fruits can actually help you to reach your body goals in more ways than just being a delicious, low-calorie snack. Although most fruits offer the benefit of a variety of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen your immune system and even streamline your metabolism, there’s one type of fruit which can minimize bloating, revealing a toned tummy in combination with regularly exercise and a healthy diet. As we head into spring, health experts agree that this one fruit can help to optimize your eating to help reach your weight loss goals so you can feel strong and confident knowing that you’re fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

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Not only are blueberries the perfect snack for quickly providing you with energy and something sweet, but they’re also packed with antioxidants that have been shown to reduce belly fat while also minimizing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. In a study where overweight rats were fed a blueberry heavy diet and then monitored for change, those rats were found to have lost significant belly fat, resulting in a lowered chance of illness regardless of the contents of the rest of their diet.

“The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables have been well researched, but our findings in regard to blueberries show the naturally occurring chemicals they contain, such as anthocyanins, show promise in mitigating these health conditions,” explains researcher Steven Bolling, MD, of the University of Michigan of the study.


The study found that while rats following both high-fat and low-fat diets were able to lose weight when consuming blueberry powder, it was the rats following the low-fat diet which were able to reap the most benefits. This just goes to show that a healthy and well-rounded approach to eating is going to be the best way to lose weight successfully, and while including blueberries as an accessory to your weight loss goals can be beneficial, you will ultimately see the best results when improving your approach to wellness as a whole, eating a variety of macronutrients in combination with fruit.

E. Mitchell Seymour, M.S. and lead researcher on the study says, “Some measurements were changed by blueberry even if the rats were on a high fat diet. We found by looking at fat muscle tissue, that blueberry intake affected genes related to fat-burning and storage. Looking at muscle tissue, we saw altered genes related to glucose uptake.”


Berries are also packed with fiber, making them ideal for keeping you full and ultimately increasing satiety. The longer you stay full after eating, the easier it will be to maintain a calorie deficit in order to lose weight in a healthy way. And if you do feel like snacking, berries are a great choice to turn to as they are low in calories while being packed with vitamins and antioxidants to boost your wellbeing. Looking for new ways to integrate blueberries into your diet? Try throwing a handful on your overnight oats each morning for a burst of natural flavor and sweetener without a calorie overload. Not a big oatmeal fan? Try adding blueberries into your next protein shake or on top of a smoothie bowl for added antioxidants.


Fruits and vegetables are some of the most important foods to be regularly including in your diet for weight loss, but particularly prioritizing blueberries and antioxidant dense fruits is a great way to optimize your diet so you can achieve your weight loss goals. Ultimately weight loss will never be as easy as eating one food and achieving the body of your dreams, but making small swaps to your diet and snacking on fruit instead of chips or crackers can make all the difference in cutting back on excess calories and creating an all around healthier lifestyle. The next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a package of blueberries and try to include more fruits into your diet from day to day in order to naturally improve your health and wellness while feeding your body something delicious.

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