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Why Angela Deem Is A Hypocrite For Shilling Diet Pills

Lately, Angela has been hawking weight loss gummies, despite previously saying diet pills never worked for her, and it’s making her seem inauthentic.

In this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela Deem has been losing viewer support, and it may be due to her questionable Instagram promotions. Lately, she has been hawking weight loss gummies on social media, and it stands out as especially hypocritical because of the things she has said about diet pills in the past. Angela is enthusiastically promoting a product that never actually worked for her, and the way she’s misleading her fans could lose her followers.

A major focus of the recent season has been Angela’s weight loss journey as she waits for her husband’s visa to be approved. After having a difficult time shedding the pounds the old-fashioned way, Angela turned to surgery. Angela is still recovering from her gastric sleeve surgery on the show, but on social media, fans have gotten a look at her shocking weight loss. Obviously, the surgery did its job, but Angela has also been heavily promoting “flat tummy” apple cider vinegar gummies for weight loss as well.

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Angela’s promotion of the weight loss gummies stands out as especially hypocritical because she has already gone on record saying diet pills have never been effective for her. “In the past, I’ve tried dieting, I’ve tried fat burning pills and none of it’s worked,” she commented on Happily Ever After? The specific apple cider vinegar gummies may not have been the ones she tried in the past, but from what Angela said on the show, it seems like she tried many others. 

Fans have dragged Angela for promoting the weight loss gummies, and they’re not wrong. Angela is presenting the gummies as being at least partly responsible for her drastic weight loss, when really, she had a drastic surgery to get to the weight she’s at today. It’s inauthentic for her to promote those products as effective for weight loss, when her own weight loss was due to something completely different. At the very least, she should be upfront about her experiences with diet pills and the impact her surgery had on her overall weight loss.

If Angela’s weight loss surgery wasn’t depicted in such detail on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, then hawking the gummies might have gone over better with fans. But it’s no secret how much of her own weight loss was due to surgical intervention, so trying to pass off a snake oil-type product feels especially hypocritical. Fans are skeptical that Angela will keep the weight off at all, so her gummies may be put to the test. At the very least, Angela should be upfront about what did and didn’t contribute to her weight loss.

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