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Weight loss: Apple cider vinegar in diet plan can help burn fat – expert tips

There are lots of reasons why one may want to lose weight, whether to burn fat or to improve health. While diet and exercise are key, apple cider vinegar is also thoguht to have weight loss benefits.

Those who took one tablespoon of ACV a day lost an average of 2.6 pounds during a three month period.

Those who had two tablespoons had even better weight loss results of 3.7 pounds during the study.

Speaking to, nutritionist at Lisa Borg explained how the supplement can speed up fat-burning in the body.

She said: “Apple cider vinegar can help a weight loss regime due to its diuretic actions that assist the elimination of excess fluids, it’s cleansing effects on the liver and it can improve metabolism thereby encouraging the breakdown of excess fat.”


She also suggested ACV has benefits as part of a healthy diet.

Lisa added it contains important minerals which could be key when trying to shift those last few pounds.

“Weight loss is extremely difficult where nutrient deficiencies are present,” Lisa added.

“ACV also contains trace minerals that are crucial in metabolic processes and often deficient in those who eat processed foods.”

Lisa shared some alternative tips on when to take the condiment.

Having it at the start of a meal could be the best time to do so, she continued.

“I recommend taking one tablespoon of ACV mixed into a full glass of water,” Lisa said.

“You should sip this mixture throughout the first half of your meal.”

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